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 Missing people

This board can be used as a missing folks board for people who are away from the site for a period of time. This rpobably would mean a month or longer.

If anyone has info on some one who hasn't been at the site for some time please let others know. The original intent of this board was to get and give info on missing people after Katrina and Rita hit the US..

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    6. Marts 2017, 02:41:41
    Emne: Re: Texas Tornado
    Tilpasset af rod03801 (6. Marts 2017, 02:47:52)
    ScarletRose: I believe he passed away Scarlet. Don't take this as gospel, but I do remember reading it somewhere. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong.
    Sometimes even reading it someplace has been found to be incorrect, of course.
    Glad you are doing better.

    7. Januar 2013, 15:32:09
    Emne: Re: Where is Snoopy?
    Stingette: From what I can tell, she has been active at (She was there today, anyway) And her name had been "InHospital" and now is back to her old name.

    30. Maj 2011, 17:11:05
    Emne: Re: Vikings
    alexlee: He has recently had some internet problems. He said may be here less for a week or so

    26. Marts 2010, 15:35:44
    Emne: Re: anyone know anything
    Tilpasset af rod03801 (26. Marts 2010, 15:39:10)
    Snoopy: She is online right now

    18. Marts 2009, 11:53:35
    Emne: Re: Beaupol
    aaru: I am in one of his fellowships, and he said he was going to be on vacation for a bit.

    17. Maj 2008, 18:36:23
    Emne: Re: Does anyone know where
    ScarletRose: Pattypoo is either mistaken, or you are talking about 2 different people.

    If you look at Prettymama's profile, she has not been on the site since May 4.

    14. September 2007, 01:27:07
    Emne: Re:
    Tuesday: Last I heard, he is fine.

    I'm not sure he will be back here though. I have been putting off emailing him, but I really need to, to find out if he is coming back or not, because he moderates a couple boards.

    16. August 2007, 13:46:45
    Can we please keep this board for what it is intended for?? There are boards specifically made for chatting.

    14. August 2007, 01:57:18
    General Chat or Members Only is

    30. Juli 2007, 08:20:46
    Emne: Re:
    ellieoop: yes he is fine

    17. Juni 2006, 21:53:10
    Back on topic, folks! Take it to PM.

    25. September 2005, 17:33:04
    Emne: Linda J
    Linda must be safe.. I see she has been on brainking today.

    18. September 2005, 19:31:48
    Awesome!!! Welcome back Tom!

    14. September 2005, 05:05:46
    LOL.. I dunno, I think it might be first on MINE! But I'm obsessed...

    Thanks, Not a floosie.

    14. September 2005, 02:56:14
    Has anyone heard from Linda J? I am pretty sure she was in the New Orleans area, and she hasn't been on brainking since before the Hurricane.

    7. September 2005, 06:52:28
    Tilpasset af rod03801 (7. September 2005, 06:56:29)
    Well, the other one was Ocean Springs MS..

    all 3 matches were searches for missing people, not found people..

    7. September 2005, 06:48:47
    no, not bad.. just different... seems to have changed the background maybe? I'd have to go look at other discussion boards to see what is different..

    That illiminates one of them.. (the one with 2 matchess.. ) that person was from New orleans, Florida.. (assumed it was a mistake, but it was the same in 2 different places).. I will check with the other one..

    7. September 2005, 06:38:22
    and WAY off topic, but whatever you did changed the way this page looks, BBW... Must have to do with the "bullets" .. what is the html for those.. sorry for going off topic..

    7. September 2005, 06:36:50
    That link by BBW produced 3 matches(2 of them looked like the same person).. does anyone know his exact city?

    7. September 2005, 04:12:57
    It was really sad reading some of the desperate posts at a couple of the sites..

    7. September 2005, 03:59:36
    Well, I entered the name I have into a few of the lists.. Didn't come up with anything.. Even did a Google search of his name with Katrina..
    But, it doesn't mean it was his real name..

    7. September 2005, 03:17:19
    I do know his name.. (The one he puts on his emails, anyways) .. If someone sends me a link to this list you mention, I will check there..

    7. September 2005, 03:16:23
    Well.. he emails me.. (used to, that is..) so I think I know his real name.. but I'm not sure it would be good to post it here without his permission..

    5. September 2005, 07:29:02
    Skittles is/was a friend of mine. He seems to have disappeared from the internet. Used to speak to him on messenger every night. Nothing to do with the Hurricane. He was last on the site July 31, not Aug 31.

    Seems to be personal reasons. He is safe though.

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