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Froglet and variants.

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23. септември 2012, 23:34:14
Относно: Re:Bigger frogger
playBunny: aha i just saw this too

12. юли 2012, 13:25:35
Относно: Re:Bigger frogger
AbigailII: Titanic froglet (96x96) - the latter to be played as best of 21 matches.

LOL, enjoys the bunny, coming late to the party. ;o)

11. януари 2012, 22:40:53
Относно: Re:
Justaminute: In fact, you do not need to make even the first jump ... this is not checkers.

28. юни 2010, 11:10:23
Относно: Re:
Justaminute: Your welcome

28. юни 2010, 10:29:11
Относно: Re:
Thanks. I'm glad this has been sorted out amicably.

Pedestrian- Thank you for your support.

27. юни 2010, 20:06:02
Относно: Re:
Променен от "GERRY" (27. юни 2010, 20:11:13)
Justaminute: It is thank's enjoy your games & you are welcome back to both followships if you wish to:))

27. юни 2010, 00:40:40
Относно: Re:
Pedro Martínez:
Noted and fair enough. I didn't disclose my opponent as I don't want to pursue this as a disagreement. I just want to get it straightened out".

27. юни 2010, 00:16:37
Pedro Martínez 
Относно: Re:
Justaminute: You obviously had the right to make the move you made, but note that the Use Agreement provides as follows:

“No “Copy'n'Pasting” other user's posts, words or Personal Messages (PM’s) onto any Public Discussion Boards without their permission.”

27. юни 2010, 00:02:04
Относно: Re:

The rules clearly state:

"Other important rules
Multiple jumping is not mandatory. Like in Halma, a player can stop jumping before all possible jumps of a multi-jump are done, and submit the move."

Let's hope the guy had a bad day. If all his days are like this, he's got a sad life.

26. юни 2010, 23:48:30
During a game of floget my opponent seemed to get upset because I did not "finish my move" by taking an extra frog. The exchange was as follows:

Opponent: “how come you didn't finish you move on our game i remember you doing this before”

Me: “If you mean why didn't I play I10-I8, you can then play F8- H8- J8- L8-L6 so I get 1 extra point but give you 6. Not a smart exchange”

Opponent: “Oh no your not I'am resighing game & your all done playing with me anymore until i get this straighted out sorry my friend”

My opponent then prevented me sending messages and deleted me from his fellowships.

The rules seem to me to be quite clear, they specifically say you don't have to make multiple moves. I have no history of disputes with this opponent so I don't understand his extreame reaction. Is there something I am missing, or was he just having a bad day?

8. октомври 2008, 12:56:18
Относно: 10000
Please sign up -> 1500 ;), 10000 :D, 1600 ;) (single elimination for 8, Fisher's clock 3/0.8/15 with autopass & immediately start)
More informations about Fischer's clock on BrainKing & BrainRook

Anti Froglet - I need 2 players more

& other games

9. март 2008, 23:17:16
joshi tm 
I would like to see gothic froglet where players can jump diagonally like in gothic checkers.

Also a small (8x8) version, giving up points is deadly then!

18. октомври 2007, 18:28:49
Относно: Re:

yes. 2-turn- and three-turn-froglet!

could be spicy!

18. октомври 2007, 18:27:33
Относно: Re: Variants!
different sizes...:

yes please! also for the sphere-froglet-variants!
very important: titanic gothic sphere froglet

26. юни 2007, 02:59:04
Относно: Re:
AbigailII: I do think different sized boards would be a good addition but good luck convincing Fencer to add Titanic, that over 9000 pieces...

25. май 2007, 15:16:37
Относно: Re:
AbigailII: I would like the bigger boards - but with the bigger boards, I would like to see the addition of either 2-turn froglet, or 3-turn froglet.

That is on the bigger boards, each person gets 2 turns. (or 3 turns for the very big boards.)

2-turn froget would allow you to set yourself up - and a lot more thinking to protect the board.

25. май 2007, 15:02:20
Относно: Re:
Gror: Huge froglet (24x24), Enormous froglet (32x32), Mega froglet (48x48), Gigantic froglet (64x64) and Titanic froglet (96x96) - the latter to be played as best of 21 matches.

25. май 2007, 14:05:41
Променен от Gror (25. май 2007, 14:06:04)
LARGE froglet?? Oh my gods!! :))

14. март 2007, 15:40:28
joshi tm 
Относно: Variants!
Does anyone feel for:

Dark Froglet (described below)
Small Froglet (8x8)
Large Froglet (16x16)
Gothic Froglet (diagonal jumps)


2. ноември 2006, 17:10:26
joshi tm 
Относно: Re:
BIG BAD WOLF: Yeah indeed. And. indeed, the game depends more on luck rather than skill, (but there are also more than 600 rated Ludo players, including me:))

2. ноември 2006, 15:12:30
Относно: Re:
joshi tm: So all frogs surronding an empty space is shown. So you know how many points you are getting, but you don't know what you are opening for your opponenet to get? Then of course as the game goes on, more open spaces - in turn, more pieces are shown.

Is this how you see dark froglet?

2. ноември 2006, 15:10:47
John Baker 
Относно: Re:
joshi tm: Sounds interesting, but I think that would make the entire game rest on chance, instead of any sort of skill. When you can see all the frogs, you can strategize and plan your moves, but if blind, there is no strategy.

2. ноември 2006, 09:36:16
joshi tm 
Относно: Re:
pauloaguia: Well, at the beginning of the game, all pieces are black or something, I used white pieces of paper to play this game. On the other side of the paper are numbers (colored frogs). The first move is to remove ANYONE of the (black) frogs from the board. This can result a player remove not a green frog, so he can score more than 1 point in the first move. Then, all frogs directly next to it, are revealed. The next player makes then a normal move, but, each time a frog jumps, all frogs next to it become revealed at end of turn.

1. ноември 2006, 23:29:20
Относно: Re:
joshi tm: Blind Froglet? How would that work?

22. септември 2006, 08:23:17
Относно: Re:
plaintiger: All I know is written in the rules.

11. септември 2006, 20:43:57
joshi tm 
How about Blind Froglet?

11. септември 2006, 18:51:26
Относно: Re:
pentejr: the rules for Froglet say it's derived from an old English game, but i have yet to discover what game that is. Fencer? do you know?

20. април 2006, 19:09:56
Относно: Re:
pentejr: lol nevermind

17. април 2006, 16:10:52
John Baker 
Относно: Re:
pentejr: It just wouldn't be the same without the froggies! :-)

16. април 2006, 06:08:13
Относно: Re:
Fiona: Because I can't make the colored counters look like frogs!

15. април 2006, 22:19:12
Относно: Re:
pentejr: its not something i have ever seen to buy sorry. why not try making a board version of it using coloured counters or something similar - just an idea.

9. април 2006, 06:31:10
Does Froglet exist in real life? If so, where can I buy/order it?

20. декември 2005, 05:49:22
for the Chinese translation, I did it as Toroidal Froglet. I'm THAT anal. No spherical board, no sphere in the name.

20. декември 2005, 02:18:48
Peón Libre 
Относно: Re: SPHERE froglet?
Luke Skywalker: Donut would be good. Everyone loves donuts.

19. декември 2005, 11:41:21
Luke Skywalker 
Относно: Re: SPHERE froglet?
KotDB: I already suggested donut

17. декември 2005, 07:51:07
Peón Libre 
Относно: Re: SPHERE froglet?
jurek: I'm glad I'm not the only one to notice this. Spherical boards can be contstructed of course, but they're always a bit awkward, since you can't tile a sphere using only squares, with four squares meeting at each vertex. Either some of the squares will turn into triangles, or else there will be eight vertices where only three squares meet.<p>

Fencer's position on this issue is interesting, to say the least. Obviously not everyone knows what a sphere is (or what it isn't). Given a choice between encouraging people to learn something and dumbing down this site, Fencer seems to prefer the latter.<p>

Of course, another solution would be to sidestep the whole issue and call it "Wraparound Froglet" or something similar.

17. декември 2005, 02:39:20
Относно: Re: SPHERE froglet?
jurek: Someone mentioned this on the Brainking.com discussion board.

Here was Fencer's reply:

16. декември 2005, 21:28:13
Относно: SPHERE froglet?
Why is Sphere Froglet named as such, when it's obviously a torus? (Hint, visualize a piece of paper, connect two opposite sides to form a cylinder. Now, take the two circular ends and connect them. What you end up with is a torus, not a sphere.) Sphere Froglet would be an interesting variant, but I'm not exactly sure how you could visualize a spherical board.

16. декември 2005, 08:11:44
Относно: new frog
when will we see the sphere froglet stairs come?

25. август 2005, 13:23:19
John Baker 
Huh... I don't know when that showed up. I like it too. :-)

25. август 2005, 10:47:18
Относно: Game notation
Ohhh.... How long does froglet's notation show how many points were captured in each move?

I like it

13. май 2005, 23:14:56
John Baker 
Относно: Re: time limit in one of my games
Backgammonfan28: Ah, I understand. Good luck in yer games! :-)

13. май 2005, 16:50:31
Относно: Re: time limit in one of my games
John Baker: I see that now but it wasn't there when I posted here. Fencer put that there after I posted. :)

13. май 2005, 13:44:23
John Baker 
Относно: Re: time limit in one of my games
Backgammonfan28: Read the Server News section on your Main page.

13. май 2005, 03:02:45
Относно: Re: time limit in one of my games
Backgammonfan28: that is because game time is suspended for now

13. май 2005, 01:24:38
Относно: my game number 778581 says.....
my opponent's last time to move in the game was 12-31-1969!! lol There was no internet in 1969!! lmao

13. май 2005, 01:16:27
Относно: time limit in one of my games
I was looking over my games where it is my opponent's turn to move and I came across something very funny. In one of my froglet games it shows a time limit of -12,915 days and 23 hours that my opponent was supposed to have moved. lol :)

21. април 2005, 14:45:30
Относно: Re: Mini Froglet (Island Froglet)
How about lily pads which are 1 square big - A frog can land on it, and jump over it like it is a frog - but it never moves or gets removed from the board - I would have to look a little more, but 15-20 randomly on the board would be a start.

... and of course, mini-froglet is still a good idea

21. април 2005, 14:28:55
Относно: Re: Mini Froglet (Island Froglet)
Hrqls: That could be a good idea!

21. април 2005, 10:01:06
Относно: Re: Mini Froglet (Island Froglet)
harley: would that be safe havens .. where you could park that dangerous blue frog which you dont want your opponent to capture ?

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