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2.4) Logging in

In order to access your games and other features related to your BrainKing account, you must be logged in. The login form, containing two mandatory fields - user name and password - is located on the main entry page in the "Registered Users" section.
When you write your user name and password, after clicking on the Login button you will enter BrainKing as a registered user and your Main page containing started games and other private things will appear. If the login process fails (you write a wrong user name or password), you will be returned back to the login page and an error message would be displayed.
There is also one extra parameter Remember on this computer which can make this process easier to use. It can be set to one of the following values:
  • None - a default value, stores no information about the user to your computer.
  • User name only - if you select this option and successfully log in, your user ID will be stored in a cookie on your computer. When you open the BrainKing entry page next time, your user name will be automatically filled in the user name field.
  • User name and password - after logging in, your user ID will be stored in a cookie on your computer, along with a password flag. When you open the BrainKing entry page next time, your user ID and encrypted password will be automatically filled in the form, which allows you to click on the Login button without typing anything else.

Depending on your chosen level of security you can decide which option is the best for your convenience. For example, it wouldn't be wise to use "remember user name and password" on a public computer in an internet cafe but it can be the best choice for a home computer which is used only by you and nobody else.
There is also a small E-mail form which can be used if you forget your user name or password. In such case, type the e-mail address registered with your account and click on Send button, you will receive an e-mail with instructions how to set a new password.
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