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Discuss about the BrainKing Stairs.

  • Stairs Rules
  • To find out what stairs you can currently challenge someone in, first go to the Main Stairs Page, then click on "Show your stairs only" link. The ones in BOLD are ones you can make a challenge in.

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    3. November 2005, 11:34:17
    Emne: Stairs, Stairs, Stairs
    Grand Job

    3. November 2005, 11:46:46
    Luke Skywalker 
    Emne: requests & question
    1) show the stairs in the game lists in the "event" column
    2) show all ongoing games in the stairs page
    what happens with the games when a player leaves the stairs? (the help page clarifies that qu only for retirement)

    3. November 2005, 11:58:17
    Emne: Re: requests & question
    Luke Skywalker: When a player leaves the stairs, his games continue but the result will affect only the opponent [Step].

    3. November 2005, 11:58:41
    Emne: Cube Stairs
    Stairs with a doubling cube have been created.

    3. November 2005, 12:00:15
    Emne: Re: Cube Stairs
    Fencer: I'm right there. Thankee. :-))

    3. November 2005, 16:59:57
    Emne: ??
    Is there somewhere where I can find basic information on what the Stairs are all about please ?

    3. November 2005, 17:00:55
    Emne: Re: ??
    Niki: Doesn't the "show rules" link work? Or have a look at the Server News.

    3. November 2005, 17:02:49
    Emne: Re: ??
    Fencer: Thankyou :0)

    3. November 2005, 17:03:24
    Emne: Re: What? Where? How?
    Niki: There's a link to Stairs under New Game, Waiting Games, Tournaments.. That page has a link to the Rules.

    3. November 2005, 17:06:55 
    I just added a link above to the Stairs Rules

    3. November 2005, 17:29:00
    Emne: Requests
    Couple of requests:
    1) a page that shows which stairs we are free to make challenges in
    2) adding the steps to the main page, similar to the x best BKRs that appear

    awesome job, keep it up

    3. November 2005, 17:45:54
    Emne: Re: Requests
    dmk: You can find your steps here or on Profile pages.

    3. November 2005, 18:23:25 
    Emne: Re: Requests
    dmk: That would be good to know quickly which stairs you have challenges to be made - maybe even on the profile page - maybe a (1/0) for 1 challenge made, 0 challenges against you) or something similar.

    3. November 2005, 18:42:08
    Emne: Request: BKR, Challenge-counts
    Could the Stairs challenge show the estimated BKR change?

    I'll also vote for a challenges-made/accepted column on the player's stairs page. It's hard to know which ones I'm fully booked in.

    3. November 2005, 21:18:48
    Emne: Stairs verses Ladders
    One of the biggest difference I can see with the Stairs rules as compared to the rules I have seen for ladders is how one moves up and down.

    1. Nobody can be on the same step/ladder position at the same time.
    2. If you win you take the position of that person on the ladder, and everyone shifts down.

    Not to say that what I have seen is better is what I am used to.

    3. November 2005, 21:22:35
    Emne: Re: Stairs versus Ladders
    WizardII: Aye. Instead of grabbing the legs of those above and trying to clamber over them it's more a question of seeing who's below you and stomping on their hands as they try to reach upwards (or booting your peers off the platform). ;-)

    3. November 2005, 21:22:38
    Emne: Re: Stairs verses Ladders
    WizardII: Every system has its pros and cons. I like this one :-)

    3. November 2005, 21:27:41
    Emne: Re: Stairs verses Ladders
    WizardII: GoldToken has a platform type ladder where groups of people share one level. I haven't played it - it's only for paid members so I've no idea what kind of experience it provides.

    4. November 2005, 07:33:00
    Emne: For fast and regular players

    4. November 2005, 12:26:03
    Emne: Re: For fast and regular players
    Fencer: 3 to 7 days can easily see a 5-point match finished.
    Fast Fischer's For Cubists?

    4. November 2005, 12:36:37
    Emne: Re: For fast and regular players
    playBunny: Sure thing.

    4. November 2005, 12:47:13
    Emne: Re: FF for Cubists
    Fencer: You used the name too!

    4. November 2005, 16:12:52 
    Emne: Stairs Suggestion
    In each stairs, it shows all active games - but would be interesting to see completed games also - see who was playing who & who won and such. Maybe not the complete history of games, but maybe the last month - or last 50 games completed in the stairs or something. (or all the games if possible)

    4. November 2005, 16:28:03
    I'm a little confused on one thing.......

    Take for instance Standard Stairs (Backgammon). There are currently 2 steps. Is there a way to see ALL of the players on step 1 AND step 2? Rignt now, you can either see both steps, or see every one on step 1. Or will the problem become moot once everyone starts getting onto more steps?

    4. November 2005, 16:35:45 
    Emne: Re:
    Eriisa: yea, i think once it starts to spread out some, it will become less of a problem. But would be nice if you do click on the "..." to show everyone, to also show the other steps - but not that big of a deal (to myself that is)

    4. November 2005, 16:36:41
    Emne: Re: Seeing all the Steps.
    Eriisa: I think Fencer's looking ahead to the potential of having 1000+ players on the Stairs. That would make it a very big page. I think it might be an idea to show the Step that the player is on plus the one above and the three below in full detail and the short list with ellipses for other Steps.

    4. November 2005, 17:35:41
    Luke Skywalker 
    Emne: requests
    thanks for quickly implementing my requests. In the list of games could you display some more info, like on the main page, e.g. move number, whose turn it is, time until timeout, online indicator

    4. November 2005, 17:43:49
    Luke Skywalker 
    Emne: Re: requests
    Luke Skywalker: and, most importantly, the players' steps

    4. November 2005, 21:23:13
    these stairs sound much better then the ones at gt and iyt. good job again fencer:)

    4. November 2005, 22:15:45
    I have a question on these very fast Fischer stairs... when it says no days off.. does that also include no "Retirement"?.

    4. November 2005, 22:17:11
    Emne: Re:
    lovelysharon: No, the Retirement is the same for all types of Stairs. It has nothing to do with days per move/game.

    4. November 2005, 22:31:33
    Emne: Re:
    Fencer: ok... thanks Fencer...

    5. November 2005, 00:05:22
    Baked Alaskan 
    Emne: Re:
    I agree
    Awesome job Fencer

    5. November 2005, 00:09:37
    Emne: Halma 10 stairs
    Where and how do I enter Halma 10 stairs?

    5. November 2005, 00:21:24
    Baked Alaskan 
    Emne: Re: Halma 10 stairs

    5. November 2005, 03:22:50
    Emne: Lists
    Could the Stairs Show games list (and any others) be sortable please? If not with re-sort links, could they be ordered by challenger name rather than game id?

    Also, could the player viewing the list be highlighted as with ratings list?

    5. November 2005, 10:57:22
    What about this?

    5. November 2005, 13:03:09
    Emne: Two game matches
    It seems as though most of the games (maybe Backgammon excluded, I don't play it) are set up a two game matches, but these are by nature sequential. Is it possible to set up a new style which are two game matches where both games are played at once. This would not need to be restricted to use in stairs but could be an alternative two game, and two win matches, they could be called "paired" games for instance.

    The reason to ask is to have the result of the game resolved quicker. A "four day" game (the standard length) may last for a long time and for it to be followed by another it might be a year before a result is known ... this might well slow up the stepping considerably.

    Just a thought.

    5. November 2005, 13:06:35
    Emne: Standard Time Length
    I know it probably too late, but I would have preferred to see the standard lenght set at 3 days rather than 4 days. (And yes, I know you can play faster, but if I only take the games from the top of my time sorted list they do not get there as fast.)

    5. November 2005, 15:06:55
    Emne: Re: Two game matches
    WhisperzQ: the only problem with that is that there are people here that I know of that would slow down in a game that they are losing in to the point that the other game would finish and a new one start and then they would finish the new one still before the original game just to have better odds of wining a second game

    5. November 2005, 15:28:57 
    Walter Montego posted about not liking the idea of not being able to challenge people on higher steps on the board, so I will expand an answer here.

    The point of the stairs is that the best players will sooner or later raise to the top steps. If a new person joins a stair, they have to EARN the right to challenge the top player - they need to play people on their own step and slowly climb to earn the right to play the top players.

    The purpose of letting people challenge people in the steps right below them is so that will allow the top players to hopefully have someone to challenge so they can at least keep some games going, and not just jump to the top with no games to play. (Then again they do not have to challenge if they do not want to.)

    5. November 2005, 15:37:53
    Emne: Re:
    BIG BAD WOLF: Ok, the stronger players should be protected to be bothered by challenges of the weakest, I agree. But it would be very normally to allow a challenge in a certain range. That range could be normally +1, 0, -1, but at the top down to -2 and at the bottom up to +2. That's the way a ladder normally works. I cannot see, what should be better with that stairs.
    Btw, I would also prefer to allow empty steps with the interpretation to challenge to the next not empty step.

    5. November 2005, 15:51:42 
    Emne: Re:
    estanto: Well that is one thing I like about BrainKing's stairs - they did not just copy another system, but tried to do a few things different to try to make it different for the site.

    I'm sure if problems arise where players are unable to challenge people, and such and something like being able to challenge above would fix it, Fencer would look into doing that. But right now, the system is working great how it is. My opinion is to try it how the system is now, and once (if) something does not work, then would be the time to start thinking about being able to challenge above yourself - but since when someone loses, I believe there will always be people at the bottome and near enough to you to always be able to challenge people at the same (or below) your level to earn your way up to play the top players. (instead of skipping the same level people and jumping up to challenge the top players right away.)

    5. November 2005, 18:11:03
    I think it's too early to blame the system. Until more steps are generated, it's pointless to say the system is bad.

    5. November 2005, 18:11:15
    (which is not, of course)

    5. November 2005, 20:23:34
    Emne: available challenges
    Fencer: How about an indicator on the page where you can view all the stairs you are currently playing in, that would allow you to see which ones you have to wait before you can challenge in? That way you wouldn't have to go to the individual page for each to find out if you can issue a new challenge - you'd be able to tell at a glance from the "show your stairs only" page.

    6. November 2005, 01:08:47
    I don't think BKR should be affected in stairs....

    6. November 2005, 01:23:55
    Emne: Re: BKR and Stairs
    S O C R A T E S: Because....?

    7. November 2005, 04:59:50
    Emne: Re: BKR and Stairs
    playBunny: All of a sudden I'm playing a mandatory game and if I win I get 0 points, if I lose, I lose 30 points. Ladders(stairs) should not include rating :)

    7. November 2005, 05:13:38
    Emne: Re: BKR and Stairs
    S O C R A T E S: My sympathies indeed and that objection makes a lot of sense. That's why I restrict myself to 5-point Backgammon, at least for now.

    As a top checkers player it's certainly disadvantageous for you but, being of that class, you'll most likely be on the top Steps of the Stairs. It's early days yet but in due course you won't find anyone challenging you who hasn't also got a high rating. It's a question of patience and accepting the initial "blood sucking". [Lol. I play at a Vampire site too, hence that analogy.]

    Good fortune!

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