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SuperBad - Brain Peón, 3 Brains, 500 puntos éxito
Marcador total: 1611 victorias, 30 empates, 933 derrotas, 187 torneos ganados

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Socio:Brain Peón
País:Estados Unidos
Primera conexión:13. Junio 2011, 07:11:40
Última acción:9. Mayo 2018, 13:54:05 - viendo las partidas en espera
Días festivos semanales:Sábado y Domingo
Días festivos anuales restantes:10 días - usando sistema de festivos automáticos

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Descripción:I am sorry to say i lost one of the best persons in my life. She found this site for me and her to play games years ago...Her Name was windy an she told me about this place so i joined with the screen name TheBigO. We played thousands of games in the past we was in the first 500 ppl to ever join this site...when she got sick an wasn't playing here no more i told her i would never play again here under TheBigO name until she was able to join me...well now i no that will never happen again i wanted to let those who knew her an loved her as a player an a friend that she has passed...i have lost someone i have known for 15 years that i met in a chat room an all these years we always stayed in touch...plz pray for her family cause if you would have known her you would have loved her...there was no equal...Good Bye Windy i will surely miss you so much R.I.P :( I am a much better person to have had you in my helped me through so much over the years the death of my father, Mother, an grand mother within a year i would have not made it without you through those times...TY for always being there for me i hope i was there for you when you needed it most...with Love always Richard
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