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    10. December 2005, 20:13:35
    Subject: Re: Stairs available.
    rod03801: Excellent idea!

    10. December 2005, 20:11:10
    Subject: Stairs available.
    One solution would be to put a red number in parentheses beside Stairs on the main menu, when there are stairs on your list available. Clicking the red number could take you directly to your personal list of stairs. The red number could disappear if it becomes unavailable.

    Just a thought..

    10. December 2005, 10:15:04
    Subject: Challenge!
    Hi you guys!

    If you are looking a good backgammon match, please send a challenge to me in slow cube stairs! I have no that type of match there just now.

    9. December 2005, 05:52:48 
    Subject: Re: Challenge
    I have added the way to see if you have any current stairs in which you can challenge up above in the board header.

    If you go to the main stairs page, and click on "Show your stairs only" - the ones in bold means there is someone there that you can challenge.

    9. December 2005, 01:53:32
    Subject: Re: Games list
    Eriisa: True, true, true, 'Tis a sea of blue.

    9. December 2005, 01:11:27
    Subject: Re: Challenge
    playBunny: That won't work for me. My stairs games get buried in all the dang Tourney games I signed up for.

    8. December 2005, 23:37:28
    Subject: Re: Challenge
    wellywales: I find that one eventually solves itself when I look at my games list and think "Hmmm, not a lot of Stairs there".

    8. December 2005, 17:28:21
    Subject: Re: Challenge
    Fencer: Yes true, it is I just forgot to go back to see if there was any one to challenge

    8. December 2005, 17:13:00
    Subject: Re: Challenge
    wellywales: Why? Before you read it, the free player can be picked by someone else, so it would be a false alarm.

    8. December 2005, 17:03:35
    Subject: Challenge
    When I was on a step, there was no one to challenge, is there a way we can get a PM when there is someone to challenge

    6. December 2005, 17:32:01
    Subject: Re: Retirement and Remaining games
    dmk: Good question. I'll have to look at the code.

    6. December 2005, 17:03:03
    Subject: Retirement and Remaining games
    If you have started a retirement on a stair, and you win the game that was still open, will you still move up a rung? I assume so, just wondering.

    3. December 2005, 12:09:36
    Crosseyed Mary 
    Subject: Re: Time-out.
    BIG BAD WOLF: I have resigned now from that tournament.

    3. December 2005, 01:36:33
    Crosseyed Mary 
    Subject: Re: Meaning of word.
    playBunny: We use both meanings in England.

    3. December 2005, 01:27:48
    Crosseyed Mary 
    Subject: Re: What's in word?
    playBunny: Lol you got me confused then.

    2. December 2005, 20:40:53 
    Subject: Re:
    Czuch Chuckers: it means we are getting *WAY* off topic.

    Lets try to get back to topic.

    Czuch - Good sugestion - have the ability to choose "retirement" for all stairs at once. (Then in turn, be able to come out of "retirement" for all stairs at once also would be good.

    2. December 2005, 20:37:52
    Subject: Re:
    playBunny: or leave the 'ed' and add the word 'off' then what?

    2. December 2005, 20:34:02
    Czuch: It has several meanings. In British it's primarily drunk, in American it's primarily angry. But take off the 'ed' and a whole new bunch of meanings comes into play. Hence it being bannable if your name is Stevie and you use it, and other words, too often.

    2. December 2005, 20:31:33
    Perhaps after a post has been deleted then the posts about the post can be deleted too. Then people won't write posts about the post about the post or post about posts that aren't the post. And there certainly won't be any call for posts about the posts about the posts.

    Just a thought.

    2. December 2005, 20:31:33
    Doesnt pissed mean drunk?

    2. December 2005, 20:29:47
    Subject: Re: Time-out.
    crosseyed: It would be very difficult to time out if you played several times a day

    But it does depend somewhat on when you play, if you make a move and go offline right away, and I move right after this.... but you also get 3 hours added to your time every move, so several moves a day should leave you with more time, notless.

    2. December 2005, 20:27:55
    Subject: Re: Time-out.
    Rose: Sorry for butting in, I didn't notice the post had been edited!

    2. December 2005, 20:24:46
    Crosseyed Mary 
    Subject: Re: Minors
    alanback: Most likely swear worse.

    2. December 2005, 20:24:02
    Crosseyed Mary 
    Subject: Re: Minors
    Rose: Should be supervised.

    2. December 2005, 20:23:21
    Crosseyed Mary 
    Subject: Re: Time-out.
    alanback: I was the f word now he had better delete the P word too lol.

    2. December 2005, 20:22:09
    Subject: Re: Time-out.
    alanback: The post in question has been deleted. I can assure it was NOT the word suck that I was talking about. Thanks for your input

    2. December 2005, 20:22:07
    Subject: Re: Time-out.
    alanback: There was a four letter word that has been changed, Rose is correct

    2. December 2005, 20:20:53
    Subject: Re: Time-out.
    Rose: What are you talking about? If it's the word "sucks" that you object to, I can assure you that minors use that word a lot more than adults do!

    2. December 2005, 20:19:17
    Crosseyed Mary 
    Subject: Re: Time-out.
    Rose: No I won't quite frankly I am pissed off at being time-out for game when it showed I was playing it for 3 days.

    2. December 2005, 20:15:21
    Subject: Re: Time-out.
    crosseyed: perhaps you can go back an edit your post. There are minors who play on this site

    2. December 2005, 20:14:12
    Maybe its just me... or the "retirement" isnt really for vacation, but it took me half an hour to retire in all my stairs. (click stairs, click to my stairs, click to a specific one, scroll down,click to retire,scroll down,click to be sure,go to main stairs, go to my stairs only, find new game, and repeat)

    Does it make sense to be able to start retirement in all our stairs at once? Or at least streamline the process so after we retire one, it takes us back to our own stairs page?

    2. December 2005, 20:13:13
    Crosseyed Mary 
    Subject: Re: Time-out.
    Czuch Chuckers: I play every day and sometimes several times in the day.

    2. December 2005, 20:10:23
    Subject: Re: Time-out.
    crosseyed: Its probably best to not play fast fischer stairs if you cant play very often

    2. December 2005, 20:09:38 
    Subject: Re: Time-out.
    crosseyed: Yea, you got to watch the Fischer clock games - I usually never play in one that does not at least have a 1 day bonus. (Meaning you will at the least have 1 day to make your move from the time your opponent moves)

    So anything with less of a bonus (like the example here of 3 hours) means if you let your last time get down too low, a game might come back to you with very little time left..... and hopefully you are on-line. :-)

    2. December 2005, 20:04:19
    Crosseyed Mary 
    Subject: Re: Time-out.
    BIG BAD WOLF: Thank you for that info. So I got time-out because my opponent made a move while was at work well that sucks.

    2. December 2005, 20:00:55 
    Subject: Re: Time-out.
    crosseyed: Also, if you look at any current game, you will see something like this:

    Time left: BIG BAD WOLF: 1 day 12 hours, *other user*: 10 days

    As you can see - the Other user moves a lot quicker then I do. You should see this in every Fishers Clock game

    2. December 2005, 19:59:11 
    Subject: Re: Time-out.

    Time: 3 days
    Bonus: 3 hours
    Limit: 7 days

    So in the start of the game, you start out with 72 hours (3 days) to make your move.

    Lets say you use 24 hours - so now you are down to 48 hours.

    Opponent makes move

    The games comes back to you with the 48 hours left PLUS the bonus of 3 hours - giving you 51 hours for your next move.

    Lets say you took 50 hours to make your move. Now you are down to 1 hour

    Opponent moves

    The games comes back to you with the 1 hours left PLUS the bonus of 3 hours - giving you 4 hours for your next move.

    If you do not make a move within 4 hours of when your opponent does, then you time out.

    This is how the Fishers clock works.

    (The Limit: That is the MAX amount of time you can get. So lets say you make all your moves UNDER 3 hours of when your opponent does, then you would actually start gaining time on the clock - up to a max of 7 days.)

    2. December 2005, 19:53:38
    Crosseyed Mary 
    Subject: Re: Time-out.
    Fencer:This all I saw: Time for game (?): Time: 3 days, Bonus: 3 hours, Limit: 7 days, no days off
    So as far as I am concerned I had plenty of time. I don't see any clock.

    2. December 2005, 19:43:06
    Subject: Re: Time-out.
    crosseyed: If you click on the question mark, you will see a long and detailed description.

    2. December 2005, 19:34:44
    Crosseyed Mary 
    Subject: Re: Time-out.
    Modified by Crosseyed Mary (2. December 2005, 19:35:25)
    Fencer: Time for game (?): Time: 3 days, Bonus: 3 hours, Limit: 7 days, no days off
    Explain it to me then please. As I was on line twice yesterday and would have made a move with game if it was showing how many days and hours were left.

    2. December 2005, 19:28:52
    Subject: Re: Time-out.
    crosseyed: Read carefully the line which starts with "Time for game". Last move time is not important.

    2. December 2005, 19:27:09
    Crosseyed Mary 
    Subject: Time-out.
    How can I be time-out for this game?

    Last move: 1. December 2005, 21:55:08

    Stairs: Very Fast Fischer's Stairs
    Game ID: 1202268
    Score of finished games (crotalus - crosseyed, Backgammon): 1 : 0 (= 0) (show games)
    Time for game (?): Time: 3 days, Bonus: 3 hours, Limit: 7 days, no days off
    Public game (visible for other players)
    Rated game (the result will be calculated for players' BKR)
    Board size: 1 (change)
    Layout: columns (change)
    Weekend days: Saturday and Sunday (change)
    Your opponent is using the automatic vacation. (?)
    Black ran out of time.
    White is the winner.

    2. December 2005, 17:10:18
    okay, just read the rules... i think I got it!

    2. December 2005, 17:08:42
    I am going on vacation... how does the retirement work? What about games already started?

    29. November 2005, 15:45:22
    eagle eye 
    Subject: what is retirement in stairs?
    What will happened when retirement is over, will I be visisble to other players? How long I can stay after retirement is over?

    29. November 2005, 15:16:00
    Subject: Re: Requests
    Fencer: lol .. ok i thought something like that .. i hadnt checked it yet though (as i was still reading this board :))

    nice stair levels! i wish it was my page :)

    29. November 2005, 15:12:57
    Subject: Re: Requests
    Hrqls: This link is wrong, it shows my own stairs. Go to the Stairs page and click on "show only my stairs" link.

    29. November 2005, 15:06:11
    Subject: Re: Requests
    Fencer: you posted this link some time ago .. but when i click on it i see myself in a lot of stairs where i am not .. and often quite high as well :)

    25. November 2005, 20:31:28
    :] why are people climbing mountains like everest or K2 ? For that short moment when they can say . I MADE IT , YEAA :]

    25. November 2005, 20:29:53
    Subject: Re:
    Maxxina: Be long and gone by then

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