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Hjælp - 1) BrainKing - Technology background

1.3) Technology background

BrainKing is located in Prague, Czech Republic and connected to a fast backbone line inside a serverhousing company with continuous 24/7 maintenance service (details). With unlimited data traffic and powerful hardware, BrainKing is accessible anytime for anyone from anywhere, currently generating more than 20 million page views and almost 500 GB of transferred data every month.
The BrainKing application itself is written entirely in Java with almost no third party products included (expect the mandatory ones, like database drivers). Since we are the authors of 99.99% of source code, we can easily improve the site structure and quickly fix any bugs without waiting for external contributors. BrainKing also contains its own built-in administrator and maintenance system which makes us independent on complicated admin consoles and allows us to fix certain kind of possible problems on the fly, without shutting down the site.
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