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 Other game sites

BrainKing has never been afraid of a competition :-) Here are a few other turn-based game sites:

- Gold Token - Many different games
- Dragonheels' Lair - Many different games
- Pocket Monkey - Many different games
- Little Golem - Many different games
- ItsYourTurn - Many different games (not updated for years)
- Daily Gammon - Backgammon Games only
- Chess Corner - Chess Games only
These 3 sites of "sister" sites of each other, with many types of games:
- Brettspielnetz(German) | - Jij Bent!(Dutch) | - Your Turn My Turn(English)

Please keep things positive. Best advise I believe is to try out different sites. Find what works well for you. If you don't like it, don't go back and try another site. Nothing says you only have to play on 1 site. At one time, I played on about 6 different turn-based game sites.

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21. Juli 2019, 23:55:24
Emne: Re:Old shortcut
rabbitoid: Thats it! You sorted it. Thank you so much!

21. Juli 2019, 10:17:59
Emne: Re:
beach: Has it? Oh! How strange. Dont supposed it is worth sending a message to Pat Chu as never got an answer to my last one about my ole nick and password.

20. Juli 2019, 16:09:12
Anyone know why IYT comes up as not a secure site any more?

31. August 2010, 14:43:16
Emne: Re: facebook down
Snoopy: Its been knocking me off my Bejewled game all week.

12. Juli 2010, 01:51:34
Emne: Re: pupil

11. Juli 2010, 12:35:10
Emne: Re: facebook
Snoopy: Had problems all week on and off with Face book.

30. Oktober 2007, 05:58:00
Emne: Re: this is has far as the new site has got
The Crazy Puppy: Wow they are taking thier time! No more moaning about Brainking from me, will, maybe just a little now and again. What would life be like without a moan or two

1. August 2007, 04:36:11
Rose: I just went there to have a look at what it was like. I forgot about it untill I read it here.

27. Juni 2007, 15:09:21
Emne: Re: Re Game Driven and clickish
ScarletRose: Oh well I guess we are not posh enough for them

2. Juni 2007, 15:30:05
Emne: Re Game Driven
I did,nt really care for Game Driven, I felt the owner liked to chose who he wanted to play there for some reason. I did like the Battleboats design there and played there as a non member just after it first opened. Then one day I got a message from the owner asking why I was not using points or something to purchase a house and I replied I was not interested in purchasing a house I just like some of the games there. Anyway not long after the site went private and when I tried to sign in to finish my games off my account had been closed. No warning or anything which I though was rather strange but I am not bothered as I much prefer Brainking lol!
Now I believe they have a bubble thing where you can post pics and stuff. A friend who plays there sent me a link to hers and it does look good but I still do not want to rejoin.

9. Maj 2007, 17:15:58
Emne: Re: Since Oct of 1999 I have played at IYT.. it was actually the first Game Site I was introduced to..
ScarletRose: I still have about 4 games on iyt as a non member too. It was the first game site I ever played at after reading about it in a pc magazine. And I am glad I did. I met some wonderful people on there. But the wonderful people on there have got less and the weirdos have took over. I am all for free speech but when someone starts slagging everybody off with foul language simple because they can I think it is time to draw the line in the sand.
The ignore is pointless. It is hard to follow a conversation because most of the replies you see are people responding to the one you have on ignore inbetween.
Having said that no doubt some probably think the same about me

9. Maj 2007, 17:05:55
Emne: Re: Tournaments and iyt
volant: That figures LOL!

7. Maj 2007, 19:50:07
Emne: Re: Tournaments
Tilpasset af Mousetrap (7. Maj 2007, 19:50:28)
Fencer: I much prefer the tournies here to iyt. Some of those on iyt take years to complete and it is great to be able to create our own tournies with prizes on here. And iyt never have any thing like buy one get one free like you do. I don,t feel that iyt appreciates its members and they are too handy at sending automatic responses to questions which have nothing to do with the question in the first place. Its one answer suits all.

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