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Beskrivelse:Hi all. Just want to say my time is coming to an end here. Playing games is fun. Takes me away from lifes displeasures.But games are beginning to take control of my life. to many games to play. To much time on the computer. I have a six year old that needs more attention than what I am giving her. I will never stop playing . I am just not going to be a member and bring my games down to a controlled amount. Basically what I did for a few years here before I joined. I never thought I could win this many games and trny's, it just lets me know I spend too much time here.It will take me years and years to get all my matches cleared out do to the speed of some players. So if you want your matches done with me,,,play a little bit.
Aug 30 2017 Update. Daughter is now 12. My games are way down. Daughter has been a gymnast. Then a cheerleader and Has been to Championships in Kansas , Oklahoma , Texas and all the way to Florida for the Summit. This year she left Cheerleading to do Track and Field and Volleyball. She is a 1 mile and 2 mile runner. Her best time is 12:40 for the 2 mile and her times are still coming down. We are looking to get in the top 5 best all time in Kansas this year. She is excited and wants to get under 12.00 minutes . She is looking forward to 8th grade this year and bringing that time down. Sept is Cross Country time so she is into that for now.
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