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Dama (Czech Checkers).

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19. Novembro 2004, 12:23:55
Modificado por PauloGomes (19. Novembro 2004, 12:24:32)
thanks Bad Bishop

Czech Checkers team of Nooks and Crannies
Big Boss - Nirvana

I'm In!!

17. Novembro 2004, 16:04:27
Where can I find some book about checkers and its variants,for example the czech checkers?
...maybe a good link.

27. Outubro 2004, 14:26:01
why not create a new game with portuguese/spanish rules? If you see, the portuguese Ferjo is the best player in almost any checkers variations and the portuguese fans.
There are only a few differences ... so, why not?

27. Outubro 2004, 11:00:36
Then it is thus, the responsible one for the site limited to say that nothing will be moved. Where is the argument and where is the reasons so the rules are thus? Clearly ,nothing can be move at this moment, but would have to be opened a quarrel forum on possible changes. Thanks any way Fencer.

26. Outubro 2004, 16:01:26
Fencer, if you procede to a statistical movement you will see that every one discord of this rule, so in fact that must be change.

26. Outubro 2004, 15:32:16
Please, all users have attencion to the game ID 20355 between PauloGomes Vs ocnibulva
I think that is a win for me, but the rules, wrong rules in fact, are: "If the player has more possibilities to capture opponent's pieces, he/she can select any of them.However, when a king or queen can make a jump, the player cannot select a pawn to jump with."
What you think Fencer?

20. Outubro 2004, 17:05:47
Checkers? the Czech Checkers don´t exist. This game is a variation of Brazilian table with Spanish rules, and is known like Portuguese Damas or Portuguese Checkers. Don't make any sence refer to this game with the international rules of checkers.
Thanks for the opinion.

20. Outubro 2004, 13:26:22
Assunto: Bug in the rules
By the rules the we have to jump the most pieces, and isn´t importante if it is with the queen or not.
Is this moment we have to jump with the queen.

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