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plaintiger (Ian) - Мозъчен Топ, 1 Мозъци, 605 точки от постижения
Общ резултат: 1787 победи, 199 равенства, 1895 загуби, 44 спечелени турнири

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Описание:19 April 2015:

my dear BrainKing friends,

in my efforts to focus ever more pointedly upon what I deem essential, I'm resigning my current round of games and taking some manner of leave from this site. (and it's not just BrainKing: i'm drawing away from game-playing everywhere - and in every sense of the term.)

i may be back one day (i am a black Brain Rook - proud to have become so in cooperation with none other than the incomparable Foxy Lady)...but in all truthfulness, part of me would regard my return as a defeat, so coming back is not, at present, among my aspirations.

i've very much enjoyed my nearly 12 years on this site and am grateful to everyone who's made it so pleasurable - and i'm grateful too for the invaluable (if perhaps less enjoyable) contributions made by everyone whose input i may not have liked so much. it's all led me to where i am today, and i'm glad to be where i am today. so thank you. and i hope everyone can ultimately see my input to them - for i too have offered feedback of kinds both enjoyable and unenjoyable, skillful and highly unskillful - in as positive a light. we're all just doing our best - which is, by definition, the best we can do. the key, in my view, is to just keep trying to make our best just a little bit better all the time. that's a life well-spent.

anyone who doesn't have my non-BK contact information and feels it's truly Important (with a capital 'I') to keep in touch can message me on here, and i'll come back a few times (provided i remember) to check for such messages. i don't want to cut anybody off who was silently counting on my being here forever (although nothing, and no one, is).

meh...i've prattled enough, and then some (as i'm wont to do). thank you, to Filip and everyone. :)

much love, much gratitude, much metta,



***R.I.P. Amy Winehouse, 14 September 1983 - 23 July 2011***
***R.I.P. Steve Jobs, 24 February 1955 - 5 October 2011***

all links below open in new tabs/windows. unless i've overlooked any. :)

"Sometimes I think it is helpful to think of burial in relation to the earth's crust. What is the radius? Four thousand five hundred miles more or less, to the core of the earth. No, graves are not deep but insignificant, a mere few feet from the surface and not far from fearing and desiring. More or less the same fear, more or less the same desire for thousands of generations. Child, father, father, child doing the same. Fear the same. Desire the same. Upon the crust, beneath the crust, again and again and again. Well, Henderson, what are the generations for, please explain to me? Only to repeat fear and desire without a change? This cannot be what the thing is for, over and over and over. Any good man will try to break the cycle. There is no issue from that cycle for a man who do not take things into his hands."

- Saul Bellow, "Henderson the Rain King"


i'm a polyamorous photographer, student of Theravada Buddhism, thinker, reflector, daydreamer, lover of cats and women. i'm numerous other things as well.


hmm...just made the achievement of "Death Knight."

i can deal with that. :D
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