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Reversi (Othello) and variants.

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19. юли 2006, 22:38:20
normally warning to the opponent of which it can that leaves to zero so that it can leave the game, nongame the humiliation. In the championship of the 2005 world, in Reykjavik, I left to a player zero table 31 Oscar Martínez:

19. юли 2006, 22:52:12
Относно: Re:
I don't have a complete 100-0 10x10 game either, only this 99-0: http://brainking.com/cz/ArchivedGame?g=591216&i=108 and a number of something-0 games. But I do have a few full 6x6 and 8x8 wipeouts.

20. юли 2006, 09:55:04
Относно: Re:
shmoula: nice!

another nice one would be a game with as few as possible pieces on the board, but all in 1 color already and the game being finished :)

20. юли 2006, 17:26:48
Относно: Re:
Hrqls: Well, this has already been solved, there are many variations of wipeouts in move #9 and it is not possible to do it earlier.
Look at this: http://samsoft.org.uk/reversi/. Click on the 'Wipeouts' item in the top left. I actually lost to '9 move wipeout perpendicular #1' once (that doesn't count, I was a beginner), but, and I am still ashamed of it, I also once lost to '19 move wipeout #1'. And that was after several thousad games :o(

21. юли 2006, 10:29:56
Относно: Re:
shmoula: lol :) *comfort* :)
i couldnt find out how to get to the wipeout on that site .. i selected it in the list, but how do i see the game ?
(the play button underneath the board didnt do much :))

i didnt try long though as i am at work ;)

24. юли 2006, 22:09:56
Относно: Re:
Hrqls: After you select 'Wipeouts' in the first boc, you must click on one of the particular games in the second box. 'Openings', 'Tricks & Traps', 'Wipeouts' etc. are only categories, and each category has many games.

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