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27. Februar 2019, 03:08:43
Emne: Not working
so I looked through my achievements and have found at least 3 that I never got credit for. Most recently one last week in an espionage game. Specifically rear of secrets an espionage avchievement.

23. Februar 2019, 14:32:14
I'm guessing this feature is no longer active?? Bc there are numerous achievements i never got credit for.

12. April 2010, 17:23:48
Emne: Re: still waiting to get credit for my achievements
Fencer: no problem. you run a great site. and these kinds of things happen from time to time.

11. April 2010, 19:37:00
Emne: Re: still waiting to get credit for my achievements
Fencer: actually i think it may be my mistake. the achievement is for sappers to be in teh back row not the spys. curoius though is that sappers generally are in the back row. and spys are normally in the front row so this acheivement is not very difficult. the achievement should have read "if you win a game with all of your spies in the back row" you gain the for mentioned achievement" Maybe that can be added as an achievement.

10. April 2010, 17:51:16
Emne: still waiting to get credit for my achievements
Tilpasset af Nothingness (11. April 2010, 07:49:28)
how long does it take for the achievements to show up. two of my acheivements still have not shown up. one hasnt registered in a few weeks and the other i did just today and still has not shown up. the 10/10 tourney achievment still is highlighted dark and the all spies in the back row is still reads 0/1. neither have i gotten credit for. what is wrong?

Small Espionage (drjohnj vs. Nothingness)

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