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 Thoughts and Prayers

A sacred place for remembrance, prayer, support, love, affirming eachother, honor and praise.

For people from this site, but also for people in your life all around this globe; whom you would like to keep them in our thoughts and prayers.
*Please, no cutting and pasting. Providing links is ok.
*Avoid long posts. Most people don't read them anyway.
*No religious debate please! (avoid trying to state a particular religious point of view and avoid sermonizing)

*© Copyrighted Material is fine as long as the original author is given credit.

"Moderators are here for a reason. If a moderator (or Global Moderator or Fencer) requests that a discussion on a certain subject to cease, or be moved elsewhere - for whatever reason - please respect these wishes. Failure to do so may result in being hidden, or banned."

*God bless you! Shalom! Salaam aleikum!

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10. Juli 2019, 05:32:12
Emne: Re:
Tilpasset af BadBoy7 (10. Juli 2019, 05:33:37)
Universal Eyes: yes artful dodgers wife also passed away a while back but he comes on a few times and lets me know he is doing ok

24. September 2010, 02:38:57
Emne: get well soon melusine
Tilpasset af BadBoy7 (24. September 2010, 02:39:52)
From: Mélusine
Date and time: 23. September 2010, 18:10:53
Subject: <no subject>

Hello !
Just want to tell you I've had an accident (I falled from my broom ). I was at hospital yesterday.
My right shoulder is broken and makes me suffer very much, and I'm very tired. I try to come here as most as possible but it's very difficult for me to write, so I won't speak very much on the boards. You can tell this to the friends : Sarah, Sassy, Stingette, etc.... so they will understand why I don't speak more now.

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