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26. April 2008, 18:50:33 
Emne: Re:
mangue: The rules changed awhile back (maybe a year or so ago) - before that, horizontal lines were allowed - but a certain pattern by white made it very easy for white to win - so the rules were changed.

If the French rules still say horizontal is allowed, then I would guess it is a bug that the rules in that language was never updated.

You may want to post it to the bug tracker that the rules are not correct in French. (since I'm not sure how often Fencer reads this board)

4. November 2005, 03:46:33 
Emne: Re:
rod03801: I think to force the white to move to the middle would then just shift the beter chance to black.

I also do not like the idea of at least one stone being placed in the middle (or past) to win - the board is not that big in the first place, so removing a couple of rows.

I still like the idea of making the walls "hot" - that is being able to capture opponenets pieces by using the wall as one of your "pieces"

24. Oktober 2005, 17:12:17 
As a side note, where the wall's can capture - that is only the side walls - not the top or bottom walls.

The only problem I see with a limit on whites first move is that I think it might be too much and then give black an advantage.

The "swap" idea is pretty good, but at least for me I think it would not work as well for this game.

When I first started playing, all the play was in the "middle" of the board and was fun - and I think making the walls be able to capture would move the game more towards the middle of the board.

22. Oktober 2005, 19:07:42 
Just brainstorming - but what about being able to capture enemy pieces which are surronded by 1 piece, and the wall.

That way if someone does the A1-A3, B1-B3, C1-C3 - the other person can come down to D3 and capture the other 3 pieces between it and the wall. It would again force the game to the middle of the board

21. Oktober 2005, 19:37:12 
Emne: Re:
Mirjam: Yea, once I seen the a1-a3 move - it is hard to counter. But if white is restricted from doing this (or similar), then black could gain the advantage by doing something similar.

As a side note, I hope they do not get upset for me posting the game - but this is one of the best games I have seen:

Between SueQ & Fencer - SueQ using the A1-A3 type of opening, and Fencer able to get past that and do some "damage". SueQ ends up winning by capturing enough of the pieces in the end.

21. Oktober 2005, 17:24:07 
White seems to have a pretty big advantage. Do you think maybe a simple rule of "can not move your piece back to the same spot on the next move - you have to at least wait 1 move before moving the same piece back to the same spot" would help?

And that is you can not move B3 to B4, then on your very next move you can not move B4 to B3. You can move B1 to B3, or move B4 somewhere else - but not back to the same spot.

Any other ideas?

26. August 2005, 16:20:25 
A couple of quick questions.

Rules say: "A player captures one or more opponent's stones if he/she makes a move which "sandwiches" them."

1) Is there a limit to the number of opponent's stones? - so 4 if in the middle of the board.

2) Can you move your pieces into your opponents "home" area.

3) If you can move into your opponents "home" area, can your 5 in a row be made in that area also - as long as it does not include "your home"

4) Can you take out MANY of your opponents pieces in his "home" are if you "sandwiches" them while they are still sitting there.

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