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    22. October 2011, 09:11:46
    Subject: Re: poker not for nothing fencer
    mook53lhd: Your keyboard does not have a Shift key or you never learned that sentences usually start with capital letters?

    Although I don't like people of you type (who try to tell me what I should do and go crazy if I don't) but, what the hell, hopefully you will understand this explanation:

    1) Our poker model had been thoroughly tested many times and nobody every complained about any unusual behaviour. Yes, some people reported that they cannot see they hole cards etc., but that's just a common problem of browser based applications (Javascript). The model itself works correctly, always shuffles the card deck before dealing and the cards are always random. When I mentioned that sometimes in the future I would rewrite the model, I referred to the client side because the current Javascript table had been used mostly as an experiment, not a flawless and full featured engine.

    2) Have you ever tried to play on, say, PokerStars or any other major poker site? The number of fish players that continuously complain about unfair conditions and "that moron always completes his straight" or "there is a miracle river card every second hand" is enormous, yet nobody does anything about it. Why? Because it is just a poor excuse for a bad play or misunderstanding of basic poker nature. Read discussion forums, you might learn something.

    3) If you don't like poker on BrainKing, please go and play elsewhere. Our site is focused mostly on turn based games and if I occasionally experiment with other technologies, it does not mean that I am prepared to spend every free moment on fixing them. It is my site and I have my own priorities.

    And above all, please stop acting like a jerk. Thank you.

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