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 Health and Home Remedies

A place where people can share their favourite home remedies and support for those with serious health concerns.

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10. Juli 2007, 07:22:26
Emne: Reflux in babies
Food thickener based on Guar gum in powder form, added to babies milk will help to keep the milk down longer.
Has been helping my 5 month old daughter...not a cure, have our chucky days but they are few and far between.
In Australia, the product I use is Guarcol and can be bought in the supermarket or at the chemist/pharmacy.

25. Marts 2005, 08:46:06
Emne: traditional chinese medicine
I've just started attending a course to learn about TCM and wow what an interesting course it is. One of the ladies in my class was diagnosed with leukemia last year and she is using TCM to heal her body. She has been able to keep her fulltime job and says has more energy now that before!!! Imagine if she was using radiotherapy and chemo to treat the leukemia!

5. Januar 2005, 14:14:28
Emne: Re: Please read this on diet sugar
Foxy Lady: Very interesting...I read something similar a couple of years ago on a website by a guy in America who was close to his death bed and had come across a story about short, he is alive today, healthier than ever and desperately trying to spread the word.

12. December 2004, 14:12:03
Emne: Re: Insomnia
BTW....good luck Partica:)

12. December 2004, 14:10:43
Emne: Insomnia
How long have you been suffering from insomnia? Do you lead a stressful life? Do you exercise? These are some questions for you to answer and maybe need to change.
Try a couple of drops of lavender oil on a tissue and place it under your pillowslip. Apparently that helps to relax and bring on sleep.
Drink camomile tea, that assists also.
Have you visited a naturopath? There maybe also something that you are eating that indirectly brings on the insomnia.
Taking synthetic chemicals long term is not a good long term solution, you need to get to the bottom of the cause of the problem.

23. Juli 2004, 17:14:38
Emne: Re: Migraines..continued
couldn't agree with you more Foxy. All the suggestions that I have made to date are the things that I got asked and told by various doctors when I went to have my frequent migraines checked out. I seeked many 2nd opinions!

21. Juli 2004, 07:05:56
Emne: Migraines...continued...part ???? :))
sorry, as I remember, I'll post more info, unless people object to it :)
Another one to check is if you are drinking enough water every day ie your body may be dehydrated.

20. Juli 2004, 14:49:08
Emne: Migraines..continued
A nurse once told me to dissolve a couple of teaspoons of instant coffee with enough hot water to do so and then drink it! It is the foulest taste but boy does it work quickly. Best results occur when you don't drink coffee normally. I can't bear the taste of this concoction so I resort to drinking a double shot of espresso when I feel a migraine coming on.
Also, have your jaw checked out if you suffer from severe migraines....your jaw may be out of alignment. Cousin suffered terribly with migraines for years and saw top specialists in Italy about it, until she stumbled across this piece of info, had her jaw checked out, yes, she had a misaligned jaw, had it fixed and has been migraine free for nearly 12 years!

18. Juli 2004, 14:53:48
Emne: Re: Hi All
sure...guess I'll be the guinea pig :))

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