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Reversi (Othello) and variants.

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6. юни 2015, 00:58:10
Come and join Brian's 1971 Pub to be part of the 3 reversi tournaments that start June 15th. Great fun and competition. SO please request a membership today.

12. март 2014, 23:00:38
Относно: Team Tournament
any one to join the 8x8 team for a team torunament??

7. януари 2014, 16:41:54
Относно: Re: Random Reversi
its now available at
and playok.com

7. януари 2014, 13:04:30
Относно: Reversi D
start with the four centre squares with Diagonally matching colours, ideally with the first valid moves been c4,d3,e6 and f5

15. ноември 2011, 23:35:36
Относно: Re: Random Reversi
The_Burglar: i know Borja, owner of iothello, they have problems with the server, i hope they rescue the project.

15. ноември 2011, 22:30:09
Относно: Re: Random Reversi
The_Burglar: Sounds quite interesting. I would definitely like to try it. Studying openings is something i've never been too keen on doing and this version should remove atleast some of the need for that..

15. ноември 2011, 13:28:40
Относно: Random Reversi
Random Reversi

iOthello.net (not running now) had a random game version which was played alot

details:- http://xot.xmav.eu/aboutxot.php?lang=en

would players here use it if was added to this site

26. юни 2010, 16:54:53
Относно: Re: Cheaters
Orlandu: you know if the cheaters check the box? i think is a momentary solution... Another solution is demand a friend to follow the game and confirm the cheating/use the program... similar to a external judge.

26. юни 2010, 06:55:52
Относно: Cheaters
If people want to use a program then we need a box check to let people know when choosing the game that a computer program is being used... On another site the top player is uisng the Wzwbra program...

28. февруари 2010, 23:54:49
Относно: Re: Cheater
1926: i see, and i confirm your ideas, but is to difficult to say... only we can inform to Fencer? i don't know... other players have play helped's with computer app i remember the suspect "TTTTT" or others... is a problem for our BKR not for they... the cheaters don't play a lot of games... invite player a fast game...

27. февруари 2010, 00:10:18
Относно: Re: Cheater
puupia: Same with you puupia, send me a private message so you can judge for yourself.

27. февруари 2010, 00:09:20
Относно: Re: Cheater
sarok: All 32 moves from WZebra (look ahead 24 moves) from top to finish leave very little room to doubt. As you know, no human can even go close to match that. If you send me a private message I'll give you name and game so you can judge for yourself.

26. февруари 2010, 23:34:50
Относно: Re: Cheater
1926: I don't really know what the real procedure should be. Maybe you should report it to Fencer. Anyway its not easy to foolproofly prove someone is using a program to win..

26. февруари 2010, 22:53:46
Относно: Re: Cheater
1926: yes, is possible, but is difficult to catch the cheater...

26. февруари 2010, 18:21:08
Относно: Cheater
Hello. I just caught someone playing every move from beginning to end straight from WZebra. Do I report this to someone? Thank you

14. октомври 2008, 08:06:32
Относно: 10000
Please sign up -> 1500 ;), 10000 :D, 1600 ;) (single elimination for 8, Fisher's clock 3/0.8/15 with autopass & immediately start)
More informations about Fischer's clock on BrainKing & BrainRook

Reversi 6x6 - I need 3 players more
Reversi 8x8 - 1
Reversi 10x10 - 3
Anti Reversi - 4
& other games

18. февруари 2008, 22:41:10
Относно: Re: SpheReVersi
joshi tm: another version is octoreversi... i played and is very interesting with eight corners!!!

18. февруари 2008, 22:32:39
joshi tm 
Относно: SpheReVersi
How about that name for a game? ;) Well, the rules are quite simple but it's just an untested raw idea.

Combine sphere rules (torus rules i know just like sphere froglet) with reversi, this eliminates the hiriarchy of the squares on the board, making ach square even vulnerable.

22. септември 2007, 22:33:52
Относно: Dutch championship tomorrow
Is anyone going to the dutch championship in Alkmaar tomorrow ?
(It's my hometown, but my gf is celebrating her birthday so i cant go have a look :( (or particpate ;)))

i am not sure if only dutch people are allowed to participate though

20. юли 2007, 17:12:33
Относно: Re: starting positions
John Baker: I've always wondered also - being just a casual Reversi player (far from being an expert or anything).

Personally, if I can - I try NOT to start with a diagonal start position if possible - just since in the back of my mind, I know most "experts" probable play that game that way - and doing that might "mess" them up some. Of course it does not work and I still lose - but O'well - worth the try.

20. юли 2007, 14:55:35
John Baker 
Относно: starting positions
Q: is it best to have two at diagonal or two together or does it not matter at the start?

My Answer: Ya know, I don't think the statistical advantages have been researched. I know that white has an ever-so-slight advantage over black when starting with the traditional diagonal position. The difference is about 0.12%. The non-traditional starting position, such as the one we're using in this game, is not allowed in most tournament play. In official reversi (othello) tournaments, the diagonal start position is already set and the first move is made from there. As far as I know, the option to change the starting position is found only on Goldtoken. Back to your question: As far as I can tell, there is no distinct statistical advantage for either player in starting one way over the other. I think this would be a great quesion for the reversi db, don't you think? I'll post it.

Thoughts anyone?

1. юли 2007, 16:09:02

12. февруари 2007, 11:48:33
Относно: Tourny
Променен от MadMonkey (12. февруари 2007, 11:51:18)
One for the Reversi players:

MadMonkeys 'Go & Reversi' Muddle (1)

3. януари 2007, 05:14:10
Относно: Re: International Reversi
volant: Thank you for your message :-)

27. декември 2006, 22:35:39
John Baker 
Относно: Re: International Reversi
sarok: Yeah, I suppose I could. Glad to help any way I can. :-)

23. декември 2006, 04:05:15
Относно: Re: International Reversi
Magnum22: thank you for sharing your great reversi site with us :)

21. декември 2006, 10:01:29
Thank you for your assistance

21. декември 2006, 07:18:21
Относно: Re: International Reversi
John Baker: Is possible you help Magnum22 to translate your site at english perfectly?
This is the help we need the othello and reversi players.

21. декември 2006, 05:30:40
My is English so bad ?
Sorry :-(
I go to work my english.

Parlez-vous français ?
Pour la traduction j'utilise : altavista translate

20. декември 2006, 23:36:52
Относно: Re: International Reversi
John Baker: This site doesnt have translaton capabilities and I dont think it's very polite to put someone down for their lack of English. Can you speak fluently in other languages other than English?

Magnum: Your site is very impressive!

20. декември 2006, 23:30:29
John Baker 
Относно: Re: International Reversi
Wow... Are the translation capabilities of this site failing or is it just a case of really bad English?

20. декември 2006, 15:06:09
Относно: International Reversi

Some know me already.
I my site dedicated to Reversi. http://internationalreversi.dynalias.net
Do you know to promote sites on Reversi where I can refer it ?
And can you state to me that it and which would like to find on my site to like you the players miss ?

Thank you for your remarks.

19. ноември 2006, 17:30:29
B L I T Z M E 
I posted a new game of Anti Reversi. 2 days per move, Fixed weekend....

If you have different settings that you want to play the invite me.

7. октомври 2006, 11:37:52
Относно: The final round of the WOC
Променен от sarok (7. октомври 2006, 11:38:10)

this is the crosstable of the final round in the world othello championships.

15. септември 2006, 07:23:16
Относно: New tournament of the fellowship "Oriental games"
You are cordially invited to join the new tournament of the fellowship "Oriental games" opened to all.
The supported games are:
Chess, Chinese Chess, Japanese Chess, Loop chess, Ambiguous Chess, Reversi 8x8, Go, Go 9x9 and Go 13x13.
You can be registered to the adress:
Oriental Games (15. Septembre 2006, 06:56:47)

12. септември 2006, 05:58:14
Относно: looking for opponents
Променен от rednaz23 (12. септември 2006, 05:58:56)
Looking for an opponent to play 8x8 with... I used to be quite good (rednaz23 @ IYT - I went 143-16) but am looking for opponents to start again... Please help! I am signed up on a team for that team tourney, and need a couple games to get non-rusty, which I probably am... Thanks in advance!


8. септември 2006, 17:28:26
Относно: Big Board Reversi
I have a tournament open for 10x10 if any players are interested. I could use a couple of more players. Go to the tournaments to sign up.

31. август 2006, 20:40:38
Относно: team tournament
i just got back from my holiday so i havent had time yet to look at the teams for the current team tournaments .. are there any (strong) teams which could use 1 more player ? :)

24. юли 2006, 22:09:56
Относно: Re:
Hrqls: After you select 'Wipeouts' in the first boc, you must click on one of the particular games in the second box. 'Openings', 'Tricks & Traps', 'Wipeouts' etc. are only categories, and each category has many games.

21. юли 2006, 10:29:56
Относно: Re:
shmoula: lol :) *comfort* :)
i couldnt find out how to get to the wipeout on that site .. i selected it in the list, but how do i see the game ?
(the play button underneath the board didnt do much :))

i didnt try long though as i am at work ;)

20. юли 2006, 17:26:48
Относно: Re:
Hrqls: Well, this has already been solved, there are many variations of wipeouts in move #9 and it is not possible to do it earlier.
Look at this: http://samsoft.org.uk/reversi/. Click on the 'Wipeouts' item in the top left. I actually lost to '9 move wipeout perpendicular #1' once (that doesn't count, I was a beginner), but, and I am still ashamed of it, I also once lost to '19 move wipeout #1'. And that was after several thousad games :o(

20. юли 2006, 09:55:04
Относно: Re:
shmoula: nice!

another nice one would be a game with as few as possible pieces on the board, but all in 1 color already and the game being finished :)

19. юли 2006, 23:05:50
Относно: Re:
shmoula: nice thomas!

19. юли 2006, 22:52:12
Относно: Re:
I don't have a complete 100-0 10x10 game either, only this 99-0: http://brainking.com/cz/ArchivedGame?g=591216&i=108 and a number of something-0 games. But I do have a few full 6x6 and 8x8 wipeouts.

19. юли 2006, 22:38:20
normally warning to the opponent of which it can that leaves to zero so that it can leave the game, nongame the humiliation. In the championship of the 2005 world, in Reykjavik, I left to a player zero table 31 Oscar Martínez:

19. юли 2006, 22:28:58
Относно: Re:
sarok: Woohoo! impressive!

19. юли 2006, 22:05:05
Относно: Re:
Hrqls: only this not all complete...


19. юли 2006, 12:07:57
Относно: Re:
John Baker: not even in a 10x10 ? ;)

18. юли 2006, 16:46:51
John Baker 
Относно: Re:

18. юли 2006, 16:46:47
Относно: Re:
volant: Thanks hun, more a fluke than anything tho I am sure!

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