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24. Juli 2019, 18:55:26
Emne: Re: May Mr.Johnson...
ketchuplover: Don`t think any of em are sane!

24. Juli 2019, 17:18:21
Emne: May Mr.Johnson...
sanely reign

11. Juni 2019, 01:26:01
Emne: Re:
ketchuplover: The people who refuse to bake cakes for gay weddings are rediculous. Do they refuse for everyone they consider "sinners"? They'd be out of business.

10. Juni 2019, 23:17:16
The Col 
Emne: Re:
ketchuplover: Maybe communist leadership , but who amongst the people would risk speaking out?
In most Middle East countries you are literally putting your life at risk if you are openly gay

10. Juni 2019, 19:04:21
I find it ironic that some would consider homosexuals as communists when communists are anti-homosexuals

9. Juni 2019, 15:25:13

I never understood why gay people had to make an issue of their lifestyle. I never discriminated or saw anyone discriminated against. I thought people should keep their private life to themselves and still do, but didn't know the government sought gays to ban from living equal lives.

6. November 2018, 15:45:45
Emne: I was #82...
to vote today. Peace out.

30. September 2018, 15:15:59
Emne: Saturday night live/matt damon
Laughed out loud.

27. September 2018, 23:10:31
Omg SNL this weekend is going to be good after watching the hearings and Kavanaugh answer questions.

14. September 2018, 10:39:19
Emne: Re: Trump
Papa Zoom: MAGA- Making America Gag Annually.

27. August 2018, 02:37:03
Emne: Re:
Carnie: i didnt know he pass away but i saw on yahoo page he did. so wow . RIP John McCain :(

26. August 2018, 02:31:01
RIP John McCain. The end of an era. You have my utmost respect.

22. Juli 2018, 17:55:42
Papa Zoom 

18. April 2018, 17:42:38
I'm a Trump supporter, but have to laugh at his cries about fake news and biased media when he meets with Hannity from Fox News to spread and support his agenda. A lot of things about Trump I don't like, but a lot I do.

14. Januar 2018, 23:05:42

1. Oktober 2017, 17:18:48
Emne: Re: I am proud...
ketchuplover: yes!

1. Oktober 2017, 15:44:43
Emne: I am proud...
of Green Bay Packers fans who almost totally defied the wishes of team management and put their hands over their hearts.

30. September 2017, 19:18:06
Emne: Re:
Mélusine: It was just a fantasy idea. People forget how good they have it and a football game where people go for entertainment isn't a place for politics. I'm thankful every day for my country.

30. September 2017, 10:49:31
Emne: Re:
Carnie: I think that someone who hates the country where he lives, disrespects the flag and anthem, must go away from this country and it's not worth to spend money for a DNA test.

30. September 2017, 10:40:20
Emne: Re:
crosseyed: I must admit I prefer to keep my money for toilet paper too.

29. September 2017, 04:05:20
Emne: Re:
Tilpasset af Carnie (29. September 2017, 06:42:52)
Bwild: Descendants in the U.S. that is.

29. September 2017, 04:03:40
Emne: Re:
Bwild: The dark skin gene is dominant, but according to, the most % anyone is of a race is 80%.

29. September 2017, 03:01:31
Emne: Re:
Carnie: 100%
Most American Indians are

29. September 2017, 01:16:24
Emne: Re:
Pedro Martínez: yup! I see more red numbers than posts
Must be someone I hid.

28. September 2017, 23:59:14
Pedro Martínez 
Emne: Re:
Carnie: Yup, that is correct. We do not even have the Internet and I am typing this on a typewriter connected to a potato. Toilet paper is a problem indeed. The most popular party in my country has actually teamed up with some of your fellow citizens to import some striped fabric for this purpose. They say it is very soft. I cannot wait to feel it.

28. September 2017, 22:09:27
Emne: Re:
Tilpasset af Carnie (28. September 2017, 22:10:07)
Pedro Martínez: No one is 100% any race in this country. It has nothing to do with it.

28. September 2017, 21:41:17
Emne: Re:
Pedro Martínez: This doesn't concern you. People in your country barely have enough toilet paper. Our grocery stores put your most beautiful buildings to shame. People are dying for MY country while those millionaires play with a football.

28. September 2017, 21:15:57
Pedro Martínez 
Emne: Re:
Carnie: Oh yes! Your Kleagle must be proud of you. Keep it up!

28. September 2017, 18:42:30
Everyone living in America, who hates the country, disrespects the flag and anthem, should have to take a DNA test and go back to the country with the highest % in their results.

25. September 2017, 14:15:21
Emne: looks like...
Tilpasset af ketchuplover (29. September 2017, 16:00:28)
Merkel's reign goes on for better or worse

19. September 2017, 19:41:03
Emne: Re:
rod03801: political correctness is overdone. Everyone needs to grow up. If a person is proud of who they are and obeys laws, ppl opinions don't matter.

19. September 2017, 18:09:57
Emne: Re:
Bwild: I fully support him

19. September 2017, 04:02:13
Emne: Re:
Bwild: I agree

19. September 2017, 02:57:48
Albeit a newbie to politics, Donald Trump is proving to be a great President.
The United States has been in sore need of a man how believes in America first.

15. September 2017, 18:57:59
Pedro Martínez 
Emne: Re: Ghost town
Carnie: Agreed. I also like the Jefferson in Trump.

15. September 2017, 16:24:46
Emne: Re: Ghost town
playBunny: I do miss the days of presidential presidents, but Trump reminds me of politicians when our country was young. I wasn't here of course. :P

15. September 2017, 15:17:24
Emne: Ghost town
Wow. Not a word about Unpresident Trump since he turned the White House into a Palace of Lies and the GOP Congress into a kennel of fawning lapdogs. Where are the celebrations for all the "Winning"?

19. Maj 2017, 14:53:42
Emne: World
This is what it has come to

18. Maj 2017, 14:29:46
Emne: Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke...
will become assistant secretary of Homeland Security. Adjust your schedules accordingly

8. Maj 2017, 12:11:53
Emne: Hope everything...
works out there

7. Maj 2017, 23:57:45
Result of the French elections : our president will be Macron.

25. April 2017, 23:19:43
Emne: Re: Melusine....Surrendered France
PaoloRus: Here in France we have never seen such disparate results. Before, there was always at least one of the big political parties for the second round, but not today. Here, many people don't agree with European policy and don't want politicians with problems with the law. I wonder what the outcome will be.

24. April 2017, 18:21:21
Emne: Re: Melusine....Surrendered France
PaoloRus: It's Marine. And no, we don't need her.

24. April 2017, 00:06:38
Emne: Melusine....Surrendered France
The worst of the four won in the first round of the elections in France. Нe is disgusting, he's like French Hillary. Will the other three unite and block his path? We do not need Trump anymore :( Trump offended Kim and Bashar.
Now we need Marin Le Pen!

Do not forget to vote correctly in the second round, bro )) we will win!

7. April 2017, 07:59:04
Yea Trump!

24. Januar 2017, 15:45:31
Years ago this board would be lit up but most are really shocked still but I can say Im looking forward to Pres Pence after Trump is impeached.

24. Januar 2017, 03:56:23
Emne: Re:
Brian1971: YAY!!! I am with you guys on Trump!!

21. Januar 2017, 18:13:23
Papa Zoom 
Emne: Re:
Brian1971: I'm with you on that. No more Obama. It's been a long 8 years.

21. Januar 2017, 16:18:58
nah nah nah nah. hey hey hey, Obama's gone.

Obama's gone...Obama's gone...hey hey hey...Obama's gone. GO TRUMP! USA USA USA!!!!

20. Januar 2017, 20:52:32
Emne: Re: Buckle your seat belts...
ketchuplover: pumpkin spice for all! Orange is the new president! I like Trump and wish him the best.

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