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Hjælp - Card games - Poker - How to play

19.1.1) How to play

The poker table page consists of several sections:
  • Table and seats - this is where the game is actually played. It displays seated players, their amounts of chips, current bets and cards if the game status allows you to see them. New players can join the game clicking on a free seat and posting the required buy-in number of chips
  • List of observers - is located below the table and shows all BrainKing users who observe this table but do not play at any seat.
  • Chat box - players can communicate during the game play and write messages to other players using the chat box which is located next to the table (right side). This section also lists all system messages which can help to follow the game progress.
  • Control panel - this section contains control buttons and its structure depends of the game situation. For instance, if it is your turn to make an action, you should see buttons to place a bet, call the current bet, raise the bet, fold the cards etc.
If, for some reason, the poker table sections seem not to show the correct status of the game, the easiest help is to reload the web page (ctrl-f5 key combination on the most browsers). Then the page would load the current game data from the server and fix all possible visual problems.
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