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10. November 2011, 16:40:11
joshi tm 
Emne: Re:
Tilpasset af joshi tm (10. November 2011, 16:41:06)
Gror: The funny thing is, I earned the achievement, I think for a game WITH auto pass ;)

In this game, Kloongammon (goseji - joshi tm) my opponent has the doubling cube, so he always has a move - double or not -, 10 times he rolled the dice and failed to move out, and I earned my 10 Achievement points ;) Apperantly the system counts rolling the dice or doubling as a move, so even in an Autopass game you can win the achievement :D

9. November 2011, 17:20:07
joshi tm 
Why, has Auto-pass to be set off to earn the Stick Around Achievement?

4. Februar 2011, 12:13:38
joshi tm 
Emne: Re: In dice Chess games
GT: Sound cool, but that can't be much points because that happens pretty often.

29. Januar 2011, 11:41:54
joshi tm 
Emne: Why...
...there's still no achievements like: Aquire 2000 poker chips, aquire 5000, 10000, 50000, 100000, 1000000, etc.?

25. Januar 2010, 14:58:07
joshi tm 
Where are the accumulate # chips at poker achievements?

7. Oktober 2009, 18:34:56
joshi tm 
Emne: # of completed games
Meutegammon (Fencer - joshi tm)

Well, here's my 10000th completed BrainKing match. Most of them normal games of course, but why is there no completed games achievement? Statistic page say I have completed 10000 BrainKing games... why not granding achievement points for finishing 1000, 5000, 10000, 20000, 50000, 100000 BK-games?

29. Juni 2009, 23:38:51
joshi tm 
How about an achievement for forcing a smothered mate like this: Capablanca Random Schaken (joshi tm - El Cid) ?

18. Maj 2009, 15:12:19
joshi tm 
Could you add: Win a game of Espionage by capturing all opponent's moving pieces?

13. Maj 2009, 22:44:02
joshi tm 
Emne: Re:
AbigailII: Oh, I see. Those games also should be removed from the list. Hmm almost all chess games.

13. Maj 2009, 08:03:38
joshi tm 
Win any non-Anti, non Backgammon (or other game without any pernament captures) by wiping out all opponent's pieces on the board. That are a lot of games... this achievement is worth 50 ;)

5. Maj 2009, 22:18:41
joshi tm 
Emne: Re: Vacation days
FrancescoLR: No. I use to do outside camping on holiday. So that means no Internet...

5. Maj 2009, 21:54:47
joshi tm 
Emne: Re: Vacation days
FrancescoLR: That's impossible! Say you are on holiday, I do not have Internet access during my holidays so better should be, do not use autovacation days for a year, and of course fix the mentioned turtle trick.

27. April 2009, 19:47:27
joshi tm 
Emne: Re:
AbigailII: You could do that. Your last paragraph will solve excellent the problem.

26. April 2009, 06:46:57
joshi tm 
Emne: Another easy one to add
for 10:
Get 2000 chips

Get 5000 chips

Get 10000 chips

Get an illuster amount of chips ;)

21. April 2009, 22:51:13
joshi tm 
Emne: Achievements
How about an achievement for having only hits in a BB+ game turn with 5 shots, like this? Zeeslag Plus (joshi tm - Jopie)

10. April 2009, 22:14:37
joshi tm 
Emne: Re: Additional achievement ideas...
lukulus: Capture the opponents base should stand there, an opponents base isnt captured when opponent resigns.

9. April 2009, 08:55:05
joshi tm 
Emne: Re: Additional achievement ideas...
rednaz23: The possibilities are endless ;)

Poker: Achieve a royal flush
Win with 10-high or less
Win more than 500 chips in a 5/10 limited table
Win an Espionage game without losing spies (capture opponents base, so NO resigning!)
Get more than 10 points in a single Froglet game move.
Get more than 150 points in a Single Froglet game.
Get all Ludo pieces at home and no piece of the opponent out. (difficult to achieve!)
Achieve a # of points in a Go/Reversi/Cheversi/Dice Poker/Knight Fight game.
Achieve 42 or more points during a single Mancala game.
Capture at least 10 of opponents pieces during a single Camelot move.
Capture at least 5 of opponents pieces during a Single Cam move.
Win a Grasshopper game with 7-6.
Capture the opponents Plakoto motherpiece.
Have at least 30 stones during a Cloning Backgammon game.
Have a Anti-Backgammon game of 1000+ moves.

7. April 2009, 15:52:36
joshi tm 
I assume there will be more game-specefic Achievements then?

7. April 2009, 08:57:47
joshi tm This statistics page says that I'v won 16 ponds, but why I did not achieve 10 won ponds achievement?

6. April 2009, 21:56:07
joshi tm 
Emne: Re:
beach: That because they are Achievements. They are for you to waste time ;)

6. April 2009, 20:54:43
joshi tm 
An I achieved the second ;)


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