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 Fellowships fellowships - questions, answers, discussion.

Join or start a Fellowship that fits your gaming style, friendships, and interests....

Join Fellowship Teams to participate in Team Tournaments

Also - Fellowship vs. Fellowship Challenges. Check out the Team BKR Ratings

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28. Februar 2006, 01:31:29
Emne: Challenges....
Tilpasset af Goonerg (28. Februar 2006, 01:32:00)
If anyone is interested in playing inter-fellowship challenges, please pop along to .. and sign up!

Ability makes no difference, we just wanna have some fun!



2. Juni 2005, 20:06:40
Emne: New Memebers needed..........
If you want to play in the team Tournies please come along to the Mercs. I know some fellowships have a huge number of members, so some people may not get a chance to play.

See you there!

14. November 2004, 18:33:39

14. November 2004, 18:28:25
not the whole site Purple, just the ones who know what you have done here, and on the other sites you were removed from.

14. November 2004, 18:23:27
no matter that the person concerned has a history of lies, untruths and generally branded as untrustworthy?

14. November 2004, 18:18:49
Emne: Re: Re:
to quote Purple.... "To each his own. Boiler Rm is a lower species than Purple World in my opinion"

You Opinion is worthless on this site.

5. August 2004, 00:34:03
Emne: Re: The Mercenaries
thx!!! :)

5. August 2004, 00:26:34
Emne: The Mercenaries
Tilpasset af Goonerg (5. August 2004, 00:27:13)
are looking for people who want to play in the team tournies, Please drop in for a warm welcome!

Any ability welcome, we just want to have fun!

LOL how do I post A link????

4. Januar 2003, 01:17:53
Emne: Re: Joining a Fellowship
check your messages!

4. Januar 2003, 00:20:27
Emne: Re: Joining a Fellowship
Come and join The Mercenaries, I play chees, and hope to get enought for a team! I don't play much because it takes me too long to study, but I do play in team games on GT! Join in and if you like it, stay, you do not have to commit for life!! thx, Goonerg

22. December 2002, 23:57:54
Emne: Re: The mercenaries are open for business!
Nope, I will chat or not, depending on my oppenent. I am easy that way! If you wanna play me before you join, just send me an invite (anyting except anti games).

17. December 2002, 01:11:13
Emne: The mercenaries are open for business!
If you are friendly and want to play games, then come join in! Any ability, lets have fun!

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