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mal4inara (Jo van Berkel) - Мозъчен Топ, 17 Мозъци, 2080 точки от постижения
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12. май 2019, 00:52:26
Crosseyed Mary 
In reply to your message in my wall, it would appear that Charity has memory problems. She is begging for membership again in the pawn registry. Does she not realise that everyone knows she is heavenrose?
Why are you begging for membership Charity?
You already had a membership paid for by someone else. Then you give it away to Peach Wine, like you gave away the other account that B&G now uses, that was paid for once again by someone else.
Now who is telling lies again? You are Charity.

24. April 2019, 05:40:18
12 days 6 hours
3. май 2019, 00:18:35
Crosseyed Mary 
You can delete and ban those other ID's of Charity's in your wall. She defaces so many walls.
Thank you for standing up to her.
3. май 2019, 00:02:48
Yes I figured those out by reading back on the general chat board. Made it easy to ban/block. I never used to read the chat board so this whole thing was a bit of a shock. Anyway, thanks for your perseverance.
2. май 2019, 23:29:41
Crosseyed Mary 
You have some of Charity's multiple Id's already in your wall.
Angel Star was the one that caused so many problem many years ago.
Redrose 1.
B&G which was heavenrose, but now given to B&G while she still had paid membership by someone else. I gather she wants that back.
heavenerose as you know she has given to Peach Wine after someone once again paid for her membership. So that is cheating.
And now cool1cat.
2. май 2019, 20:00:48
I am an honest person and I expect others to be honest. I can see that cool1cat was created 23 Jan 2019, when you were still using heavenrose, so obvious cheating.

I gave you the benefit of the doubt, but a red flag was raised when you said you had been on brainking for 8 or 9 years, but heavenrose was created 15 may 2018. That made me look deeper, and I was surprised and disappointed to find you had had several accounts.

As for brains, it is very simple to see where they come from. Just click on the brains link at the top of the main page. Mine shows my history, I purchased 600 brains 20 February 2006, have won a few tournaments and lost more, and now I am down to 17. My only way to get more is win some of the tournaments I am signed up for. You won't say how you got so many under heavenrose, it went from 1000 approx to 2075 in a very short time. So the only conclusion is you cheated. Remember, we can see what tournaments you have won, so saying you won tournaments is a blatant lie.

I play fair, and don't cheat. Every game under my name I have played myself. I am judging you yes, your actions are those of a cheat and liar, and I can't trust you at all.

I am also banning you from my wall, I have had my say. Also banning the names I know about, which are quite a few.
2. май 2019, 18:37:45
everything i said was true, im only using 1 account so bye
2. май 2019, 18:37:19
okay well want believe every else your choice and u have no right sit there judge me,
2. май 2019, 06:31:33
It's very simple, I have NO time for those who cheat and lie. And you can't blame Mary either, I have done my own research. You are not abiding by the user agreement, you have had multiple accounts, at the same time, and somehow have got lots of brains from nowhere. And asking for membership when you "gave" away one? That's just nasty.
2. май 2019, 06:28:23
i didnt do anything to you for block me. i am heavenrose
2. май 2019, 06:26:51
i thought we was friends
2. май 2019, 06:25:36
2. май 2019, 06:25:32
why block me
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thanks for playing with me :)
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Woo Woo ! Another Firefly fan. :)
25. март 2008, 12:32:27
Baked Alaskan 
24. март 2008, 21:35:50
MadMonkey WOZ ERE

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