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Dama (Czech Checkers).

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1. Janeiro 2004, 17:35:01
Assunto: Czech checkers
I would be graitful if someone advanced in the Czech checkers version could post something about rules and tactics etc thanks.

15. Janeiro 2004, 12:07:51
Assunto: Re: Czech checkers
I thought that leaving a pawn in my single corner gave me more chance to capture my oponents Queen if they had one and I didnt, but have found out the hard way, that this can also work against me later in the game when we both have a queen or two, meaning they have a chance to capture my single corner diagonal Queen.
I think one aim is to gain control of this diagonal, but I am open to being proved wrong.
So can anyone add to this to help myself and Patch With the tactics.

17. Janeiro 2004, 01:05:45
Assunto: Re: Czech checkers
A good lesson learned in my game with Steve,once he controlled the single corner diagonal i was in limbo, leaving a piece in the corner sounds interesting

17. Janeiro 2004, 07:57:47
Assunto: Re: Czech checkers
I would say that also if you can, you need to get at least a couple of your pawns to the opposite side of the single corner diagonal from your side of it, because once the opponent has a queen on that line, you will find it very hard to get across to get yourself a queen. At the same time also stopping your opponent getting to your side too.

18. Janeiro 2004, 03:02:13
Assunto: Re: Czech checkers
Thanks Steve,sounds like good stratefy.

16. Abril 2004, 16:37:27
Assunto: If the player has more possibilities to capture opponent's pieces, he/she can select any of them.
I have been quite surprised by this rule actually, in "french checkers", you must capture the most pawns possible. That is, if you have one move with one capture, and one move with two captures, you have to play the move with two captures.

Ok, regards

25. Abril 2004, 13:13:23
Assunto: Re: If the player has more possibilities to capture opponent's pieces, he/she can select any of them.
I prefer it with the choice then LOL

25. Abril 2004, 17:55:05
Assunto: Re: If the player has more possibilities to capture opponent's pieces, he/she can select any of them.
my problem is that I often do not read the rules without enough care! Then I get surprised LOL

26. Abril 2004, 14:17:04
Assunto: Re: If the player has more possibilities to capture opponent's pieces, he/she can select any of them.
it is then too easy for one player with one queen to draw, for example by playing a1-h8-a1-h8, which draws even against 12 queens !

28. Abril 2004, 01:21:03
Thats the only let down of this game isnt it :o(

12. Julho 2004, 15:27:43
Assunto: games?
anyone interested in playing me a game?

13. Agosto 2004, 18:33:09
I have a queen in the main diagonal line. I am to play with one man that does not want ties up. How to compel to tie up it? It is that already we go in 50 plays

13. Agosto 2004, 19:02:32
That's a slight problem with this game - even with a single queen, as long as you have the main diagonal you can never lose. I think if you message Fencer about it he will declare it a draw...

14. Agosto 2004, 07:07:04
Fencer is going to change how it works so that there will be forced jumps if available. It is the same in most of the other checker varients once you get the diagonal it will be a draw.

14. Agosto 2004, 14:15:14
it would be an enhancement to be forced to take the most pawns

20. Agosto 2004, 04:44:41
I thought the "forced jumps" was already part of the rules?

20. Agosto 2004, 05:39:31
No there not part of it. Which is why no matter how many pieces the other side has if you have a queen in the main diagonal you can force a draw. If they place their piece in the diagonal all you have to do is jump your piece and go to the other corner. With forced jumps you would have to take all the pieces you could get and not be able to just stay in the main diagonal and get the draw. This is what the rules say about queens jumping.

Moreover, a queen does not have to land directly behind the captured piece, it can choose (when jumping) any other empty square in the line but does not have to jump over two or more pieces at once

20. Agosto 2004, 10:26:33
Assunto: Re:
A helpful piece of advice Nightstorm,thank you.

1. Setembro 2004, 09:54:10
This is going to be changed today! You will be forced to make as many jumps as possible. In all checkers variants with long jumps.

1. Setembro 2004, 20:25:36
Assunto: Re:
You mean today as this instance? or you mean today as new games are start?
I wonder what happens to games already started with the "old" rules...
BTW thats a big improvement to the checkers variations games. Many thanks! Good job Fencer!

1. Setembro 2004, 21:18:00
A few hours ago when new games was released.

3. Setembro 2004, 08:09:02
wtg fencer!

20. Outubro 2004, 13:26:22
Assunto: Bug in the rules
By the rules the we have to jump the most pieces, and isn´t importante if it is with the queen or not.
Is this moment we have to jump with the queen.

20. Outubro 2004, 15:42:28
Assunto: Re: Bug in the rules
From Checkers rules:
"If the player has more possibilities to capture opponent's pieces, he/she can select any of them. However, when a king or queen (in variants) can make a jump, the player cannot select a pawn to jump with."

20. Outubro 2004, 17:05:47
Checkers? the Czech Checkers don´t exist. This game is a variation of Brazilian table with Spanish rules, and is known like Portuguese Damas or Portuguese Checkers. Don't make any sence refer to this game with the international rules of checkers.
Thanks for the opinion.

21. Outubro 2004, 16:16:34
Its better than the way it was, it ended in too many draws

24. Outubro 2004, 21:52:21
Assunto: RULE CHANGED????
I'm going to have to read the board more, a new rule that changes how the game ends that was announced in here on Sept 1st - and I only read about it now!

I think I might have resigned games once the other player had thier piece in the main diagnal because I know it's a losing posisiton - and now I find out the rule had changed???? I could have forced them to jump out of the diagnal!!!

Well i guess it's beter to know now then later!

Maybe when a rule is changed for any game, it should be announced in system news - even it if only effects a few users.

24. Outubro 2004, 22:07:20
BBW: I encountered a similar surprise in One-way checkers. The rules say that in one-way ch., "the other rules are the same as for Czech checkers", while the Czech checkers rules say that "the other rules are the same as for normal checkers" ... so it must have been a change in the rules of Checkers, which I unfortunately do not play :-)

24. Outubro 2004, 22:10:52
Well I never liked how the checker rules are setup with "see other game", and then their are other differences which confilict - so a lot of time to find out minor rules, you just have to play around with it.

what gets me is such an important rule change was just posted in here. ugh.

25. Outubro 2004, 05:25:49
No it was also posted by Fencer on the server news.
1. September 2004, 03:45:31
Besides, lots of bugs was fixed (e.g. multiple jumps in Czech Checkers) and added several improvements.

25. Outubro 2004, 05:45:28
Yea, posted that a bug was fixed, not that rules where changed.

When I read that, I just figured there was a bug somewhere - not that the rules where actually changed!

But I'm beter now. :-)

25. Outubro 2004, 06:27:15
BUt it has made the game closer to real now anyways BBW.
The bug was a known bug by players of the checkers variants. It allowed too many cases of draws etc because of the ways that queens move.
So all thats been done, is that the game now plays nearer to properly. So go back to bed LMAO

25. Outubro 2004, 06:42:05
Steve - I agree 100% - It's a GREAT rule change - I'm actually looking forward to playing some more games now. I'm just somewhat upset me that I did not know about the big rule change.

I wasn't complaining about the rule change - just that I guess I was in the dark about it for so long.... :-(

25. Outubro 2004, 06:56:09
Sorry BBW. It was posted to the parachute board. Thats the one game that you get the draw after about 4 moves and pretty much made everyone who played it quit. But now all the varients play a lot different and are much better.

25. Outubro 2004, 10:35:43
Uh-oh :-)

26. Outubro 2004, 15:32:16
Please, all users have attencion to the game ID 20355 between PauloGomes Vs ocnibulva
I think that is a win for me, but the rules, wrong rules in fact, are: "If the player has more possibilities to capture opponent's pieces, he/she can select any of them.However, when a king or queen can make a jump, the player cannot select a pawn to jump with."
What you think Fencer?

26. Outubro 2004, 15:33:31
Thats a five in line game ;o)

26. Outubro 2004, 15:34:31

26. Outubro 2004, 15:36:33
Unfortunately, I would agree that you should win that, but with the present rules, you will be losing your queen in a couple of moves and they will gain a queen and you will most likely lose the game

26. Outubro 2004, 16:01:26
Fencer, if you procede to a statistical movement you will see that every one discord of this rule, so in fact that must be change.

26. Outubro 2004, 16:19:12
I bet ocnibulva prefers it the way it is ;)

However, I also have some problems with this rule. The rules for the "portuguese checkers" state that a piece must capture as many opponent's pieces as possibleand of the strongest type as possible... but any piece can capture if there is more than one option, as long as the number captured is the same... And it looks like the "English checkers" are different as well... at least trusting on Stevie's opinion...

But then again I never played checkers outside of Portugal... just a question: is this really how checkers are played in Czech Republic or is it a bug introduced when the other one was corrected?

How many national variants are there for this game anyway? Is there a site that lists them all?

26. Outubro 2004, 16:23:15
PauloGomes should win, he has a better game and that rule, in my opinion, is a bad rule.

26. Outubro 2004, 23:54:15
Just found out another thing. There used to be possible to reverse motion to make a capture (for instance, queen in F6 and opponent pawns in G5 and E3, the queen could capture them both in one move by jumping first to H6 and then go back to capture the other pawn).
I only knew this rule here at brainking and it allways caught me by surprise when it happened to me...
Very well, it's not possible anymore :) (I prefer it that way).

27. Outubro 2004, 00:48:53
I would have prefered you had found it out when playing someone other than me though LOL I was relying on that to get an advantage :o( LOL

27. Outubro 2004, 08:03:49
Nothing will be changed.

27. Outubro 2004, 11:00:36
Then it is thus, the responsible one for the site limited to say that nothing will be moved. Where is the argument and where is the reasons so the rules are thus? Clearly ,nothing can be move at this moment, but would have to be opened a quarrel forum on possible changes. Thanks any way Fencer.

27. Outubro 2004, 14:02:44
I saw that game and I also believe Paulogomes should win. I believe thats a bug in the rules..but isnt hard to correct it, I guess.

27. Outubro 2004, 14:12:09
No bug. Just found a site with many checkers variations... In the Czech version, the queen capture precedence is also noted there...
It's just us portuguese that are used to a different type of checkers.

27. Outubro 2004, 14:12:27
There is no bug in the rules. Czech Checkers is just a variant played in our country and the rules details had been consulted with top Czech Checkers players.

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