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 Chess variants (10x8)

Sam has closed his piano and gone to bed ... now we can talk about the real stuff of life ... love, liberty and games such as Janus, Capablanca Random, Embassy Chess & the odd mention of other 10x8 variants is welcome too

For posting:
- invitations to games (you can also use the New Game menu or for particular games: Janus; Capablanca Random; or Embassy)
- information about upcoming tournaments
- disussion of games (please limit this to completed games or discussion on how a game has arrived at a certain position ... speculation on who has an advantage or the benefits of potential moves is not permitted)
- links to interesting related sites (non-promotional)

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16. Juli 2008, 15:50:59 
Emne: Re: Seirawan Chess
mahavrilla: Even though this site has been bringing other non-chess games to this site, the site owner at heart is a chess player (as the 34 chess variants on this site can show)

So a good chess variant probable has a very good chance of being brought here. Does anyone have a good link to some good rules for the game?

16. Oktober 2005, 02:14:51 
Emne: Re: Ed Trice
mahavrilla: He goes by a different name now -

He is still around, but I think spends most of his time at now.

27. August 2005, 03:36:36 
Emne: Re:
Grim Reaper: I agree that there is no need for any further public discussion. It is an issue between you and Fencer.

27. August 2005, 03:29:11 
Emne: Re:
Grim Reaper: Hum... well I don't see those as "descriptions of the rules". Well, good luck with that.

27. August 2005, 03:25:22 
"...following text in the descriptions of the rules.."

Where else are the RULES of Gothic Chess at?

27. August 2005, 03:22:41 
Emne: Re:
BuilderQ: Yup, it looks like it is in the game description. Does not say that exact thing in the game overview, but in the description of the game, I see it.

19. August 2005, 17:26:13 
Emne: Re: Anyone know Russian?
Grim Reaper: There are some translaters on-line which will translate "most" of it for you. (quick search found this place: - but only 500 characters at a time here so it might take awhile to translate) - but there are others also.

12. Juni 2005, 00:28:40 
Emne: Re:
Chessmaster1000: I think the main reason it does not happen automaticaly now is that it would take extra server processing to do the extra processing.... and least that is the reason I remember hearing when it was suggested before.

23. Maj 2005, 22:59:55 
Emne: Re: Change In The Fellowship Doctrine
tedbarber: I was going to send you a message, bur for some reason you have me blocked - so I'll post it here for you.

If you don't want to use one of the on-line ways to pay, BrainKing has some "representives" around the world which can accept money orders from people in their area - and which they will then turn and send the payment to Fencer. - this page has the information, with Eriisa - being the one in the USA who has done this for MANY people and very trustworthy. I would suggest sending her a message here and ask her for details - where she can give you her mailing address and such.

To check out exchange rates, is a good place.

At the bottom of the page, you can find a place to do a quick converter from EURO to US.

So the rates right now for memberships are:

For Knights, 10/18 EUR will equal $12.58 / $22.65 US

For Rook, 16/28 EUR will equal $20.13 / $35.22

I will be happy to help if you have any questions.

19. November 2004, 18:30:18 
What are you talking about tedbarber? You are the only person who has posted on this board for the past week!

Once Trice left the board, this board has now settled down very nicely. Hopefully some good Gothic talk can start again.

30. Oktober 2004, 18:58:59 
No, he won a prize tournament. (2 tournaments actually I think)

30. Oktober 2004, 18:30:49 
Why start a new Fellowship Trice - I thought you were leaving the site yet again?

26. Oktober 2004, 01:25:01 
But trice, they are not my words - they are your own words...

Can dish it out, but can not take it. As soon as a lawsuit his way is mentioned, he runs. Typical Trice.

26. Oktober 2004, 01:22:59 
OH NO - Trice lied about what I posted - EMOTIONAL DISTRESS. Going to be a Trice and call my lawyer and sue... Whaaaaaaaaa Whaaaaaaa Whaaaaaa

(sorry, that was my Trice impression)

26. Oktober 2004, 01:20:23 
Tilpasset af (26. Oktober 2004, 01:22:01)
Actually I don't remember saying his or anyone who does not play the game often opinion does not matter - just that fake pawn accounts should not.

And if you must know, the only reason I don't play Gothic Chess or offer that game in any of my "all game" tournament is that I don't know how much longer the game will be left on the site, and I don't want to be stuck in middle of games when it is removed, or have players stuck in my tournaments when the game is removed. As a side note, I am signed up for the Gothic Chess team tournament but is one of the less popular variants so probable will not start any time soon.

26. Oktober 2004, 00:53:09 
Tilpasset af (26. Oktober 2004, 00:53:43)
Thad - you are not going to get too many more to post here - just look when Socks posted, he was jumped on right away.

My opinion to bring this board back under control - Change it so posts have to be approved for everyone. Then only approve post which deal with the subject of Gothic Chess.

26. Oktober 2004, 00:40:46 
Well looking at a couple of the pawn accounts, 2 were made withing the last week - one not even playing games.... so if you want to include fake pawn accounts in this "vote" of yours, then give me about an hour and I'll have 50 votes against this little vote of yours.

25. Oktober 2004, 23:05:40 
I don't think he was defending Walter - he said the same thing I would have if he did not first - You can't really count the pawns votes - since it looks like they are just on the site to only vote (fake accounts). (not all pawns, but at least 2 there I seen.)

Plus Caissus has it right, all it takes is one vote to remove a Moderator - that is Fencer's. If it was votes of users, then Trice would have been removed from this site long ago.

25. Oktober 2004, 16:58:25 
So how do you suggest making ratings meaningful only after a few handful of games Trice?

25. Oktober 2004, 16:12:38 
Emne: Re: Ratings
The other personal rating is still a provisional rating, and will stay that way until 25 games are complete - During this time the ratings will not be 100% accurate, which is why they are called provisional. Once the other player starts to complete more games, you will see the rating start to move where it is suppose to.

25 games is what it takes to have an established rating here, but I believe it has been said it takes close to 200 games complete before your rating is truely extablished.

25. Oktober 2004, 06:13:07 
Emne: Re: I should be Moderator
i hope that was a sarcastic post LJ.

25. Oktober 2004, 01:04:03 
Wow - I never knew Trice had the "power" to sue someone for making other games, I thought he only had the patent on the rules of "Gothic Chess". I will be interested in how your lawyers spin this!

But I guess it was bound to come - Trice having "emotional distress" over other games that he feels he needs to get money from. If it's emotional distress, heck - many of us should sue Trice.

I just hope this event will final clear this site of Trice and his ramblings.

15. Oktober 2004, 05:19:57 
First, I never said anything about including the rules of Gothic Chess, so I'm not sure where you are getting that I'm full of crap, but whatever.

What I'm saying is if someone makes a 10x10 board, makes the pieces which are the ones used in GC, then they can sell it.

15. Oktober 2004, 05:10:45 
yea, if they call it "Gothic Chess", then you have a point Trice. But if someone just has the board, pieces, and sells them without calling it "Gothic Chess", then your patent can not touch it. That is what I believe Walter is trying to say.

5. Oktober 2004, 17:09:07 
Emne: Re: I have decided
I believe he already had his chance and it did not work out - this board has already been through enough, so there is no point (in my opinion) in bringing in a moderator who already has issues with other people - it is just asking for trouble.

23. September 2004, 19:55:07 
I think bwildman just added the clickable link.

16. September 2004, 19:08:09 
Ed, your rating is not the only rating on BrainKing that is off a little. Fencer already said he is working on a script which will actually go back to the first game and recalculate all ratings from the start.

So why should he spend time going in and fixing everyones rating now when it will be fixed once the script is done?

13. September 2004, 05:36:49 
If he can play within the rules just like everyone else, that would be a good thing. But in my opinion, he should no way get any special treatment by being above the rules of the site. Again, my opinion.

12. September 2004, 19:35:40 
Tilpasset af (13. September 2004, 15:46:24)
I'm all for having all parties able to post again as long as they can behave and follow the rules. (it takes 2 to argue). But I don't think threats are the best way to go about it.

It sounds to me that Fencer is fine with letting Ed back able to post on here as long as it's OK with the board Moderator. But the board Moderator does not want to "override" the ban that was originally put in place by Fencer. (Sounds like a simple mis-comunication, and if Walter knows that Fencer does not see it as an "override" and Walter's decision, I'm sure Walter would take a look at the ban.)

I would love to see Gothic Chess stay here, but if Fencer and the playing community here has to stay under threat of removal and other crap - it may be time to just let the game go and move on to other more entertaining versions of Chess.

That is my opinion.

3. September 2004, 15:45:04 
Yea.... why not just count non votes as yes votes - then your "10" turns into "321" :-)

23. August 2004, 03:09:22 
Emne: Keep Gothic Chess on BrainKing
First - I believe it is in the best interest of the game itself to leave it on this site. The more ways to get people interested in the game is give them more places to play the game. You think 300 or so players who have a rating in Gothic Chess is low, I think that is pretty good for a chess variant - 3rd highest (Chess of course highest, then Atomic with Gothic close 3rd)

Second - To answer some other players comments - Ed Trice threaten before to take Gothic Chess off this site and Fencers answer was if Ed did not want the game here, Fencer would take it off. (or something like that.) So the decicion is Ed's (and his "investors" if the game stays here. Hopefully Ed won't play his games with all the users again and just make the decision yes or no.

So my vote is Yes, keep it here. I've never been a fan of Ed since he started to mess with all the users on this site, but my opinion is that the game is good for this site, and this site is good for the game. It's a win/win situation for the game.

18. August 2004, 22:21:19 
rod03801 - Yes, I agree - it should not be up to the Moderator to remove the post, but the user. So if the user still wants to do that, possible find a time to let the user back in and remove them themselves. I agree.

18. August 2004, 15:49:06 
Emne: BBW's general thoughts
Tilpasset af (18. August 2004, 17:37:43)
1) Actually Ed has left the site at least twice before - never to come back, and has said he would leave a few other times also.

2) If Ed wants all his post deleted, then they should be deleted. They are still *his* post that he wrote, and if he would like to mess up conversations and ideas for all that reads this site - this is his choice about his own post.

3) I'm not sure what Scarlet is asking, but if the tournament game is OVER (and not current looking for the next best move), then I see no problem on posting a game number here and letting other (much better then me) players give suggestions and ideas about what could have been done better with the game.


Since Ed can't reply here, here is his side of my point that he had left before. (reposted from message with permission of "telling it how it is")

"The hacker RESIGNED all of my games and then posted that I would leave. I never posted that myself.

I said I was going to leave and NOT come back if Danoschek was not banned, and he was."

Anyhow, I know others would like to know his side and I'll be happy to give it.

10. August 2004, 22:24:54 
I also lasted 32 moves with Gothic in my only game over a year ago. Then again, I think I lost in about 8 - the remaining 24 moves was me just running around. :-)

4. August 2004, 18:19:35 
I remember it starting around the time you switched to ...Inventor, from whatever else it was. But that has been awhile, so you would know better than I do.

4. August 2004, 18:12:23 
Well if a user changes their username often, it is sometimes easier to use a common name like thier last name.

22. Juni 2004, 19:40:11 
Emne: Re: Caissius and Juan Grande
GothicInventor's Rating: 2403 (111-0-0)
Caissus Rating: 2218 (38-2-3)
jaungrande Rating: 1745 (67-2-39)


Why Juan might play Gothic to the death in their matches, yet make mistakes in others for a quick end of game - well a lot of time for myself included, when I play some of the "best" people, I will study and study the board as much as possible. While with others, I'll take a quick look and make a move. I do that all the time in Spider Line4.... which usually leads me to make stupid mistakes against people who "statisticly" I should win against. So it could be that juangrande see's you as one of the better players, and brings out his best game against you.


Anyway, in my opinion - With 111 wins, and 0 loses - if anyone can beat Gothic (or get a draw out of him), they desirve to win the tournament! :-)

11. Marts 2004, 07:36:58 
I think a good way to show the popularity of Gothic Chess is too look at how many players are rated - which Gothic ranks 3rd (provisional) behind regular Chess & Atomic Chess.... but then again, Gothic has not been around as long as Atomic either.... so I'm sure that will soon change.

5. Januar 2004, 19:31:46 
Emne: Neutral information?
Since my name has come back up, I will respond.

1. I was repling to a post about someone offering to help the "new player" with games against GothicInventor. The "new player" thought this was cheating. My reply was to simple state (FACT which you backed up) that you also offered to help others in games against another player.

I then go on to say that IN MY OPINION (meaning others may think differently) that making the offer is cheating. AGAIN, OTHER (including GothicInventor) believe this is not cheating.

GI: "Why did he have to post anything at all?"

My Reply: I post the message in reply to the "new persons" message about someone offering to cheat against you. I also sent you a personal message telling you that I would remove (or edit out) my message if you also removed the part about the other offer to cheat against you. I did not want to start this "flame war". [without my post, it made it look like you were a "good" person, and the person offering to "help/cheat" look bad - where actually you both are the same - both offered to help with games and both where the offers were refused]

GI: "Why doesn't BBW post about the BrainRook membership I paid for and gave to somebody else?"

My reply: Well first I did not know about that, and second - if anyone gets on and says how you have never paid for another membership, I'll be happy to post for you.

GI: "Why doesn't BBW post about my Gothic Chess After School program which had me nominated for one of the Mayor's Awards for 2003?"

My Reply: (same answer as above)

GI: "Why doesn't BBW mention that I actually am running the only tournament on BrainKing where the winner will receive money that I personally donated to the prize fund?"

My Reply: I believe this is a good thing for brainKing, and I will be happy to see one of the tournaments to be complete. Good Job GothicInventor!

Last note: I try to post facts. When I don't post facts, I almost always try to say "in my opinion" or something like that. I have tried also to never make things personal, nor to call others names.

OK - hopefully that will be my last post on this board about this subject.


5. Januar 2004, 17:36:46 
Emne: re: Games 199729 &199726
Well for 2 reasons.

1) The other person may have taken some vacation days

2) Currently because of the "new year bug" that caused some funny things with the time clock, the time clock is turned off at this site. Fencer has said it will be turned back on in the next week or 2.

5. Januar 2004, 17:28:23 
Quote: "By the way,one of his suggestions of someone offering help in games against Gothic Inventor IS CHEATING;since it would be recieving help from another person to defeat an opponant in a game in progress. This is not allowed in any tournament or correspondense game I have ever heard of."

well there is a long story here, and it is something I'm sure we don't want to go into here... But Gothic Inventor actually started the "cheating" by posting in a message board that he would offer his gaming ability to help anyone else beat another player on this site. (His point is that no one ever took him up on the offer so it was not cheating, while others think that since the offer was made - that was cheating). So it depends on if you think just having the offer of cheating is bad enough. I believe it is, others do not. I'll just give you the facts and let you decide.

I'm sure this post will be removed soon, so I'll send you a personal copy also tedbarber in case you don't get a chance to read this. I'm sure Gothic will post the last word, and then try to stop anyone else from replying - so I'll be happy to share anything else with you in private in you want, otherwise I will try not post any more about the subject in this messageboard.

2. Januar 2004, 19:55:09 
You can put the person on your Enemies list which I believe will hide the mail messages you see. You may also just want to reply to the person who is annoying you and say "Thanks for you suggestions about GothicInventor - I will take them into consideration while I find out more about him myself" .... which might satisfy the persons need...


21. August 2003, 02:00:57 
matthewhall: Your in luck - the tournament you were in, the other people in the section finished their games today, so you are allowed to enter another tournament.

13. August 2003, 07:16:30 
Hum...... maybe with different "atomic" rules - maybe like no pawn that is in the 2nd row (that was not been moved) can be taken by the other player, but will not "blow up" the other pieces next to it. Once pawn is moved, it will blow up the other pieces.

13. August 2003, 06:05:39 
I really like atomic chess also (even though I'm not good at that either) - and I thought about an "atomic Gothic Chess", but with the extra 2 "power" chess pieces, I think the white player can start an attack really quick and win the game without black having much of a chance.

(but I did not do a lot of research of atomic gothic chess, so I might be wrong) :-)

13. August 2003, 02:56:56 
Emne: Dark Gothic Chess
(I posted this a couple of days ago, but it was lost with the "down server" - so I'm posting it again to see if I can get any additional comments)

Suggestion: Dark Gothic Chess - Basicly just like regular Dark chess where each player can not see each other board - but use the newer "Gothic Chess board"

Why a new version: Gothic Chess is the second most popular chess game here on BrainKing (Just behind regular Chess) - with a new game being so popular - I believe a "dark" version of Gothic Chess would do pretty good here.

27. Juni 2003, 04:28:23 
When figuring out the payouts, why not include some other things like mugs, board, etc... (other non-cash items).

19. Juni 2003, 17:44:02 
The problem is if you are missing the "www" from the start of that, and your cookies have the "www" in it, you get the logon screen. So try this:


12. Juni 2003, 06:49:55 
Emne: re: Gothic Chess World Championship
Prize Fund Idea: How about a small percentage going to BrainKing for hosting the tournament? (5% or something?) I know they have made some money by people comming here and buying memberships already, so...???
Winner: 60% of pot
2nd: 25% of pot
BrainKing: 5% of pot
GC Fed.: the rest

17. Marts 2003, 15:35:47 
Emne: Web Site?
Does anyone know if there is a website that is the "home" of Gothic Chess? Or a website maybe with some tips or something?

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