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2.2) Guest mode

If a new visitor to BrainKing wants to explore its pages and structure without logging in or creating an account, it is possible to enter in the guest mode. It can be done by clicking on the link "Click here to enter in Guest Mode" at the entry point page.
Since no specific information is transferred in this mode from the client to the server, only public pages and public information can be accessed. For example, a guest can read public discussion boards but cannot write any posts, or can view public games but cannot read the in-game messages.
The main purpose of the guest mode is to enable BrainKing public pages to search engines for indexing, which can extend the set of keywords returning links to our site. There are other possible usages, of course - if you want to show a game to a friend who is not registered on BrainKing, you can give him the game URL and he'll be able to view the game without logging in. In other words, the guest mode allows visitors to get a basic picture of our site capability and features before deciding whether to create an account or not.
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