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 Run around the Pond

Discuss about this new multiplayer game or comment current runs. (includes all versions of the game)

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1. May 2011, 01:47:52
Subject: Re: Pawns
I am sure in this one Today is the first day of the rest of the mess.
she was a pawn when her last bid was 1220. Next time she had a bid of 1500. I'll just continue to watch for now. I don't suppose there is any way to tell what day someone turned into a pawn?

1. May 2011, 02:37:22 
Subject: Re: Pawns
alexlee: No way for us "users" to know - Fencer I'm sure has a way to check, but probable easier to just watch the next round and see what happens.

I know it's been suggested to let pawns continue to play once they join as members, but as far as I know - no change has been made.

1. May 2011, 03:11:29
Subject: Re: Pawns
Ok, thanks and I will watch and see what happens. I knew she was a pawn with the last move being 1220, thats why I bid 1223 but no one else did so that was kind of weird

1. May 2011, 04:18:55
Subject: Re: Pawns
alexlee: my guess would be that she made her bid right before she turned pawn and before you made your bid.
I'm in an eleven day pond right now with a pawn, I hate those because I feel that it would be smarter to wait just in case they decide to renew their membership

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