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 Feature requests

Do you miss something on and would you like to see it here? Post your request into this board!
If there is a more specific board for the request, (i.e. game rule changes etc) then it should be posted and discussed on that specific board.

For further information about Feature Requests, please visit this link on the Brainking.Info site :

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22. Oktober 2002, 00:37:40
Emne: Re: extend chess feature
I've seen this feature on only one other site. It is indeed very useful. It's a pain getting a board out and going through variations, but this works well. You should be able to click on a little arrow or something to go back to the original position.

18. Oktober 2002, 22:09:24
thank you fencer about the game thoughts..

18. Oktober 2002, 19:47:52
Emne: Re: extend chess feature
alistairt: Very interesting idea. I would be definitely a good feature which I never seen elsewhere. Thanks! I will think it over.

18. Oktober 2002, 19:46:46
shortstuff: Thanks :-) I will write it down.

18. Oktober 2002, 12:41:03
Emne: extend chess feature
Is it possible to add a feature like 'analyze board' where if you click on a link it will bring up the board as it stands and then lets you move the pieces of both players to try out a few scenarios - no rule checking or anything required? Just a thought....

18. Oktober 2002, 09:52:09
Emne: 2 player Yatzee
this too would be a good game to get in here.. I know that you want alot of feedback.. and what I have seen of your site so far.. I love it... keep up the good work Man... excellent JOB!!!!!

18. Oktober 2002, 09:49:37
Emne: 2 player Dominos
Filip, is there anyway a dominos game can be set up as one of your feature games... is it all possible to do?

15. Oktober 2002, 06:46:59
Emne: Re: New game possibly!
Actually, I'd like to add backgammon, reversi, battleboats and some variation first, but all game suggestions are welcome, I'm adding them to my TODO list :-)

15. Oktober 2002, 01:21:22
Emne: Re: New game possibly!
You are very welcome!

14. Oktober 2002, 21:09:27
Emne: Re: New game possibly!
Thanks! I'll check it out.

14. Oktober 2002, 17:57:03
Emne: Re: New game possibly!
I do not know if I am allowed to post another site on this 1 But this is a website to get some info on the 6 card game of cribbage

14. Oktober 2002, 16:41:46
Emne: Re: New game possibly!
Why not. But I never heard about this game. Where can I find some information?

14. Oktober 2002, 14:55:26
Emne: New game possibly!
I would like to see the Card Game Cribbage here.

thank you.

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