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Hjælp - Tournaments and ponds - Special tournaments - Prize tournaments with an entry fee

8.6.2) Prize tournaments with an entry fee

This kind of a prize tournament is a good opportunity to get enough Brains to pay for a membership or renew the existing one. The basic idea is to collect an amount of Brains and to use them for prizes which would be given to the tournament winner (usually to players at the second and third final position as well).
When a tournament is created, the tournament page informs players what the entry fee is and how much Brains they would receive, according to the current amount of signed players.

Important note: In order to avoid possible problems, several special rules apply:
  • The tournament cannot be deleted if at least one player signs up (and pays the entry fee).
  • The tournament will not be started until the first prize reaches at least a double of the entry fee. Players are informed about this status on the tournament page.
  • If a player checks out of the tournament (before it is started), the entry fee would be returned to his/her Brains account. After the tournament is started, it is not possible to return the entry fee.
Example: Let us consider a tournament with 150 Brains as the entry fee. It means that everyone who wants to participate in this tournament, must have at least 150 Brains on his/her Brains account which would be deducted after signing up for the tournament. If the current status is 20 signed players, the total amount of collected Brains is 20 x 150 = 3000 Brains. The tournament is defined with these prizes: 25% to the winner, 10% to the second place and 5% to the third place. In the described situation, the prizes would be 750, 300 and 150 Brains. If more players sign up, the prizes would be bigger - if their number increases to 38, the winner would receive 1425 Brains, etc.
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