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mal4inara (Jo van Berkel) - Мозъчен Топ, 12 Мозъци, 2200 точки от постижения
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играе игра Табла 2 (Doris срещу beach)
разглежда игра Табла 2 (danoschek срещу Jopie)
Good Luck :)FLR
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Jo family pics - Sept 2009

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I am a mum of 4, granny of 2, 49 yrs old, living in Nelson, New Zealand with my wonderful partner Nigel.

I play in order of least time left.

23.3.2020 currently in self-isolation due to covid-19 risk. I haven't been in contact with anyone with the virus, but have underlying medical issues, namely heart failure, type 2 diabetes and asthma. I usually don't go out much, so it's not much different to my everyday life. NZ has 102 cases at present, with some community transmission so trying to avoid getting it. Unfortunately my partner's work takes  him into many businesses a day, so he has a higher chance of getting it. Best wishes to us all, as we get through these difficult times, be kind to one another. 

25.12.2019 congrats to Francesco on most moves in a day  and I "piggy-backed" off this by achieving 5000 moves, a huge achievement for me as I usually can only manage an hour at the computer, and my tablet is too slow. Now to play out all those extra games started......


Was diagnosed with heart failure in July 2017, caused by a viral infection.  I was very sick, but slowly improved, then went downhill again. Pacemaker implanted 7th Nov 2018, CRT-D.  All went well, have a bit more energy though still tired all the time. Doing the dishes wipes me out for hours!!!


Please remember I am in New Zealand, different time zone to most!!!



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