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Reversi (Othello) and variants.

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16. януари 2003, 01:13:36
Относно: Re: 6x6 has been solved
I would say not that I have noticed! In 6x6 reversi, white achieves a narrow victory, so there is a suggestion (but no more than that) that white could have a very slight advantage at the larger games.
Please note, I am talking from a point of view where BLACK PLAYS FIRST as in reality!

15. януари 2003, 18:23:33
Относно: Strategy
For me the strategy is generally not dissimilar from that of standard reversi. CONTROL is essential in the game, but instead of playing for the corners yourself you should try and force your opponent into them. I say grab a C-square (that's a square vertically or horizontally adjacent to a corner) at any opportunity (and don't let your opponent take these squares!)
Then there's the interest in that the "occupiable board" is a bit smaller and differently shaped from that in 8x8 standard reversi, and there are 8 C-squares on the board this time.
And of course one more point. If you occupy both C-squares and the X-square (diagonally next to a corner) all around the same corner, then your opponent will have to take the corner itself sooner or later!

15. януари 2003, 18:14:16
Относно: 6x6 has been solved
Just thought (in case it is not known) that you might like to know that the 6x6 version of reversi has been solved (assuming optimal play from the opponent.
This is the work Dr Joel Feinstein from University of Nottingham, and former British champion of othello. White wins 20-16 with the diagonal setup, and 19-17 with the horizontal/vertical setup. This is of course when both play optimally!

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