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 Garden and Winter Chat

Tips on how to care for your garden, flowers, fruit trees, roses, gardenias, how to make and use compost, etc.Winter Chat is allowed until Spring.

Please remember children read this board.

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30. Juillet 2011, 20:58:24
does anybody know if hosta's can be split up and transplanted in the summer or fall?

31. Juillet 2011, 00:05:53
Sujet: Re:
Vikings: well they are a member of the agave family, and they will grow from a I guess the same applies. Try a leaf and see if it roots

31. Juillet 2011, 02:03:23
Sujet: Re:
Bernice: thanks

31. Juillet 2011, 21:40:06
Sujet: Re:
Vikings: If it's any use I split my when the flowers have died back.

31. Juillet 2011, 21:43:01
Sujet: Re:
skipinnz: I've talked to enough people now that the plan is to split them up in another month, that way the 90 degree heat would have broke and there would be enough time for the roots to establish before hard frost

4. Août 2011, 12:53:58
Sujet: Re:
Vikings:Hosta is so hardy you can hardly kill them....they can be split up at almost any time as long as they don't get tpp dry after transplanting.  Water them well and they should be fine

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