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speachless - Brain Bonde, 12 Brains, 640 prestationspoäng
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Medlemskap:Brain Bonde
Första inloggning:12. maj 2012, 15:09:50
Senaste åtgärd:27. april 2018, 19:07:05 - söker på startsidan
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Beskrivning:Dear All *I had a very good time at brainking. Some of you might know my pession for Cloning Backgammon. Till now I was over 1 year at the top score and enjoyed every single game of it.

I requested to Fencer, if he has a script in order to resign all my ongoing games.

I have decided to leave playing because of a very challenging job offer. It will take me almost 2 years of work in producing a big swiss jazz festival with tradition.

i'm realised I'm now not able anymore to even loving again for the next couple of months, since it is a very busy work and starts with funding and networking, let's say production-leadership. so i decided to quit brainking,

it feels sad, but i don't plan to come back to the site and i guess in 2 years this side might not be existing anymore, since we don't know if there gonna be a new board who is willing to take over this absolutely great site!

Thank you Fencer to all of your work.


(If I get an answer from Fencer, that he can't help with resigning all of my games by script, then I will try to login again soon to manually resign every single game.)

the job offer is very fresh and i signed the contract last week, since their previous production leader left because he gonna live somewhere else.

Thanks again and sorry, that I'm not able to go on and resigning might mean for team tournaments to loose some points. I'm very sorry. I tried this week since work started to login every day to play my open games, but i realised it's not possible..

Sorry, good bye and enjoy life, all of you!
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