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1.2) BrainKing staff

BrainKing is not a big company with hundreds of full-time employees, it is maintained by a small but effective group of experts. The current list can be found on the BrainKing Staff page which is accessible on the bottom of every page on BrainKing.
As you can see, there are two administrators who control the site in a technical way, and several global moderators who help to maintain the system of public discussion boards (which is not an easy job because people from many different countries and of various habits or religions discuss together).
Important: Although BrainKing is an international site and is translated to many languages, English still remains as the main language for a communication with BrainKing staff (both administrators also speak Czech). If you have a question but you don't speak English or Czech, please find a discussion board in your language and post your question there, someone will help you or at least pass the translated question to us.
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