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 Dice Poker

Dice poker and its variants

Dice poker
- single game - max. 340 points - Dice Poker (BOROWITZ vs. Labbeda) - 306 (BOROWITZ)
- combined game - max. 680 points - Dice Poker (Holyman vs. A663) - 563 - (A663, Holyman)

Triple dice poker
- single game - max. 2145 points - Triple Dice Poker (Oceans Apart vs. overlander) - 1840 (overlander)
- combined game - max. 4290 points - Triple Dice Poker (crayzeejim vs. Bobes) - 3554 (Bobes, crayzeejim)

Dice poker 6D
- single game - max. 529 points - Dice Poker 6D (PlanetRuler vs. cd power) - 374 (cd power)
- combined game - max. 1058 points - Dice Poker 6D (ksenofont vs. Fero73) - 719 (ksenofont, Fero73)

Triple dice poker 6D
- single game - max. 3324 points - Triple Dice Poker 6D (ketchuplover vs. aaru) - 2730 (ketchuplover)
- combined game - max. 6648 points - Triple Dice Poker 6D (Borowitz vs. Bobes) - 5218 (Bobes, Borowitz)

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21. April 2019, 19:07:55
Thanks but are you totally sure my score is highest? someone told me the high score but I forgot the score and who told me :(

Kudos on your highest combined score :)

20. April 2019, 11:18:10
Emne: Re: UPDATE!
ketchuplover: Heading updated. Great single score! Unfortunately I found higher combined score ;)

19. April 2019, 21:24:17
Emne: Triple Dice Poker 6D Combined Score
I submit game #8175155 5037 pts KevSpa v. ketchuplover

18. Marts 2019, 18:19:35
My high score is now 2730

5. Februar 2019, 20:54:04
Emne: Triple Dice Poker 6D
My high score is 2581. Has anyone bested that?

11. Oktober 2014, 17:18:08
Emne: Re: Why is there no....
ketchuplover: It is only in the triple dice poker game here.

11. Oktober 2014, 13:22:47
Emne: Why is there no....
bonus in the dice poker game? tyia

22. Januar 2014, 21:41:27
joshi tm 
Emne: Any high score on DP6D?
How about 461: Dobbelpoker 6D (Gabriel Almeida - joshi tm)? Anyone had a higher score?

21. December 2013, 10:18:25
Emne: I've had...
four five of a kinds so far today. A record for me

29. Oktober 2013, 09:15:06
Emne: Just a reminder...........................................
your objective is to finish the game(s)with a score > your rival's score

18. April 2013, 09:17:28
Emne: Re: New high scores???
earldrake1: LOL - the actual score for the combined game that is shown as the high is 577, not 563, so never mind on the combined.

18. April 2013, 09:01:13
Emne: New high scores???
I think we have a new high for both single and combined here, with 309 and 572: Dice Poker (Lukas 16 vs. earldrake1)

18. Januar 2012, 18:54:14
Emne: to my recent opponents
I suddenly got the urge to resign my games and did so.

20. November 2011, 04:12:41
Yeah I played hundreds and every day too, never had such issues before. But it started today and hit me twice. I'll wait a day or too, and if there is fifty more complaints, it's a server issue. If nobody else comes up with it, well then it's an issue at my end...

20. November 2011, 04:06:18 
I had issues a long time ago, but I believe it was a browser issue - the browser was caching the images or something & the wrong dice was showing (in all dice games). I think a good clearing of the browser cache & such fixed things for me. I play a lot of dice games, and haven't seen any issues for a long time now.

20. November 2011, 03:13:50
Emne: Re:
Aganju: I play these games all the time, and several times today even, and NO, I have never had a problem with the wrong dice being rolled.
Could it be a cache issue?

I'm sure if it were a common problem it would be complained about constantly though.

20. November 2011, 00:42:42
Tilpasset af Aganju (20. November 2011, 01:19:25)
Today I had twice the effect that the server rerolled dice I did not check for reroll. I verified by using the back-button on the browser.
Once I check a single die for reroll, and four got rerolled, the other time I checked two, and three got rerolled.
This makes the whole game pointless.
Anybody else has this effect?

19. Februar 2010, 19:58:21
Emne: Re: Best from 6D
aaru: nice score

19. Februar 2010, 17:34:40
Emne: Re: Best from 6D

17. Februar 2010, 12:53:05

29. Juli 2009, 16:47:26
Emne: broken dice?
I suspect that the dice in Dice Poker are broken: a couple of times I have observed that the re-rolled dice didn't change.

This is difficult to prove, however. Unfortunately the movelist only displays the numbers after the last roll. So one had to manually copy all re-rolls to do a statistical analysis.

5. Marts 2009, 07:35:37
Emne: Re: ??
Fencer: you're right, i'm wrong, i was confusing it with omaha, that game is 2 in your hand and 3 on th bd. sorry.

5. Marts 2009, 07:08:33
Emne: Re: ??
ellieoop: Please read the official rules at and you will see that our implementation is correct.

3. Marts 2009, 18:41:15
Emne: Re: ??
MrWCF: i play omaha and it is 2 in your hand and 3 on the bd. and that site also plays holdem the same way. i guess all sites have their own rules. i'm looking foward to omaha.

3. Marts 2009, 15:15:55 
Emne: Re: ??
MrWCF: and to follow up on MrWCF - Fencer said he plans to bring Omaha Hold'em to the site also.

.... maybe we should move any future discussion over to the correct board:

3. Marts 2009, 08:19:50
Emne: Re: ??
ellieoop:You may be thinking of Omaha Hold'em, where all players must use two of the four cards in their hand, along with three of the five upcards.  But in Texas Hold'em, all players may use any five cards from the seven combined cards (two in their hand and five on the board).  That rule is applied in every casino, poker house, and tournament, throughout the world, that I've ever seen, and I've been playing Texas Hold'em for over forty years.

3. Marts 2009, 03:22:19
Emne: Re: ?? i'm suprised by this rule and it's definitely not as good a game as the way i've always seen it played. too bad, it's really a great game, but now it's completely different.

3. Marts 2009, 03:14:04 
Emne: Re: ??
ellieoop: Opps - I did not notice it was on the wrong board either.

3. Marts 2009, 03:11:01
Emne: Re: ?? i didn't realize that i posted on this board instead of poker. i have been playing the game here wrong and have lost many pots. i have never played it any way but the way i posted it.

3. Marts 2009, 03:06:15 
Emne: Re: ??
ellieoop: As I understand it, it's the best 5 cards from the 7.

So if the 5 on the table are the best, all players still playing will use those 5 cards and tie for the pot.

(I believe someone mentioned there variants of the game which probable use the rules you mention.)

But best 5 cards out of the 7 - no matter if they are in the hand or on the table is how I understand it.

3. Marts 2009, 03:00:10
Emne: ??
i won with a flush, i had ace diamonds and a club, 4 diamonds came onto the table and i won. i always thought that texas holdem is 2 in your hand, 3 on the the table or 1 in your hand and 3 on table, i never played where you can use 4 on the table to make the best hand. am i wrong and confused?

18. Januar 2009, 21:02:14
joshi tm 
I'ld like to see te bankroll variant Coan posted ago... looks very addictive and very playable.

3. December 2008, 09:20:08
Emne: Re: Best from 6D

3. December 2008, 09:15:11
Emne: Re: Best from 6D
Tilpasset af Snoopy (3. December 2008, 09:16:48)
aaru: Dice Poker 6D (Snoopy vs. Joy1960) Snoopy 451

and i still could lose

4. November 2008, 14:33:00
Emne: Re: Best from 6D

4. November 2008, 14:03:09
Emne: Re: Best from 6D
aaru:DP-6D here you are: Kostkový poker 6D (Wallace vs. ajaxajax) Wallace 443

25. Oktober 2008, 11:43:42
Emne: Re: Best from 6D

25. Oktober 2008, 01:54:00
Emne: Re: Best from 6D


25. Oktober 2008, 01:52:17
Emne: Re: Best from 6D

15. Oktober 2008, 10:33:16
Emne: Best from 6D
DP 6D - single game - max 579 points - Dice Poker 6D (balvan99 vs. aaru) - 421 (aaru)
TDP 6D - single game - max 3474 points - Triple Dice Poker 6D (aaru vs. Ehja) - 2674 (Mal 4 Inara)

Pls show me better results.

24. September 2008, 06:04:17
Emne: new top triple dice?
Triple Dice Poker (overlander vs. picaso)

1850 (but only three yahtzees this time..)

15. September 2008, 23:05:41
Emne: Re: highest score
diogenysos: Actually, the game you mention is the same game. Oceans Apart changed her screen name to Adaptable Ali

15. September 2008, 22:29:35
Emne: highest score
the link on the game of oceans apart against overlander leads to a diofferent game... ,-(

anyway, i just posted a feature request on displaying the high scores of point-orientated games somewhere in the statistics... ;-)

23. Marts 2008, 12:47:43
Emne: 6D
No idea if this is a record, but it is a pretty good score:
452 points (

Especially surprised, since my luck is always... the opposite of this score!

28. Februar 2008, 03:19:39
Emne: Brain war
when will this game be released, sounds like fun.

5. Februar 2008, 10:51:33
Emne: 4+2
In the 6D variants, I'm missing a box for a 4+2 combination (which IMO, should replace Full House (3+2), as Full House seems to easy with 6 die).

1. Februar 2008, 16:15:17
Emne: Triple Dice Poker *6D* for Brains!
Tilpasset af rod03801 (3. Februar 2008, 20:41:35)

It's time to sign up for Triple Dice Poker *6D* for Brains! !!

Poker should involve gambling shouldn't it!? So, put up 50 brains and take a chance.

It will be 2 sections of 5 people each. Each player will have 2 games against the players of his/her section. The winners of each section will go to Round 2.

First place will receive 300 brains, and 2nd place will receive their 50 brains back.

Brains can be purchased on the "Brains" page. It's only 7 Euro for 150 Brains! Win enough, and you could buy a membership with Brains, instead of cash!

2 days per move, fixed weekends only. (No vacation days)

It will start as soon as 10 people have signed up.

1. Februar 2008, 16:05:04 
Emne: Re: 6d
rod03801: Unless he changed it, the "rules" should be these:


1’s (sum of all 1’s)
2’s (sum of all 2’s)
3’s (sum of all 3’s)
4’s (sum of all 4’s)
5’s (sum of all 5’s)
6’s (sum of all 6’s)

Bonus of 50 points if total in 1 column is 84 or over (4 in each row)

4 of a kind – have 4 of the same dice, sum of ALL dice
5 of a kind – have 5 of the same dice, sum of ALL dice

Full House (2+3) – have 2 of one, plus 3 of another (2-2-5-5-5-x) = 25 points
Full Car (2+2+2) – have 2 of 3 different values (1-1-3-3-6-6) = 40 Points
Full Hotel (3+3) – have 3 of one, plus 3 of another (1-1-1-4-4-4) = 50 points

Large Straight – have 5 dice in order (1-2-3-4-5 or 2-3-4-5-6) = 45 Points
Full Straight – have 6 dice in order (1-2-3-4-5-6) = 60 points

6 of a kind – have all 6 of the same dice – 75 points

Chance – sum of ALL dice

1. Februar 2008, 15:57:10
Emne: Re: 6d
rod03801: Ahh, I found one of my answers by hovering over the bonus box, and I see that it takes 84 points to get the bonus now. That's good. Is the bonus still 35 though?

1. Februar 2008, 15:44:17
Emne: 6d
I assume on Triple Dice 6D, the upper bonus level has changed? (possibly the amount of the bonus too?) I haven't seen any rules yet. Of course, I haven't looked this morning yet, lol.

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