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12. September 2003, 01:20:49
The Listener 
Emne: Re: Some of my fave authors
Hokuriku: Hmmm, no, I haven't heard of those. What are they about & what year were they published?

11. September 2003, 21:48:29
Emne: Re: Some of my fave authors
It seems you like Sience Fiction, too. Do you know "The Way to Amalthea" by Arkadi and Boris Strugazki (or some other novels by the brothers Strukazki)?

11. September 2003, 21:20:56
Emne: Re: Fine company! :-)
Certainly a very fine company... Did you ever read "The Remains of the Day" by Kazuo Ishiguro?
At the moment I´m reading: "The last Emperor" (From Emperor to Citizen. The Autobiography of Aisin-Gidoro PU YI). Very interesting indeed.
And I recommend: Umberto Ecco: "Baudolino" (a book for those who did not forget the dreams of their youth or even childhood.)
A very intersting book too: Jung Chang: "Wild Swans". (Jung Chang, born 1952 in Yibin/Sichuan (China) was the first Chinese to receive a doctorate of a British University. She has been living in England since 1978.)
If your are intersted in history: Milovan Djilas: "Worlds and Bridges". (Djilas, who was a politician in the former Yugoslawia, wrote this book in jail in Belgrad. In this book you will find some of the important sources for the Balkan Wars, now and before the First World War.)

11. September 2003, 21:10:12
Emne: Re: My FIRST favourite authors
And what about Selma Lagerloef: "Nils Holgerson"?

10. September 2003, 19:43:30
lilac fairy 
Emne: Re: Fine company! :-)
Oh yes Dickens, he has such great characters, 'Peggity' and hahaha 'Barkers is willing' and 'Uriah Heep'

10. September 2003, 18:35:10
Emne: Fine company! :-)
ah to be in such fine literay company!! :-) Just read the last 20 posts,wish I'd been awake to join the discussion lol
I enjoy King and Koontz rules!! Has anyone read "Dolan's Cadillac"? It's a short story in King's "Nightmares and Dreamscapes". I thought it was masterful!
As for "David Copperfield" , Dickens is my favourite story teller of all time!! :-)

10. September 2003, 16:05:22
lilac fairy 
Emne: Re:
Oh I'm getting excited now, hehehhehhehe Best get on with my turns, before my books come. I love a good read, Yippee Thanks for the book section folk, you jogged me into my reading mode again.

10. September 2003, 16:02:09
YES Pinkish Pixie, I thought so! :O)

10. September 2003, 16:01:05
lilac fairy 
Emne: Re:
Oh I don't know so much hehhehehehe, takes a lot to scare Lilac hahahahhahahah, was it worth the read though Arganor???

10. September 2003, 15:57:54
It would scare the purple out of ya Lilac LOL

10. September 2003, 15:55:58
lilac fairy 
Emne: Re:
Well I've just ordered three more books. Two of Wilbur Smith, who can do no wrong in my eyes, I've read nearly all his books.
I was looking at that book called PREY, but couldn't make my mind up about it.

10. September 2003, 15:20:00
HellRaiser and Evil were good books!! And he has some fantastic games too. The Undying for one!!

10. September 2003, 15:15:01
I've read all his at one time or another. Excellent.
I've got a pile of Clive Barker books but I haven't read any yet!

10. September 2003, 15:12:54
He also did PREY set in the UK Isle Of Wight I think. Very far fetched but good non-the-less

10. September 2003, 15:10:06
*bumble scrambles for pen and paper* THANKS, Aragon!
That's been bugging me for ages.

10. September 2003, 15:07:23

10. September 2003, 15:05:51
That was one, but weren't there several?

10. September 2003, 15:04:38
Night Warriors?

10. September 2003, 15:01:04
Speaking of Graham Masterton, what were the titles of the books that involved those guys who were sort of super-heroes in their dreams? It's a long time since I read them.

10. September 2003, 14:50:28
lilac fairy 
Emne: Re:
I do love Dean Koontz though, that's why I ordered three, I got a lot of catching up to do on my reading.

10. September 2003, 14:48:00
lilac fairy 
Emne: Re:
Oh right, yes I like Graham Masterton, haven't tried RL, I don't always enjoy Stephen King for some reason, I did enjoy the Shawshank Redemption, it was only a short story too, I read it a long time before they made a film of it, and the book was even better than the film, which usually is the case.

10. September 2003, 14:34:52
Hey its Magenta who started this board, don't blame me!! ROFL!!
Dean Koontz? Excellent choice! I have his whole collection! Don't forget Graham Masterton and Richard Layman!! And check out Stephen Kings 'Insomnia' if you haven't already. Fantastic!

10. September 2003, 14:31:25
lilac fairy 
Emne: Who's to blame for this then????
Oh honestly Ms Harleykins, you have a lot to answer for, I've just been and bought three Dean Koontz books from Amazon. Now I'm off to look for some John Grisham ones, haven't read any books for ages, now you've all started me off. lolololo

10. September 2003, 14:29:14
Third best book available today Harley :o)

10. September 2003, 14:26:35
To Kill a Mocking Bird... David Copperfield...

10. September 2003, 13:06:07
Emne: Re: Some Good Books
Magenta: Not only that but Animal Farm, Brave New World and a host of other classics on this spur-of-moment list. :o)

10. September 2003, 06:53:06
Emne: Willa Cather
"My Antonia'"

Very inspirational!!

10. September 2003, 06:12:15
The Listener 
Emne: Re: Some Good Books
I noticed you forgot to add George Orwell's "Nineteen Eighty Four" to your list!

10. September 2003, 05:55:49
Emne: Re: Some Good Books
Gulp. I stand corrected. Of course you are right as I now recall. Too many jack & cokes. lol

10. September 2003, 05:53:35
The Listener 
Emne: Re: Some Good Books
Usurper KM: "The Electric Cool-Aid Acid Test" was not written by Ken Kesey. Although it was about Kesey, the author was Tom Wolfe.

10. September 2003, 02:19:48
Emne: Some Good Books
The Grapes of Wrath - John Steinbeck
Steppenwolfe - Herman Hesse
Stranger In A Strange Land - Robert Heinlein
Lectures on Levi - Machiavelli
The Republic - Plato
The Electric Cool-Aid Acid Test - Ken Kesey
Heart of Darkness - Joseph Conrad
The Word for World is Forest - Ursula K. LeGuin
The Cost of Discipleship - Dietrich Bonhoeffer
Beyond Good & Evil - Nietzche
Pride & Prejudice - Jane Austen
Nichomachean Ethics - Aristotle
Leviathan - Hobbes
Essays - Emerson
Dune - Frank Herbert
Lord of the Rings - Tolkien
If Beale Street Could Talk - James Baldwin
Slaughterhouse Five - Kurt Vonnegut
Huckleberry Finn - Mark Twain
The Secret Doctrine - Blavatsky

9. September 2003, 22:07:32
Emne: Re: favorite books
ty I will! :-)

9. September 2003, 21:12:17
Emne: Re: favorite books
Stardust try "A Rose For Her Grave"

9. September 2003, 20:42:33
Emne: Austrian Figure of Speech
If you lose the ability of naming crap crap
- you eventually will start to stink yourself ... ~*~

9. September 2003, 19:20:14
Emne: Re: favorite books
I enjoyed her writing very much and would have loved to read more of her work,but it's taking me awhile to get past "Bitter Harvest". (2 years lol)
Could you recommend something of hers I would like better,please? :-)

9. September 2003, 19:11:33
Emne: Re: favorite books
I agree Stardust....Ann's book "Small Sacrifices" will do the same thing.

9. September 2003, 18:42:33
Emne: Re: favorite books
I read "Bitter Harvest" by Ann Rule.
It was very well written.Very descriptive ...almost too much so. It left me with a bitter taste in my mouth. Oh,I don't blame Ms Rule except to say she really knows how to draw an accurate picture. I almost threw the book out when I was finished. Anyone who has read it and has children would understand.

9. September 2003, 18:27:30
I forgot to mention Jane Jensen.

9. September 2003, 18:22:53
Emne: favorite books
Oh yes I also love true crime..Love all the Ann Rule books

9. September 2003, 17:29:53
167 Pips 
Emne: fav books
I read true crime and Don Pendeleton books
books like
stony man
any Mack Bolan books
and any casino books I can find

9. September 2003, 17:27:45
Emne: Re: Steinbeck
I am from Salinas where Steinbeck lived. My dad used to deliver his newspaper. :) Just wanted to tell you all. My families claim to fame. LOL

9. September 2003, 04:05:48
The Listener 
Emne: Some of my fave authors
Robert A. Heinlein
Rod Serling
Ray Bradbury
George Orwell
Hermann Hesse
Lewis Carroll
Aldous Huxley
Mark Twain
Jack London
J.R.R. Tolkien
Dr. Carl Sagan

I'm always open to discussion of new and unknown authors, so, fire away!

9. September 2003, 01:45:27
Emne: Re: Steinbeck
Thanks Dano..ill try that one :)

9. September 2003, 01:30:28
Emne: Re: Steinbeck
The Acts of King Arthur and His Noble Knights (1976) ? ~*~

9. September 2003, 01:14:21
Emne: Steinbeck
Read a book many years ago in Sweden.
If i translate (try) the swedish title it is:
"The knights around Danny's table" by John Steinbeck. Cant find it, have searched and Ebay. Any idea of another english title?

8. September 2003, 23:12:18
Emne: My FIRST favourite authors
during the 60s have been Hans Fallada and Hermann Hesse ...

no offense though intended towards the dreamcatchers of my childhood,
Werner Bergengruen, Erich Kaestner and the great Astrid Lindgren :) ... ~*~

8. September 2003, 23:05:01
Emne: Deadzone :)
because unlike Stephan, Steven is just a plagiator-king ... ~*~

8. September 2003, 17:17:44
lilac fairy 
Emne: Re: My favourite authors
Oh yes I like Grisham too, I'd forgotten him, I like the occasional Stephan King.

8. September 2003, 16:11:06
Emne: Re: My favourite authors
My favorite Authors are Stephan King and John Grisham

8. September 2003, 13:35:30
lilac fairy 
Emne: Re:
Oh I love Wilbur Smith books, I find them so interesting and exciting too, especially his ones situated in Africa. Dean Koontz I enjoy too. Ohhhh I feel like a good read now, I haven't had one for ages. Amazon here I come. lololo

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