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Brian1971 (Brian) - Мозъчна Пешка, 0 Мозъци, 1185 точки от постижения
Общ резултат: 13471 победи, 487 равенства, 13400 загуби, 683 спечелени турнири

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Членство:Мозъчна Пешка
Държава:Съединени Щати
Първо влизане:4. ноември 2003, 17:14:55
Последно действие:14. ноември 2019, 15:00:55 - разглежда играчите на линия
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Описание:I am a divorced man living in Wisconsin, USA. I am 47 years old and am medically disabled/retired.

I am a sports fan. In football The PACKERS are my team always and forever. In baseball it is the Brewers though nothing much to shout about there much like cubs fans. In basketball I like the bucks and Lakers. In hockey it is the NY Rangers. Where I live we have a the best Jr Hockey team in the USA in the Green Bay Gamblers in the United States Hockey League.

I am also a born again saved Christian and have seen the Lord work some great things in my family life and been there to save me in my health challenges. Through Him ALL things are possible.

Here at Brainking I have won over 12,000 games and 637 won tournaments. Recently, was the Big Boss of Brian's 1971 Pub and brain rook through Feb.11. Decided not to renew due differing points of view with ownership. However still play games as a pawn. Take care and hope to play you in some games soon,.

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