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 Feature requests

Do you miss something on BrainKing.com and would you like to see it here? Post your request into this board!
If there is a more specific board for the request, (i.e. game rule changes etc) then it should be posted and discussed on that specific board.

For further information about Feature Requests, please visit this link on the Brainking.Info site : http://brainking.info/archives/20-About-feature-requests.html

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30. септември 2020, 20:12:01
Относно: Re: Seirawn Chess?
cpaul_d2004: http://www.seirawanchess.com/ - I see rules. Interesting, but Fencer have finished to develop this site.

30. септември 2020, 18:37:48
Относно: Seirawn Chess?
Could you please add Seirawan Chess? It's a great game, played on an 8 by 8 board but adding an Archbishop and Marshall.

6. февруари 2020, 13:47:42
Относно: Re:
P-G: That sounds very interesting. I for one would like to try that..:}

5. февруари 2020, 17:37:51
I dream  for an «embassy loop» and a «Grand chess loop» respecting the Shogi drop rule. That say not droping a pawn if that doubles the pawn on a column.

I think we then will reach the highest complexity in chess.

5. февруари 2020, 05:04:45
Относно: Re:
Aganju: I wish I had known that. Thanks for the info!

5. февруари 2020, 00:58:51
Относно: Re:
pgt: you can always resign them, even if it is not your turn. If less than two moves were played, they do not count for rating.

4. февруари 2020, 22:59:53
I put up 6 invitations to play Backgammon, with the message "Please do not accept more than 2 games" (I like to play a variety of opponents, who might have different active time-of-day). One player then accepted all 6 games, despite my message. Is there some way to cancel some of these games? The player in question does not reply to any messages, not even to apologise for accepting all 6 games, even when I have translated the messages to his own language. (Needless to say he/she has now been added to my "blocked user" list, so it won't happen again, but I'd love to be able to just delete the unwanted games.)

19. януари 2020, 15:39:26
Hi again ketchuplover.

Filip as comfirmed "sound" doesn't work, except maybe in Poker.

By the way I could not ùy login Brainking nor in Google nor in Microsoft Edge.

19. януари 2020, 10:07:24
Thank you ketchuplover for your suggestions, I will try to use Google after I retrieve my password for Brainking.

18. януари 2020, 19:41:39
Относно: Re: Sound.

1. Make sure your device's volume is high enough
2. Try other browsers if you can
3. Update your sound driver/card
4. good luck

18. януари 2020, 17:03:02
Относно: Sound.
I had check on the "sound" for a while but never hear it. Exist it a solution?
Paul aka P-G.

7. януари 2020, 12:44:58
Относно: Is it a "sandbag" board?
I wish to make test move (like thinking with my fingers) when seeing my positions.
I would be a little surprised, if it don't exist but I can't find out even if I try the all menu on the left hand.

Could someone help me, please?

21. ноември 2019, 12:36:34
I am playing in a tournament where one section is finished, and the other section, where there is already a winner, has two games which looks like they could take another year or more to finish at the current rate. Now I might not live that long, which will drag out the tournament another three years as everybody waits for ME to move. Is there SOME way to get a tournament moving when the players who are holding it up have ABSOLUTELY NO CHANCE OF MOVING TO THE NEXT ROUND! This is sooooooo frustrating and totally unnecessary!

14. юли 2019, 23:55:46
Относно: relay chess
We do have knight relay chess I see but not relay chess.
That is any piece inclu. the king that is protected by another piece
can move either as the piece protecting it or use it own moves.

small example from the beginning position the knights both can move as rooks or as knights.

9. юни 2019, 08:30:56
Относно: About scoring rule of Go.
There are two general types of scoring system of Go.

Area scoring (including Chinese): A player's score is the number of stones that the player has on the board, plus the number of empty intersections surrounded by that player's stones.
Territory scoring (including Japanese and Korean): In the course of the game, each player retains the stones they capture, termed prisoners. Any dead stones removed at the end of the game become prisoners. The score is the number of empty points enclosed by a player's stones, plus the number of prisoners captured by that player.


I want to use Area scoring in brainking.com.
Because area scoring is understandable for beginners.

If there is disagreement about which stones are dead, then under area scoring rules, the players simply resume play to resolve the matter. The score is computed using the position after the next time the players pass consecutively. Under territory scoring, the rules are considerably more complex.

Please take into consideration.

18. май 2019, 11:48:14
Относно: Re: Confirmation for accepting rejecting doubles.

I guess a divorce might be a more certain way.

18. май 2019, 11:40:03
Относно: Re: Confirmation for accepting rejecting doubles.
ughaibu: Probably not a bad idea if that would improve your concentration

18. май 2019, 11:35:57
Относно: Re: Confirmation for accepting rejecting doubles.

Perhaps I should request that brain rooks can be traded for several brain knight memberships.

18. май 2019, 09:09:43
Относно: Re: Confirmation for accepting rejecting doubles.
ughaibu: This usually happens to Brain Rooks who are playing so many games that they don't concentrate on each game!

18. май 2019, 07:59:43
Относно: Confirmation for accepting rejecting doubles.
I have just clicked the wrong button for the third time in recent weeks. It would be nice to have a warning so that this doesn't keep happening.

14. май 2019, 15:56:44
Относно: New backgammon
This version uses No dice per say, but it does use all 21 possible dice rolls though. But its strategic in that you can choose any available dice roll. Once you use it...its gone. Once you roll a 6-6 you cannot roll it again. Until every other roll has been used.

14. май 2019, 01:49:33
Относно: Re: Backgammon Race
panbg2: yeah the version I created doesn't exist..

13. май 2019, 10:31:36
Относно: Backgammon Race

12. май 2019, 16:16:17
Относно: New backgammon suggestion
Who do I suggest it to?

12. май 2019, 16:15:41
Относно: Monster chess
4 pawns and king vs army.. King w/ 4 pawn gets 2 separate actions per turn.

11. май 2019, 11:04:05
Относно: Re: Shogi tournaments.

11. май 2019, 10:57:45
Относно: Re: Shogi tournaments.
ughaibu: I don't see handicap in rules https://brainking.com/en/GameRules?tp=69

10. май 2019, 23:31:39
Относно: Shogi tournaments.
There is a handicap feature for shogi games, but it appears that it can't be used for tournaments. I'd like to try a tournament in which the players each play one game giving and one game taking a handicap against each opponent. How difficult would it be to set that up?

18. април 2019, 06:04:36
Относно: DiceCheckers
Please add DiceCheckers:
dice 1 - no move
2,3 - move or hit to the side of vertical 1
4,5 - move or hit to the side of vertical 8
6 - move or hit to any vertical

14. април 2019, 23:20:53
Относно: Re:
Carnie: agreed.
But be aware that some games would end after one or two 'real' moves then...

14. април 2019, 22:39:01
Auto pass on Ludo would be nice.

1. април 2019, 14:49:44
Nice works 
Относно: Re: Offering a draw without moving
Nice works:

So funny!

23. март 2019, 04:23:39
Didn't read the subject line or to whom the reply was directed.

23. март 2019, 01:53:07
Относно: Re: Offering a draw without moving
Nice works: I assumed he did, but it can be done independently.

23. март 2019, 01:05:04
Nice works 
Относно: Re: Offering a draw without moving
Nice works:

Do you mean as a new feature?

22. март 2019, 23:45:20
Относно: Re: If possible...
ketchuplover: Jonathan's Legacy

I made one for my nephew.

22. март 2019, 15:11:27
Nice works 
Относно: Re: Offering a draw without moving
Nice works:

Do you mean asa feature request?

22. март 2019, 15:06:18
Относно: If possible...
I think BK should implement Memorial Tournaments in remembrance of those who've passed away.

4. март 2019, 08:14:00
Nice works 
Относно: Offering a draw without moving
The feature where a player can offer a draw without making a move is something that may be applicable in games I am unaware of, however I have only experienced it being used by a particularly bad loser in a game of Amazons which I make reference to in my profile. I don't think it applicable to mention a name.

If the player was only allowed to offer this feature when making a move then the opponent will clearly see it on their next move and can agree or not.

But when done without the person moving, the opponent has no reason to go to the game and must rely on finding it in their private messages. While the player in question in my situation has done it since on every move and sought out other games with me from the waiting list and does it every move is a blight on the feature. I have no issue with him waiting to the last moment to move but findit an abuse of this feature. I should add that for new players to the site this feature is not easily discovered as a pawn.

In essence my request is this feature only be applicable when making a move and not without moving.

Thanks for your consideration.

20. юли 2018, 03:13:34
Относно: More and more games ime out
(copy-paste from my Outbox)
Hello Fencer. Many of my games (8002929, 946993, 8003349, 8003405, 8008220 and 8006693) with standard vacation were lost due to timeout. I have 10 more vacation days left. How come?

3. април 2018, 09:55:16

2. април 2018, 20:05:09
I know it isn't an option, but wondered if it could be.

2. април 2018, 14:53:54
Is it possible to get auto-pass for Ludo?

10. октомври 2017, 17:41:56
Относно: Re: Feature request
We can see this variant explanation in my wall.Please visit my wall.

4. октомври 2017, 17:50:53
Относно: Feature request
Can brainking feature the Pieces Function Exchanged chess variant ?

30. септември 2017, 00:35:27
Относно: Re: Spring-bocking or fall-blocking, that is the question.
playBunny: Yes indeed.

23. септември 2017, 15:03:14
Относно: Re: Did you borrow my magic wand ?
playBunny: To get carrots, I'm sure.

21. септември 2017, 12:41:21
Относно: Re: who got your membership ?
Mélusine: Did you borrow my magic wand ?

I did - but I didn't use it to give myself a Rook!

21. септември 2017, 12:40:34
Относно: Re: Spring-bocking or fall-blocking, that is the question.
crosseyed: How lovely for you. I think you have a secret admirer? Hugs know what I mean?

Lol. Yes, the door is open to that theory, among others.

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