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Beskrivelse:Hi! I used to come here many years ago (as you can see, lower is my old profile message). Now I am 38, I make my living as a private math teacher, but I still live near Prague and love board games. So I just came back to play few games, most of all chess variants, some lines and so on. And I want to play them fast! So, if you're a fast player and you like some chees variant (and you're not too good), don't hesitate to send an invitation!

My old profile here:

30 years old , single , pharmacist, living and working in a nice town near Prague
I like music (my favorite is rock, but I can listen to any kind), movies, travelling , nature , good food , and, of course, computers and board games (you may think that man shooting a dragon doesn't refer to a board game, but YES, it does, it is Behemoth Chess )

When I was small, my father often told me, that people in my country who are extraordinary in their field of work can not be famous outside the borders of our country or known all around the world. The main reason was political situation ... but the situation has changed since those days. So I am very glad to see Fencer being one of those who prove that he was wrong

Thank you, Fencer, for this great site, which is becoming better every day !!!

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