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 Feature requests

Do you miss something on BrainKing.com and would you like to see it here? Post your request into this board!
If there is a more specific board for the request, (i.e. game rule changes etc) then it should be posted and discussed on that specific board.

For further information about Feature Requests, please visit this link on the Brainking.Info site : http://brainking.info/archives/20-About-feature-requests.html

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10. март 2012, 00:25:21
Относно: Re:
pgt: I noticed that too,please can we have it back?

9. март 2012, 23:47:44
There seems to have been a change in displaying Backgammon-type games with the doubling cube. The status of the match used to show above the game board, but it is no longer there - or is there some setting I have inadvertently changed?
If not, PLEASE can we have the match status returned to display above the game board.

6. март 2012, 17:36:49
Относно: Re:
rednaz23: I think the reason is that images are loaded from i.brainking.com which is probably blocked by your employer as well.

6. март 2012, 17:24:20


Curiously, I tried to access BrainKing at work, and my employer has blocked brainking.com due to "gaming" labels on the site.  However, I can easily surpass this by going to brainking.de (or any other number of brainking sites!); however, when I clicked on a game I noticed that the images were not showing up and it appears it may be because the images are stored on the .com site.  Thoughts to surpass this on my end or your end?


Phil (rednaz23)

12. февруари 2012, 21:05:35
Относно: Export Choice
When exporting games like in Backgammon it is possible to add a choice of whether white goes first or black goes first option?

12. февруари 2012, 17:07:15
Относно: Re: draw offer
Fencer: Oh, I only saw the "offer draw" link and overlooked the check box appearing after entering a move...

Now when I think of it, I mean I have already used it but have forgotten about it


12. февруари 2012, 16:59:24
Относно: Re: draw offer
Thom27: Just check "Offer draw with this move" before submitting the move.

12. февруари 2012, 16:57:20
Относно: Re: draw offer
Thom27: I normally make the move then go back to the game and offer the draw!

12. февруари 2012, 16:55:02
Относно: draw offer
I wish that offering a draw was programmed differently: a draw is offered together with making a move, then it's the opponent's turn and he/she can decide to accept the offer or make a move instead.

The BK method has two drawbacks: the game, after a draw has been offered, is not on the opponent's "your turn"-list, he/she must read the messages (or is it events?) to see the offer. Second, it is still the offerer's turn, who must care not to forfeit on time, and may accidentaly make a move, thereby cancelling the offer.

10. февруари 2012, 20:15:51
Относно: Re:
rod03801: I totally agree with you when you say that "no time control" shouldn't be allowed for tournaments. I must admit that sometimes I forgot to look at the time control and I could join this kind of tournament by mistake. It's not a problem for me because I'm a rook and I'm not limited in the number of game, but it could be a real problem for someone which makes the same mistake and is bishop or knight.

10. февруари 2012, 17:04:43
Относно: Re: Possible Chess Variant
talen314: i totally agree. Hope we can see this here soon!

7. февруари 2012, 15:22:42
Относно: Re: Possible Chess Variant
talen314: very interesting idea...sounds like fun..:}

7. февруари 2012, 14:04:48
Относно: Android Application!
It would be great to have the application on Android!

7. февруари 2012, 01:34:27
El Cid 
Относно: Re: Offline users
rod03801: I too find it a bit odd to have a tournament with no time control (especially on a site like this). But in this case it's more a "better sorry than safe"... or should I say if the bad option has been taken, maybe it is possible to "unbad" it a little

7. февруари 2012, 01:24:28
Относно: Re: Offline users
El Cid: Personally, I don't think "no time control" should be allowed for tournaments. Fine for "friendly" games though. That affects only the two people. A tournament affects several other people.

Sure, sure, people can read before signing up, etc, etc, etc, but still, there are liberal enough constraints out there, to not allow tournaments to have this option.

7. февруари 2012, 01:02:10
El Cid 
Относно: Offline users
I don't know if this has been asked or not, but could users that do not log in for... a year (i don't know if this is a resonable period or not), have their games automatically terminated (lost, if the other player is active, of drawn if the other player does not log in for some time also, like half a year, to prevent a wining only because he had the luck to stay on the site for one more day), even if there is no time control. It is kind of... ridiculous that some tournaments like this pandemonium (14. Fevereiro 2009, 14:46:59) will never end, just because a user has not logged in for more than 2 years (and probably never will again), I know there is another game between two active players, but I'm sure that something like this would reduce the number of tournaments and therefore the site burden (even if at the first one or two days it would have to calculate winners in many tournaments). Of course, that could be avoided by using a time control when setting up the tournament, but... it is not expected that a player is quitting the site.

I don't know if this is doable, especially the "draw" exception, but if there is already a "grey bar" for users that do not login for more than 30 days, it means that the site already checks when each user logged in for the last time (the fact that it shows in the profile page, does not necessarily means that the site uses that information, but the grey bar does)

6. февруари 2012, 07:00:31
Относно: Possible Chess Variant
I see a few ways to make Dark Chess a bit darker.
1.  Allow players to set up their back row pieces any way they prefer before starting the game.
2.  Combine Dark Chess and Screen Chess.
3.  Combine Dark Chess and Crazy Screen Chess.
What do other players think of these options?
I think the first option is very workable.  I am not quite as sure about the other two.

3. февруари 2012, 16:32:52
Относно: New game?
Hey just wondering if any new games are in the pipeline?

How about anti hypergammon (i know anti games don't tend to be peoples favourites) but it should be quite easy to implement and fun to play.

22. януари 2012, 09:29:39
Относно: mucho...

21. януари 2012, 11:54:48
Относно: Re: Amazons
ketchuplover: In Settings you can change the arrows to black stones they are much better than the arrows

21. януари 2012, 09:18:43
Относно: Amazons
Please replace the arrows with blue or green or yellow stones9filled in circles) Thank You :)

9. януари 2012, 10:59:10
In triple dice poker I believe the bonuses should be doubled(70 in the middle column) and tripled(105 in the right most column) Also if a player is unable to tie or win with best play they should automatically lose. tia

8. януари 2012, 22:53:16
Относно: Re: tournament format
Aganju: Yes it is double elimination. I didnt want to use that terminology incase some where confused. I tried that once with implementing a difference chess notation that they dont use here but not many knew what i was talking about.

6. януари 2012, 01:50:04
Относно: Re: tournament format
Nothingness: I think that's called "Double Elimination". I like that idea!
Also what about another tournament format: Swiss-System?

6. януари 2012, 00:52:58
Относно: tournament format
I was wondering if we could propose a common tournament format. A standard single elimination with a losers bracket. So essentially its not single elim its a two loss tournament.

5. януари 2012, 16:29:04
Относно: Re: Tournament sign-up - Favourites
Fencer: can not believe its taken 10 years to come up with it .............(aawww 10 years, something else is coming to mind)

5. януари 2012, 16:10:31
Относно: Re: Tournament sign-up - Favourites
MadMonkey: Actually, that would be quite easy to do.

5. януари 2012, 13:20:17
Относно: Re: Tournament sign-up - Favourites
Променен от MadMonkey (5. януари 2012, 13:20:30)
Aganju: Really ? Must have been one of my sleepy days

It would certainly save a lot of time. I just entered a few Tournaments, and it was a pain making sure i entered the correct games in each one

Really, if Fencer was keen on the idea, if he did use the ones in Settings (Game filter), it should be quite simple

5. януари 2012, 13:06:55
Относно: Re: Tournament sign-up - Favourites
MadMonkey: I already described exactly this about four months ago, below. After joining BK, I had the same experience, and still I would like to be able to select quickly 'my set' of games in a tournament.

5. януари 2012, 12:59:43
Относно: Tournament sign-up - Favourites
Fencer, just had a very simple idea to start the year (sshhh don't say a word lol)

Often when i goto enter a Tournament which contains all games, i will only enter the same 40 games for example (ones i would call my Favourites). This can of course be a pain, tedious and often i may miss the odd one by mistake.

So i thought, how about some sort of favourite system ? Then when you goto enter a Tournament, a favourite button could show up somewhere on screen, you click it, and it selects all games you wish to enter (that are available in that Tournament).

So, how to set all this up ??? AND it came to me.....we already have it.....use the Game Filter page from settings. Either:

a) a new section could be created there


b) use the top section 'Select games which you want to show up at the Waiting Games page' as your Favourites as well. (which presumably are your favourites)

Of course, this is just an idea to simplify the signing up process, and the way i see it.

Yourself & others may have a better idea

5. януари 2012, 11:02:37
Относно: Re:
pgt: Then play unrated games.

5. януари 2012, 10:07:49
The rating system is crap! I would love to accept some game with low ranked players, but why should I lose 58 points to lose, or gain one point to win a game of Backgammon? It is utterly ridiculous!. Surely this can be fixed. It;s not chess. How about some reasonable numbers so high ranked players can play with new member without losing HUGE points when they have unlucky streak.

31. декември 2011, 01:51:56
Относно: Hyper Backgammon variation....
1. No Doubles
2. Doubles that send you back rather than foward.
3. you get doubles - your opponent get to make the moves forward or backwords.
3. Instead of 3 pieces, you have 6
Just a thought.

29. декември 2011, 12:37:28
does anyone know the game


28. декември 2011, 19:08:38
Относно: Re: Has anyone...
grenv: The cancel button is essential to me. Sometimes you need to undo a move and keep thinking about the turn.

28. декември 2011, 17:28:51
Sometimes one doesn't see the errors of their ways until just after clicking on the move button.

28. декември 2011, 09:29:45
Относно: Re: Has anyone...
ketchuplover: why is there a cancel button when you can just click the browser's back button (or any other link on the page)

28. декември 2011, 05:25:12
Относно: Re: Has anyone...
ketchuplover: I asked to have it right-justified once and was unceremoniously told no.

28. декември 2011, 01:18:57
Относно: Has anyone...
Променен от ketchuplover (28. декември 2011, 01:21:20)
ever asked to have the cancel button put above the move button? If so I apologize. If not then I humbly offer that as a suggestion. Thank you and goodnight.

22. декември 2011, 12:48:04
Относно: Re: Refresh period of main page and game pages
It's not usability

22. декември 2011, 12:43:40
Относно: Re: Refresh period of main page and game pages
It's 4 click to stop and 4 click to return refreshing.
It's not usefull.

22. декември 2011, 12:09:19
Относно: Re: Refresh period of main page and game pages
southland: You can do that yourself, go to your settings page http://brainking.com/en/Settings
it is listed under "Other parameters"

22. декември 2011, 11:31:10
Относно: Refresh period of main page and game pages
Could you add a button "Freeze" to temporary stop of refreshing game pages?

14. декември 2011, 18:11:38
Относно: Re: Ponds and days per move...
diogenysos: follows the deadline

14. декември 2011, 18:05:20
Относно: Ponds and days per move...
Does the pond automatically go to the next round, when all players have made their move?

Or do the players have to wait until the regular "deadline" is over?

13. декември 2011, 21:52:28
Относно: Re: Poker
Bwild: yep. its a shame that the poker section seems to be asleep nowadays...

13. декември 2011, 17:13:58
Относно: Re: Poker
diogenysos: I'm with you on that...even a friends category so you can place frequent players..

13. декември 2011, 15:52:23
Относно: Poker
Променен от diogenysos (13. декември 2011, 15:54:33)
Maybe a small but useful change, in order to vitalize the poker-section of this site:

A red number in the very left column, like the number that shows how many games have to be played - this number may show how many people are currently on the tables...

I spend some minutes from time to time to check out if some of us are playing poker or waiting - just to realize there was nobody. Then i leave this section and forget the idea...

6. декември 2011, 20:41:05
Относно: Re: Ratings
1300. I wasn't sure about that number.

I think the real problem for pgt and others including me is that the BRK formula which works fine for chess does not work well for other games. I wish there were different formulae for different games based on their skill vs luck factor and other factors. Or is there a better one-size-fits-all formula that could be used?

6. декември 2011, 16:12:41
Относно: Re: Ratings
Aganju: 1300 is correct

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