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 Thoughts and Prayers

A sacred place for remembrance, prayer, support, love, affirming eachother, honor and praise.

For people from this site, but also for people in your life all around this globe; whom you would like to keep them in our thoughts and prayers.
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4. January 2017, 00:15:23
Subject: Texas Toest
It is with a heavy heart that I pass on this sad news... I learned today that my friend Randi (Mary Ann) Richards passed away this morning.  Randi suffered from Alzheimer's.  God has blessed her by releasing her from this world with her broken body and mind and promoting her into the Glory of His Kingdom.  We will miss you Randi!

6. January 2017, 14:48:59
Subject: Re: Texas Toest
ScarletRose: we will miss her indeed. Thank you for letting me know. She was a lady of great kindness.

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