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IndiagonalJones (Martin L.) - BrainBonde, 200 Brains, 95 præstationspoint
Total score: 1322 vundne, 86 uafgjorte, 1280 tabte, 18 vundne turneringer

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Beskrivelse:Note : No more fellowship's invitations, please... I have enough of them right now... Thanks for your understanding.

Playing like a snake, in diagonal,
in chess games related, but also
'like to try some new chess games'
types and others.

Of course, "Indiagonal" Jones"" stands
for "Indiana" Jones"" like the
hero of George Lucas and Spielberg
as I've studied Ancient History,
archeology myself... So beside discorvering
some ancient buried treasures,
I let myself go to dispute some
challenging games on the site...

Anyone is welcome, but beware
of the hypocrite style of my
play! :)

Age : None of your business, but you
can ask in a private game, it will
be a pleasure to me to respond :)

Favorite dish : Chess pieces!
(Particularly yours
in a chess' type game!)

Natural language : French
("Français"! Mais si, mais si!
Puisque je vous le dis et
vous le confirme par
la présente!)

Living in Quebec's Province
(near Montreal), Canada.

Zodiac Sign : Cancer
Chinease Zodiac : Dog

Other particularities !?
Well, beside playing chess...
I like reading, writing (correspondance for instance), bicycle's rides, swimming,internet, computers
and movies! But surely 'meet new friends from across the World to play and "talk" (for ones willing to!) over a virtual game on this site! ;)

Also looking for love since
2001 but 'never found still! ;)

Citation (Quote) :
« Les fous aux échecs sont les plus proches des rois. » (Mathurin Régnier)
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