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A sacred place for remembrance, prayer, support, love, affirming eachother, honor and praise.

For people from this site, but also for people in your life all around this globe; whom you would like to keep them in our thoughts and prayers.
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3. March 2017, 04:36:21
Subject: Re: Thank you all for your concern..
universe:  Yeah isn't that amazing?? Heck when they put the nitro under my tongue I tried to stay calm.. and during the procedure I felt just a little tugging on my veins but, no pain what so ever.. so surreal.. they said most times they have to go through the groin, I guess I was fortunate. I know we still have to discuss what is happening with my left artery.. 

26. February 2017, 23:00:24
Subject: Thank you all for your concern..
I have been home for the past week. Yes, I had a heart attack that they finally acknowledged as one on Feb 8th. It was found after having them for 6 weeks and my 4th trip to the ER.. so for those who get turned away.. keep going in don't ever discount it. 

They ended up finding I had 95% blockage in my Right Artery and 50% in my left Artery. They went through my wrist and put a stent in my Right after clearing out the blockage. Then last weekend on the 18th I ended up back in with nausea and not able to keep anything in. I also was having pain free attacks as though they were contractions.. if that makes any sense.. they would come on with the hot tingling sensation last for like 2 mins then go away.. and do that regularly every 15 to 20 mins.. Last Monday they went back through my wrist and the stent was still good and nothing else had changed.. so not sure what it was but, I have been fine ever since. Thank you all for your continued prayers and thoughts..

4. January 2017, 00:15:23
Subject: Texas Toest
It is with a heavy heart that I pass on this sad news... I learned today that my friend Randi (Mary Ann) Richards passed away this morning.  Randi suffered from Alzheimer's.  God has blessed her by releasing her from this world with her broken body and mind and promoting her into the Glory of His Kingdom.  We will miss you Randi!

5. November 2015, 09:15:35
aaaawwwww.. such sad news about Texas Toest.. she will be missed..

26. January 2015, 04:48:37
Subject: Re: Bill past away. ( Purple )
ustica tnp:  this must have been recent.. 

11. August 2014, 05:51:11
Subject: Re: Foxy Lady
plaintiger:  We were all in shock.. didn't even know she was ill.. 

8. March 2014, 21:33:47
Subject: Re: infinite condolences to....
ketchuplover:   So sad to learn of it's demise.. it's been quite some years since a large plane has gone down.

5. March 2014, 20:06:02
Subject: Re: PBarb
NOT a floosie:  Awwwwww.. such a sad loss.. I was wondering .. she was such a sweet lady.. dang it.. she will be at peace now.. 

22. February 2014, 02:59:34
Subject: Foxy Lady
we found her online..  .. I didn't know if I should post this link or not.. please be respectful if you visit her page. I notice that she had some comments to which were from spammers.. 

2. February 2014, 09:09:49
Subject: Foxy Lady
It has been confirmed by Foxy's best friend that Foxy Lady passed of Lung Cancer on July 22, 2011; her husband Foxman also died of lung cancer 3 years earlier.. I had wondered what had been going on with her. I certainly hope she didn't have to suffer. 

7. September 2013, 17:15:51
Subject: Re:
♥♫βaβyĢіґŁŁє♫♥:   Sorry to hear that.. explains why he acted as he had..

20. January 2011, 05:17:51
Subject: Re: Doctor appointment
Amandakmg365:  Ulcers are irritated by stress.. So stress reliefs are something to check into.. deep breathing exercises ... this is something you should set some time everyday for..

24. September 2010, 06:49:23
Subject: Re: TexasToest
Tuesday: Please let TT know for me also.. been hard enough getting online when I am on the road..

21. September 2010, 08:14:00
Subject: Re:
Tuesday: Oh No!!!.. TT.. I will definitely be keeping her in my prayers..

2. September 2010, 06:46:36
Subject: Re: Storm
Amandakmg365:  I will keep you all in my prayers .. keep safe and warm and heed the warnings

2. August 2010, 19:03:07
Subject: Re:
Tuesday:  Tuesday I am so sorry to hear this.. I will put him in my prayers ..

3. July 2010, 16:27:20
Subject: Re: TigerCat
TigerCat: Thanks for the update.. make sure to take care of yourself as well.. Really makes one realize how vulnerable we all are when we hear of others.. You are a good brother to take care of him and his home. I am sure he appreciates you..

28. June 2010, 16:19:20
Subject: Re: TIGERCAT
TigerCat:   I will still put out some prayers for he and your family to make it through this difficult time. I remember your brother better as MagicDragon.. thank you for sharing that detail.

29. November 2009, 04:11:22
Subject: Re: Greg
Artful Dodger:  I am so sorry to hear that.. what a terrible upset and loss that is... I can't even imagine the emotions right now.. but, I hope and pray for you and your cousin and family the strength to get through this.

9. September 2009, 01:27:29
Subject: Re:
Tuesday:.. Awwwww.. I am so sorry to hear of this.. I remember you posting that.. didn't realize it had been two years.. a shame he lost his battle. I worry about my brother at times. He is also diabetic and for years denied it. I will pray for strength for his family and loved ones..

29. August 2009, 21:26:45
Subject: Re: Hello to all from me and my mom
Dark Vamp: Is she on any blood thinners? We had a friend of ours with the same thing.. I will try to call her and find out what they found out..

17. April 2009, 07:22:14
Subject: Re:
Dolittle:  Thanks for the prayers.. she was a dear lady..

17. April 2009, 07:21:33
Subject: Re:
TigerCat: Will keep your Aunt Patricia in my prayers to have continued well checks that are cancer free.. I too am a cancer (cervical) survivor and know the struggles one can go through.. will also pray for your brother and hopefully he won't get too harsh a diagnosis..

17. April 2009, 07:18:37
Subject: Re:
Dolittle: I will say a prayer for Eric and ask for strength to get through his surgery..

16. April 2009, 05:24:29
Please say a prayer for Julie Faith, she passed on this afternoon shortly after 3pm from injuries she sustained in a one car roll over.. she will be missed.. 

11. April 2009, 00:27:46
Subject: Re: Pbarb
NOT a floosie: Huggz to Barb!! Whoo hoo.. :)

24. July 2008, 06:23:07
I will also pray for Jack to have the strength and a successful surgery tomorrow.. 

24. July 2008, 05:40:27
SANDALS:  I pray for health and healing for your brother. I pray for guidance and patience for all and a short recovery.

22. July 2008, 06:50:02
Subject: Re: passing
nancylen:  Hugs to you.. and lots of prayers to give your family strength at this time.

25. June 2008, 08:08:02
Subject: Re: Back
TigerCat: I will put you in my prayers and wish for strength and understanding. Sorry to hear of your difficult times. At times we are faced with challenges in our lives which often seem to be larger than we think we have ever known. I hope your great nephew didn't have to suffer any pain although, those around him have had to suffer broken hearts. I hope you recover fully and in better health from your heart attack.

1. May 2008, 05:27:23
My prayers are for PBarb and Patricia as well as Current Rivers health. I pray for strength and hope with all. 

19. March 2008, 04:29:42
Thankyou so much.. Brittany took Lauzlo in for the Ultrasound on his skull.. the techs said it looked good.. meaning they didn't feel he had craniosynostosis. She will find out for sure though tomorrow late afternoon since they mentioned it would be 24 hrs to find out..
I am so blessed to have everyone sending prayers. And it has opened my eyes to the pain that others suffer from this form of diagnosis.. It has taught me empathy in this direction..

18. March 2008, 05:36:00
Subject: Re: Prayers needed for my Friend Elaine
Dolittle: Elaine is doing great.. she was in quarantine (sp?) for 13 days.. back home from the hospital.. it was a close one.. glad she is looking much better..

Today I found out after my daughter took her little guy in for a rash.. the doc did a well check and has told Britt that Lauzlo (my grandson), needs to have a ultrasound of his skull. He noticed the circumfrance of his head and suspects craniosynostosis.

So please say another prayer tonight to give us the strength to be solid and become the support to which is needed at this time for Lauzlo

6. March 2008, 06:08:43
Subject: Prayers needed for my Friend Elaine
Mom and I have a dear friend Elaine.. she had a liver transplant 4 years ago.. so she must keep herself away from viruses and even the common cold due to her immune system being weak..

She was taken to the hospital yesterday with Pneumonia (sp?) Please pray for her strength to overcome this illness..

4. February 2008, 05:58:09
Subject: Re:

Bubbles Pbarb2: I am sorry to hear of this news Barb.. you most definately are in our prayers.. and will hope for those tests to not be too uncomfy for you.. may what you find be something that is easily overcome..

Take care..

14. January 2008, 06:31:44
Subject: Re:

Tuesday: Wonderful news..

and yes I know all about the problems with diabetes.. we lost a dear friend earlier last year to complications.. and my brother ended up very sick this past year trying to fight off infection.. Diabetes is a growing problem in the US and needs to be taken seriously.. My brother neglected his diagnosis for about 15 years before he started taking meds for it.. he is now on insulin..


5. January 2008, 07:01:10
Subject: Re:

Dolittle: I will keep Ewe in my prayers ..

Tuesday.. how is Toby? My brother is diabetic and we have had close calls over the years with him.. such a scary way of life for them.. I hope Toby recovers fully and that Heath keeps in good spirits..

I also will say a prayer for the little one in Neonatal.. I am praying for him to have a full and healthy life.

Peace on Earth to All..  

30. October 2007, 14:21:29
Subject: Re: Thank You all
Bubbles Pbarb2:

19. July 2007, 07:53:04

Congrats to Tigger and PBarb.. May health and happiness wrap tightly around you and your family..

God bless to you all..

15. July 2007, 06:48:59
Subject: Re:
Oceans Apart:

22. May 2007, 06:46:38

I held off posting an update to my daughter Bree's significant other due to comments earlier by a certain man on this site.. however, I felt it was not right to make all of those of you who sent prayers and constant thought..

John was involved in a motorcycle accident at the end of last year. He ended up in an induced coma.. and underwent several cosmetic surgeries as well as other surgeries to put him back together. He came out of his coma probably 2 mons ago.. (trying to think back)... and he has been in physical therapy.. he has switched to 2 or 3 facilities over the past 5 months.. he seems to be doing great.. he is walking and talking and doing most everything he was before the accident.. the only thing which is not fully there.. is his memory.. his sister seems to think he has lost at least the last 10 years.. but, there is still about 7 months to regain that ..

I want to thank everyone out there who prayed and continued to think of John.. he definately lived through a miracle..

6. May 2007, 04:44:47
God Bless and lots of huggz and thoughts to those who are in the main stream of all those storm cells in the mid eastern belt of the States..

30. January 2007, 09:01:25
Subject: Re: Update for John.. my daughter Brees Beau..
Modified by ScarletRose (30. January 2007, 09:02:05)

ScarletRose: John had his chin and jaw.. (the lower part of his face down last week.. they have wired his jaw shut.. and on Saturday his face was reconstructed.. my daughter said they sedated John since they need to keep his eyes taped closed..

She mentioned hearing several of the surgeons express how it is a miracle he is alive .. bree said now just for him to finish healing and then they start therapy..

Thanks again for all the prayers..

19. January 2007, 09:10:26
Subject: Re: Update for John.. my daughter Brees Beau..
Foxy Lady: he broke his fever.. and they were able to reconstruct his chin.. he is still comatosed.. and I am sure they only put him under for so long due to that.. my daughter for the most part is holding out.. although, she sounds as though she could a great big hug.. She lives in Dallas.. TX.. I know there would have to be some sort of support groups similar to what she is going through.. I have told her to start reading scripture again.. and to take a bubble bath.. or do a facial masque for herself.. I told her she shouldn't feel badly for taking time out for herself.. even renting some comedy's and popping popcorn one night.. I hope she can find a group she can be part of .. she beats herself up so badly.. I most likely will be visiting her after I am a bit more stable.. I went through my surgery.. and am recovering just fine.. just want to keep sending prayers out for Bree and John.. Thanks..

13. January 2007, 09:12:54
Subject: Re: Update for John.. my daughter Brees Beau..

Pedro Martínez: Not sure about the other peeps involved.. although, from the sound of it.. I don't think any of them were injured.. I could be wrong.. will have to ask.

He has been rubbing my daughters arm and even playfully patted her thigh .. he opened his eyes up a bit yesterday. So my daughter believes he is awake.. I told her.. it sounded as though his face and especially his eyes were too swollen to really open before.. she is really sounding much better this week. This is where I wish I didn't have to live so far away.. she is much more positive..

They still haven't done surgery on his face.. he is running a fever.. the nurse told her. They won't do the surgery till he goes two days in a row without fever or infection..

I think things are going to be A okay for them.. I believe this was to make the couple stronger in their relationship.. Thanks for those prayers.. and I will let you know if anyone else was hurt..

10. January 2007, 08:11:06
Subject: Re: Update for John.. my daughter Brees Beau..

ScarletRose: John has an infection on his forehead.. so they postphoned the surgery..

My daughter is getting stronger day by day.. she is more positive which is great.. she needs to be strong to get through these months ahead.. Oh.. she mentioned that he still has his teeth.. and they still look really great.. She had worn braces and so she notices that stuff.. imagine that.. his teeth lasted through it.. LOL

Thanks for the prayers and keep them coming.. not sure when they will reschedule..

9. January 2007, 05:31:46
Subject: Update for John.. my daughter Brees Beau..

He had a tracheotomy today to prepare for the surgery he will be undergoing tomorrow. He broke multiple bones in his face and they will be reconstructing it tomorrow.. So we need some prayers to help him through surgery tomorrow..

The doctor also mentioned to my daughter that they don't feel John will have any major brain trauma.. which to me says he should recognize her when he wakes up fully..

She was a bit more positive also since he was squeezing her hand most of yesterday when she was by his bedside..

So your prayers are helping.. but, we need more.. Thankyou!

6. January 2007, 17:34:58
Subject: Re: My daughters (Bree) boyfriend

mybirthdaysoon: Hey you.. don't you ever think your troubles or your condition is anything to shake off.. although, I hope your doing way better now.. but, you are just as important..

Thanks for all the prayers.. I will keep you all updated..

6. January 2007, 06:50:16
Subject: My daughters (Bree) boyfriend
Modified by ScarletRose (6. January 2007, 06:52:12)

was in a motorcycle accident on Dec. 30th, 2006..

He went through a red light hitting two paralell cars.. he rushed past the grill and bumper on the first car and was flung into the second to where he was thrown into the air.. he is being sedated so they can monitor him yet let his body heal.

His right upper lung collasped although they have tended to his lung.. he had 4 fairly good lacerations on his leg and he lacerated his liver. His arm had several fractures. He also broke his femar, pelvis, skull, and several areas of his face. They also were draining fluid from his skull.. and he did something to the collateral artery.

I ask for prayers for his strength in healing.. and getting through everything he will have to face in the future.. as well as prayers for my daughter Bree. She has been facing all this on her own.. her father who she lives close to doesn't know how to be a father.. she has been suffering from panic attacks and I can't even imagine the inner pain she is having to go through. Nor can I get down to her at this time to help her. For anyone who has had to go through something like this.. please feel free to offer suggestions privately.. I can always pass them along to her.

She learned today what they will have to do to his face to repair the fractures.. she said you really can't even recognize him. Any way.. I ask for prayers for her strength as well.. and to help her use her energies in a positive helpful way.

6. December 2006, 16:46:31
Subject: Re:

xmas is soon: (((((((((((((((((((((((((((( Huggz )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Glad to see you doing better.. :)

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