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26. Fevereiro 2012, 13:30:06
lots off coffee and no sleep

26. Fevereiro 2012, 12:58:29
Thankyou, it's something i will never try again though lol.

26. Fevereiro 2012, 12:49:57
Assunto: hip hip..

26. Fevereiro 2012, 03:50:26
Assunto: New 'Most Moves in a Day' Champs
Hats off to Ladybird68 & Angler who each topped the old record by over 2,000 moves!

16,500+ moves in one day. Wow!

24. Fevereiro 2012, 05:38:50
Assunto: Re:

24. Fevereiro 2012, 05:28:08
Assunto: Re:
Vikings: yes Vikings...thanks...different page....my bad...sorry.........thanks anyway....

24. Fevereiro 2012, 05:26:43
Assunto: Re:
Bernice: you just uploaded 2

24. Fevereiro 2012, 01:49:31
Assunto: Re:
rod03801: well I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW WHAT oops.....Ive put up many and today is the first time Ive had to have it approved....most of mine are cakes and personal stuff....now which MOD has it in for me this time I wonder

24. Fevereiro 2012, 01:38:14
Assunto: Re:
Bernice: All Brain Pawns need photos approved. The occasional times when a paid member needs theirs approved happens when they have put inappropriate items in their albums.

24. Fevereiro 2012, 00:59:36
Assunto: Re:
happyjuggler0: it has never happened to me before, and I have uploaded heaps and heaps of them....oh well...suck it up buttercup i guess

23. Fevereiro 2012, 23:01:28
Assunto: Re:
Bernice: I was under the impression that ALL images must be approved. Certainly the few images I have posted here required someone at BK to look at them first before they appeared on my page.

23. Fevereiro 2012, 22:58:03
Assunto: Re:
happyjuggler0: it isnt a hate message it is a piece of humour.....but then WHO's humour I guess

It says....WARNING, my sense of humour may hurt your feelings.I suggest you get over it.

I can't see anything wrong with that, but then the australian sense of humour and the yankie sense is way, way different.

23. Fevereiro 2012, 22:53:37
Assunto: Re:
Bernice: I've always simply assumed it is about stopping:

1) porn images (not suitable for minors, and others likely would be unhappy)

2) hateful images, such as Nazi symbols.

23. Fevereiro 2012, 22:50:40
can someone tell me why pics posted to my photo album have to be approved?

that is the message I get anyway.

23. Fevereiro 2012, 20:39:21
Gabriel Almeida 
Assunto: iPad2 loves BK
Modificado por Gabriel Almeida (23. Fevereiro 2012, 20:39:55)
Trying it for the first time, And working more than perfectly!

20. Fevereiro 2012, 18:44:23
Assunto: Re:Checkers
Aganju: An admirable goal..I guess.

20. Fevereiro 2012, 17:59:56
Assunto: Re:Checkers
Purple: It wouldn't matter much in normal games, but if you try to make 14000 moves in day, it makes a significant difference.

20. Fevereiro 2012, 17:24:50
Assunto: Re:Checkers
thisbeme: Good God. You would need the laziest fingers on the planet to fret about that. lol

20. Fevereiro 2012, 16:16:15
Assunto: Re:Checkers
Pedestrian's post below explains the principle very nicely.
Draughts often can allow a move to be completed in 2 clicks, 1 click to move and 1 for the confirmation "move" button. If a piece only has one possible move then clicking on that piece will automatically move it to the only possible square.

19. Fevereiro 2012, 16:26:46
Assunto: Re:
Ladybird68: Needless to say, but I'll say it anyway, if you are going for such a record, make sure you know when the server day starts and ends.

The moves per day record is not based on the time zone you have your BK clock set to; it is based on BK time.

P.S. This advice doesn't matter to those who live in Fencer's time zone....

19. Fevereiro 2012, 16:18:36
Assunto: Re:Checkers
thisbeme:You lost me with this low click per move talk. I was unaware of any esoteric features to my checkers games.

19. Fevereiro 2012, 15:40:39
Assunto: Re: Congrats to the new top movers!
Some gammon games have autopass, Which I believe are are counted at moves towards your total, so you get a potential boost if you are stuck on the bar and have a fast opponent!

19. Fevereiro 2012, 15:29:15
Thanks for your comments and greetings!
It was fun, thank you balvan99!

19. Fevereiro 2012, 15:20:17
Assunto: Re:
Snoopy: Wow two times, that's crazy i only plan on doing it once lol.

19. Fevereiro 2012, 15:19:23
Assunto: Re:
pedestrian: Thanks i figured it would be between 200-300 ludo games. It's a shame you have no time at the moment, when you aim for your achievement let me know and ill have a few games with you.

I will likely play mostly ludo games, as i actually enjoy the game anyway, so it is a logical choice.

I see what you mean about having a few players too, but i guess you need one other player who will hit back the majority of the day.

Hopefully somebody will fancy it this week as i am off work!

19. Fevereiro 2012, 15:10:54
Assunto: Re:
good shout with the line games, as long as you exclude lines of action and variants ;)
An alliance is a good idea as well.

19. Fevereiro 2012, 15:06:17
Assunto: Re:

Don't visit forum, check message or respond to in games messages when going for the record,
Gammon games with autopass and the right opponents can do wonders!
Checkers has a low click per move ratio if you click the piece with one legal move.
Double every gammon game with the cube at the start it stops you getting asked to roll the dice each time.
Ludo is naturally a good candidate.
Mancala as a silly game that is won for the starter, so no need to be concerned if you lose.
Horde chess another unbalanced game that doesn't need much thinking.
Pahtum another game needs little thinking!
Any game that is hopelessly lost, politeness would say resign, but these are perfect for the goal of most move in a day and a bonus you get to really annoy your opponent should they timeout! If achievement for most moves exist sthen not resigning is understandable that they will be used because they can't messed up so no disappointment for losing a game that is lost.
Although there is someone who plays and has all the most move achievement always plays until mate, is just insulting.
Dice poker if you preroll your dice and don't move, instead save the games until you are making your attempt and you have a move that can be made quickly.
Don't mind that stupid errors will be made, at the speed necessary to complete 10,000moves!
If you have a rating you care about don't use that as a game to attempt the record with!

19. Fevereiro 2012, 14:31:40
Assunto: Re:
Ladybird68: speaking has a person who has broken the 10000 moves in a day twice
if you can find someone who is willing to be online with you to boost your moves
back and forth
ludo is the best but also you can do any of the line games to

19. Fevereiro 2012, 14:18:05
Assunto: Re:
Ladybird68: You can play any game without thinking if you put your mind to it  The main point of playing ludo for these record attempts is the low click-per-move ratio: You click the piece you want to move, then you click the move button; and sometimes when you can't make a move, you only have to click the move button. That means you have an average click-per-move ratio below 2, while most other games typically require 3 clicks per move.

I think the average length of a ludo game is slightly more than 50 moves, so 200 games of ludo should do. Make sure to be playing a lot of games at any time so that if one of you needs a short break, the other will still have moves to play. It's also a good idea to have several more opponents lined up on the side in case one of you needs a longer break.

I'd love to attempt 10,000 some day, but I won't have time for it anytime soon.

19. Fevereiro 2012, 13:39:31
Modificado por Ladybird68 (19. Fevereiro 2012, 13:40:41)
Hi, i'm wanting to attempt the 10,000 moves in a day challenge also. Is there anybody that wants to try within the next few days to hit back and forth. I guess ludo is the best option like most of the other players that have tried it, as it requires less thought.

Please let me know!

Also anyone that is good at maths, how many ludo games roughly would you need to make the achievement. (Not sure how long the average ludo game takes)

19. Fevereiro 2012, 08:27:52
Assunto: Re: Congrats to the new top movers!
rednaz23: Unbelievable ... should we make an achievement for 15000 moves a day?

19. Fevereiro 2012, 06:31:21
Assunto: Re: Congrats to the new top movers!
Bwild:  I have been using the same laptop since 2004 (I do need a new one and occasionally use my wife's computer for playing - like now) and I feel that the site is noticeably faster...  but, yes, I agree with you it could be equipment and the internet speed as well.

19. Fevereiro 2012, 02:44:32
Assunto: Re: Congrats to the new top movers!
rednaz23: I saw that a huge number of their games were Ludo, which doesn't always require too much thinking (to state it lightly).
Still, you have to sit all day and get rectangular eyes...

19. Fevereiro 2012, 00:23:33
Assunto: Re: Congrats to the new top movers!
rednaz23: not so sure its the site thats faster...though it seems to always work perfect in Prague...its one of the slower sites I use,personally. I would lean towards better personal equipment and inter net speeds.

19. Fevereiro 2012, 00:14:33
Assunto: Re: Congrats to the new top movers!
rednaz23: I was just noticing that. I recently started a bunch of games in an attempt to break 1000 moves for the achievement. Just 1000 seems like a big deal to me. Ann67 took some turns in a Dice Poker game against me as well - much slower to move than Ludo - so that makes it even more amazing.

19. Fevereiro 2012, 00:12:41
Assunto: Re: Congrats to the new top movers!

Aganju: He played just under 3,000 moves in the last 3 hours, I noticed his high move count 3 hours ago and made a note of where he was at.  That means in those 3 hours he did a move every ~3.5 seconds on average...  CRAZY FAST.  I think he could do 20,000 in a day if he set his mind to it!  I remember five and a half years ago people were amazed at Pedro for getting to 8,759 moves in a day...  then that sparked a race to the top from a number of folks in the following months...

In all reality, I think this a testiment of how much faster the site is today than it was five years ago!

18. Fevereiro 2012, 23:55:59
Assunto: Re: Congrats to the new top movers!
rednaz23: Unbelievable.
I thought I am crazy, but I never made it much over 1000.
14000 moves in a day means moving every 6 seconds for 24 hours, no breaks...

18. Fevereiro 2012, 23:47:08
Assunto: Congrats to the new top movers!

Congrats to balvan99 and ann67 for breaking the top movers record!  balvan99 is/was over 14,000 and ann67 is/was over 13,000 moves...  Amazing!

18. Fevereiro 2012, 16:36:23
Assunto: Re: Slow fun game and 5 years and better than
rabbitoid: Lets see how long it can last

18. Fevereiro 2012, 16:34:06
Assunto: Re: Slow fun game and 15 years
Gabriel Almeida:

18. Fevereiro 2012, 08:04:52
Assunto: Re: Bug tracker
rednaz23: Yes, the priority turned out to be a completely useless feature unless the bug tracker is used by programmers for other programmers.

18. Fevereiro 2012, 03:54:10
Assunto: Re: Bug tracker

Fencer: I can understand how it is not necessary with one programmer...  For me, when I view the bugs (which I have done maybe once before) I get the sense that nothing is being worked on because I see bugs that are out there for 4, 5, or 6 years with an "open" status.  So, that was more my concern.  I suggest a simple note at the top of the bugtracker page alerting those like myself looking at it for the first time of just what you wrote below.

Additionally I feel that the priority on some of these bugs are way out of whack. You almost need to have a bugtracker "moderator" that realistically puts a priority on each bug.   Example... a priority of 1 for a smileys not working.  Really!?  LOL

17. Fevereiro 2012, 14:42:33
Assunto: Re: Bug tracker
Thom27: Yes, I am tired of fixing them too.
However, I can do something about them, occasionally.

17. Fevereiro 2012, 13:47:54
Assunto: Re: Bug tracker
Fencer: But I hope you are not also tired of fixing the bugs (though one may think so because some are open for many years now).

Some bugs still open:

Camelot: sometimes the server lets a player make a canter with a knight while a capture is possible. This seems to happen only when the moved knight could make a knight's charge.

Grasshopper: if both players are blocked, the game should be ended by the server. See for example game 5235400.

Espionage: the server sometimes accepts a move where a piece moves to a square it just came from in the previous turn. Seems to happen only if the moving player has fewer pieces to move than one should move in a turn. (BTW I find it desirable and more logical to apply the spying after the removing of the pieces captured in that turn, i.e. pieces captured in that turn do not reveal and are not revealed).

Fevga: the server should force a player to unblock the opponent if the latter would otherwise not be able to move any dice-roll. And the coordinates at the board do not match those in the moves list.

Crowded Backgammon (maybe also other variants where there are initially pieces on the bar): if the loser has not born off any stone and still has stones on the bar that have been there from the beginning, the server (sometimes?) doesn't count the game triple. (however, the rules don't state explicitely how this case should be handled).

17. Fevereiro 2012, 07:45:20
Assunto: Re: Bug tracker
rednaz23: I am just tired of changing the status. The whole idea had been based on my experiences with a software company I used to work at but there were about 100 active developers, that continuously updated the Bugzilla issues because of informing one another about the progress. It's simply not that necessary with 1 programmer.

17. Fevereiro 2012, 02:44:19
Assunto: Re: Bug tracker
rednaz23: all those will be fixed when BK ver.9999 is implemented sometime after the next 43 black rook specials! lol

17. Fevereiro 2012, 02:01:30
Assunto: Bug tracker
Modificado por rednaz23 (17. Fevereiro 2012, 02:03:51)

Does the bug tracker (http://brainking.com/en/BugTracker) really have nearly 300 ACTIVE bugs!?

I realize there are about 5,000 pages on Brainking and another 5,000 different ways for something to break, but some of these have been open since 2004...  I don't understand why it would left open that long...

15. Fevereiro 2012, 01:17:48
Assunto: Re: Slow fun game
Gabriel Almeida: like a married couple...growing old together

15. Fevereiro 2012, 01:00:20
Gabriel Almeida 
Assunto: Re: Slow fun game
Modificado por Gabriel Almeida (15. Fevereiro 2012, 01:03:03)

rabbitoid: Wrong calculation, my friend. In fact, it's more than THREE years. More than 1100 days, in this case.

So... 1440*1100/92 = 17217 days. More than 47 Years!!!!

However, in brainking, this seems to be right, because "players are only using properly their time limits to move". Opinions...

By the way, we are talking of a Backgammon game. 7 points. 3 Years... and counting. It's not in the middle, yet...

P.S. - I'm not criticising directly those players. I really like them (one of them in particular), he/she is a nice player, and I don't want to offend him/her. I say is that rules should avoid that kind of games.

14. Fevereiro 2012, 21:33:16
Assunto: Re: Slow fun game
Gabriel Almeida: A little math: that's 92 moves in 2 years = 730 days.
number of days needed for 1440 moves would be 1440 * 730 / 92 = 11426, 31 years.

Filip, will brainking still be here in 30 years?

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