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18. September 2007, 17:24:21 
Subject: Interviews
OK - Well pauloaguia volunteered to be the Interview coordinator below - if he still wants it, I say it is his!

Once he confirms he wants it, I can update the information above.

So rather then continuing to put a lot of posts on this board, here is what needs to be done.

1. PRIVATE PM pauloaguia with who you would like to see interviewed next (or even if you would like to be interviewed next - I guess you could "vote" for yourself)

2. pauloaguia will pick someone. (FIRST Making sure that person wants to be interviewed) At that point, he will announce here who will be interviewed next.

3. At that point, people need to send pauloaguia interview questions for the next couple of weeks. Plus if he want to expand the interview a little more, he could always re-use basic questions from past interviews - like the common "Why did you choose that username" and "How did you find BrainKing" questions. Heck I can think of 10-15 questions which could be "Standard" questions on every quiz - and then after those "standard" questions, put the other user questions in.

4. After he has enough questions, he can organize the questions them to the interview person. They will now have some time to answer the questions - and send them back to pauloaguia.

5. pauloaguia can quickly look over them to make sure they are OK (no answers that are baiting, insults, foul language, or against any site rules) - then send them off to Fencer to post with the other interviews.

6. The last person interviewed can then suggest someone new to be interviews to pauloaguia. He will then start the process over. (If they can't think of anyone who they would like to see interviews, then pauloaguia should post that he needs some new ideas.)

side note: pauloaguia does not need to wait for 1 interview to be finished before starting the process of the next. If he wanted, as soon as he sends off 1 set of questions, he could start the next interview process - this is completely up to him.

Any other suggestions or ideas?

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