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Nice works - Мозъчна Пешка, 0 Мозъци, 50 точки от постижения
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Furry Nice

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Първо влизане:8. септември 2017, 02:47:27
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Описание:My hope is for close games regardless who wins. I will always offer a greeting at the start of a game and believe those who don't return my greeting are not nice and show a low sporting ethos. So nice works best. Unlike the majority of the human race I don't claim to be perfect.

I had four games with a person with the lowest sporting ethos I have ever encountered. In our first game (Amazon's), we were playing and then he started sending childish messages and emojis with no meaning. I asked him what he meant and he would not answer but continued with emoji messages or nonsense sentences always bin capitals.

When he had 8 moves left before defeat he stopped making moves. No problem as there is a time limit. Then without moving he offers a draw. I declined. He sought me out in other games and is doing the same thing on every move in each of these games.

It is his call when he wants to move within the set timeframe, which has dramatically slowed since he was in a position in the first game where he could not win. In that game and Intel others he also used his vacation time rather than making moves.


I think i shouldn't probably say anything other than he seems to drink a lot of PEACH WINE!

Now he has taken over another account from heavenrose who is now cool1cat. He is playing games between both of his accounts which on many sites is called cheating. Arvind stage he had over 20 games going between his two accounts, now down to just 2. Guess who won all the others? Rhetorical question maybe? Ok which account? Lol

Funny to watch as an example of human nature at its lowest.

A new low for peach wine is that yesterday he stated he is a Vietnam veteran and disabled. This is another lie ! In his CV , that he compiled for another site years ago, he never mentioned Vietnam! Why now .... Every time he is after sponsorship, he has a new story to obtain sympathy...

Leach or peach.......Wine or whine or maybe swine......hmmmm I will ponder that.
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