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Reversi (Othello) and variants.

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8. ноември 2002, 00:14:11
Относно: new member
Hiya... I am a gorgeous chatty, married gal.. new here.. wanna play? (lol) Send me a invite!

8. ноември 2002, 06:45:11
Относно: Re: new member
Prepare to lose with me ;-)

9. ноември 2002, 22:15:04
Относно: Game glitch..
Say fencer, i've had several games now where the game was at an end and there was an open space yet my opponent had no move and i had no move, we just went back and forth with the board saying no available move and hit the button to progress. My opponent finally had to resign the game to end it. Can this be fixed?

10. ноември 2002, 15:07:09
Относно: Re: Game glitch..
Gamester: Can you give me URLs of these games or thair ids? I'll look at them.

14. ноември 2002, 00:45:47
Относно: Why wont the game end???

game is at 31 32 neither of us can move yet the game will not end.. there is only one vacant spot remaining.. the game should have ended but hasnt... help???

14. ноември 2002, 06:53:53
Относно: Re: Why wont the game end???
roserodew: I'll fix it ASAP.

14. ноември 2002, 12:16:30
It should be fixed.

14. ноември 2002, 14:47:48
Относно: Re: game fixed
Thanks Fencer! You rock!!!

15. ноември 2002, 01:15:51
Относно: Re:hello
i'm sorry and but i can't play that game okay and thanks u

6. декември 2002, 15:25:16
WOOHOOO... 3D pieces on our reversi games thanks Fencer!!!

6. декември 2002, 18:42:23
You are welcome :-) I've just wanted to make it different from Line4 pieces.

9. декември 2002, 20:18:16
hi, I'm new to this site, although this board doesn't look well used I'd like to leave a message ......... if you'd like to play a game of 8x8 reversi feel free to invite, look forward to playing you :))

13. декември 2002, 20:03:59
Mom of 2 brats 
Относно: Hi!
New here and I absolutely love this game! It's one of my favorites! Anyone want to play just invite me and I'd be more than happy to try and beat you or lose gracefully! LOL

16. декември 2002, 04:57:32
Birds of Prey 
Относно: Reversi's and others that this pretains to!
Is there a way to rid the passes as a turn to automatic go until there is a turn or end on game? The games drag on unecessarily. Just a thought.

16. декември 2002, 06:53:10
Относно: Re: Reversi's and others that this pretains to!
No, I prefer the pass system.

16. декември 2002, 07:11:24
Birds of Prey 
Относно: Re: Reversi's and others that this pretains to!
: (

16. декември 2002, 09:38:42
Относно: Re: Reversi's and others that this pretains to!
There are players who prefer the pass system and players who prefer the automatic system. I cannot make it for everyone.

29. декември 2002, 23:34:16
Относно: auto set up
Fencer, can you do auto set up of the board? With each color in a diagonal in the center as the Othello rules state?

29. декември 2002, 23:38:10
Относно: Re: auto set up
that othello rules.. NOT reversi.. in reversi you have to start with none on the board.. Hope I am not over stepping my bounds by answering for him here

29. декември 2002, 23:42:59
Относно: Re: auto set up
Reversi is the same as Othello.

29. декември 2002, 23:50:38
Относно: Re: auto set up
I have always been told the two differences are.. Othello you start with 4 pieces in the middle of the board placed for you.. Reversi you must place them yourself which u get to choose one of two ways to start the game

29. декември 2002, 23:52:37
Относно: Re: auto set up
The only differnce is Othello is a trade marked name and can't be used here. Even the rules page here at Brainking says it is the same as Othello.

30. декември 2002, 19:30:38
Относно: Re: auto set up
And which of the two combinations should I use for the startup?

30. декември 2002, 19:50:00
Относно: Re: auto set up
I would take a vote maybe..If you have it already set up with the 4 in the center then you have only one option to begin the game. The way you have it set up now you can begin play one of two ways and I am sure it had a huge difference in the outcome of a game.. I could be wrong but would like to hear from the experts as I am certainly not that.

30. декември 2002, 20:49:50
Относно: Re: auto set up
It would not matter which is on either side. The options after setup is the same

30. декември 2002, 21:40:39
Относно: Re: auto set up
you can have two set ups.. diagonal or side by side.. am I wrong on this?

30. декември 2002, 21:54:53
Относно: Re: auto set up
The diagonal is the only set up listed in the rules. Normal play is black going first. There is no advantage which goes first.

31. декември 2002, 01:33:49
Относно: Re: auto set up
On the internet there are several sites under Othello rules. It seems the 1880 rules for Reversi start with a empty board and a set number of 32 men. The first four men are still laid diagonaly. Modern games of Othello are pre set up and use a pool of men so you wont run out.

31. декември 2002, 16:42:25
Относно: Re: auto set up
Personally I like the option of how to start. Its only a couple of extra moves at the beginning and its nice to be able to choose the initail layout of the four centre stones. Especially with three different size boards. On the smaller 6x6 I like to start with the pieces diagonal, and on the 10x10 I like to start with them side by side. I have no preference on the 8x8.
I say leave it as it is, and the player can then decide for themselves.

31. декември 2002, 18:08:45
Относно: Re: auto set up

31. декември 2002, 20:33:01
Относно: Re: auto set up
double ditto

31. декември 2002, 22:35:20
Относно: Re: auto set up
That sounds reasonable.

1. януари 2003, 11:47:04
Относно: rules
if you are ever to play in a real tournament (ie over the board) you will be glad to have practiced with the official rules :)
4 pieces layed out diagonal, black starts

11. януари 2003, 09:55:43
Относно: Re: rules
Played in OTB tournaments for 15 years and therefore prefer the classical Othello start position i.e. with the black pieces on the NE/SW diagonal. Blaickner - thought about representing Austria in the Worlds?

15. януари 2003, 18:14:16
Относно: 6x6 has been solved
Just thought (in case it is not known) that you might like to know that the 6x6 version of reversi has been solved (assuming optimal play from the opponent.
This is the work Dr Joel Feinstein from University of Nottingham, and former British champion of othello. White wins 20-16 with the diagonal setup, and 19-17 with the horizontal/vertical setup. This is of course when both play optimally!

15. януари 2003, 18:20:25
Относно: Othello 6x6
true, that was back in July 1993
details at

15. януари 2003, 18:23:33
Относно: Strategy
For me the strategy is generally not dissimilar from that of standard reversi. CONTROL is essential in the game, but instead of playing for the corners yourself you should try and force your opponent into them. I say grab a C-square (that's a square vertically or horizontally adjacent to a corner) at any opportunity (and don't let your opponent take these squares!)
Then there's the interest in that the "occupiable board" is a bit smaller and differently shaped from that in 8x8 standard reversi, and there are 8 C-squares on the board this time.
And of course one more point. If you occupy both C-squares and the X-square (diagonally next to a corner) all around the same corner, then your opponent will have to take the corner itself sooner or later!

15. януари 2003, 22:50:22
Относно: Re: 6x6 has been solved
Are there any numbers for the 8x8 and 10x10?

15. януари 2003, 23:14:17
Относно: Re: 6x6 has been solved
no, both games would takes years on SGI workstations to be solved

15. януари 2003, 23:43:42
Относно: Re: 6x6 has been solved
in your own experience is there an advantage to being black or white?

16. януари 2003, 01:13:36
Относно: Re: 6x6 has been solved
I would say not that I have noticed! In 6x6 reversi, white achieves a narrow victory, so there is a suggestion (but no more than that) that white could have a very slight advantage at the larger games.
Please note, I am talking from a point of view where BLACK PLAYS FIRST as in reality!

16. януари 2003, 14:28:07
Относно: white vs black
black does have an advantage at openings, white has the profit of parity* as a default
so in long terms its pretty equal =Þ

* i am not going to explain parity here, read it at www.vog.ru/reversi

29. януари 2003, 18:16:31
Относно: Time Out
Yesterday, this site was down for quite awhile. Today when I logged on, I found out that I timedout of a game that I was certainly going to win. I really don't think that's fair.

29. януари 2003, 18:39:18
Относно: Re: Time Out
I am sure once fencer reads your message he will give you back your time as he is very fair in things like that!

29. януари 2003, 18:41:23
night queen 12 
Относно: GAME

29. януари 2003, 19:56:45
It is restored.

19. февруари 2003, 23:29:47
Относно: Who wants to play reversi with me?
Hi.. I am brand new to the site.. but, know how to play reversi..

Who wants to play.. I have a game in the waiting room.. :)

28. февруари 2003, 06:22:46
Относно: Waiting to move.
In game #32430 a 6x6 game. Twice there have been times where my opponent had no moves but I did and still I had to wait before making another move....why is that?

Is there an automatic wait time between moves?

28. февруари 2003, 07:03:31
Относно: Re: Waiting to move.
That is how Fencer made it - even if you have no moves you have to go into it and submit it. There was two reasons he told me. First, if several passes are required in a row by one player, the board could come back to the completely different when it is their turn. Second, you still should be able to send a message with the move, even if it is a pass.

6. март 2003, 22:49:41
Hi in game 45121 i can not get the board to come up so i can play. can you fix it

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