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28. октомври 2020, 01:12:02
Относно: Re: query
Променен от rod03801 (28. октомври 2020, 01:13:05)
Bernice:According to the tournament, you did get a point for it. It shows you won both games against that person in it. The International Friendship Club (12. October 2020, 03:31:19)

27. октомври 2020, 22:01:10
Относно: query
cam anyone tell me why I didnt get a point for this win please?
Hyper Backgammon (bert515 vs. Bernice)

20. октомври 2020, 14:00:14
Dice Cheater 
Относно: Re: Gothic Checkers Anyone??
stingray1: Invite me for a quick game

20. октомври 2020, 11:21:06
Относно: Gothic Checkers Anyone??
Anyone want to play Gothic Checkers? Please checkout waiting games section. This is Modern Checkers!!

15. октомври 2020, 22:01:58
Относно: Re: Smiles
rod03801: How strange. I only see new item and a big database of links above. I don't know what that is for. And l only see the Smiley's l already have under add new item. I don't see any of the others l haven't got. Maybe they only cater for goats? And us us mice are barred?

15. октомври 2020, 02:02:17
Относно: Re: Smiles
Mousetrap: If you are clicking on the "Add New Item" that is above the smiley setting section, that is the wrong one. That is for adding items to that "context menu" thing.

Adding smileys works fine for me right now.

When I click on the smiley I want to add, you do NOT see it above there where it shows the ones you've already picked in the past. (Or maybe you do if you only have a couple. I'm not sure)
I choose whatever smiley I want to add, and then I click Save and Finish, below that.

Then when I'm in a message and I click that smiley icon, I do definitely see the new smiley added to my list.

Since you say nothing happens at all, the only thing I could think of is that you clicked "Add New Item" above it. I did that earlier by mistake when I was testing it out. Then I noticed that it added a new line above saying "New link".

I just know that it seems to be fine for me, and I'm no one special. LOL

14. октомври 2020, 22:10:34
Относно: Re: Smiles
rod03801: Yes that's it. I clicked on change Smiley's then add new. But nothing shows up on add new . Thank you for answering so quick anyway Do you think someone may have stolen them?

14. октомври 2020, 18:42:58
Относно: Re: Smiles
Променен от rod03801 (14. октомври 2020, 18:43:15)
Mousetrap: Do you mean the sort of "frequently used" smileys? (That you get by clicking the smiley beside the word "Message")

If so, I was able to add one. I clicked "Change Smileys"
It takes you "Javascript" tab of your settings.
Scroll down and click "Add Smileys"
Then you see some lines of all the smileys that you don't yet have in your "frequently used" ones.
Click on smileys you want to add
Click Save and Finish.

If that's not what you meant, then I'm sorry.

14. октомври 2020, 17:40:37
Относно: Smiles
Are we no longer able to add more smiles in settings does anyone know please?

10. октомври 2020, 18:41:12
If you want to play a game shorter than a day I think you should arrange to be online (in sync) with your opponent...welcome and gl

9. октомври 2020, 18:38:32
Относно: Re: Greetings
Keejteej: welcome!
You can play for free up to 20 games in parallel, and start new one anytime one of them is completed. If you want more, you need to buy a membership.
You can pick games in the 'waiting games' menu (top left), join offered 'tournaments', or post your own games (with your time limit wishes) under 'new game'.

9. октомври 2020, 18:10:14
Относно: Greetings
New member here - nice to not meet you yet but maybe one day! Can I play people for free, in a normal chess game..or is it paid/brains!? Am not too worried about rising up, but can you rise up on games alone, or only pay for next levels etc? Thanks for any help...and if someone wants a game based on hours not days, am ready for my first :) Thanks, KT

22. септември 2020, 01:16:01
Относно: Re: The final bye bye.
Променен от seldom (23. септември 2020, 11:23:19)

Sorry to see you go.
You will be missed.
Bye bye

24. август 2020, 11:41:17
Относно: Re: final goodbye
thanks all!
its good to be misse :-) thanks :-)

you can always find me on facebook as hrqls, and for games on jijbent.nl .. also as hrqls :-)

24. август 2020, 11:40:15
Относно: Re: final goodbye
furbster: you are correct .... hereby i congratulate my future opponents in those tournaments with their wins .... maybe if i come back online when the games are active i might give up .... but not sure when that might be ....

sorry for the delay, but i think i am not the only one like that in those tournaments

18. август 2020, 23:21:30
Относно: Re: final goodbye
Hrqls: Bye my friend, sorry to see you go. Will miss you Good luck in everything you do

18. август 2020, 08:50:54

17. август 2020, 23:27:48
Относно: Re: final goodbye
Hrqls: Sad to see you go, you will be missed

17. август 2020, 21:38:05
Относно: Re: final goodbye
Hrqls: Technically you're still alive in 2 running tourneys ;) A pleasure to play anyway.

17. август 2020, 14:57:12
Относно: final goodbye
hereby i am sending you my final goodbye

i just finished my last running game.
i had a great time here, with many great people, and great games.

due to time limits i will now only play on 1 site and sadly brainking is not that site.

have fun all!!
maybe we see each other again somewhere else :-)


24. юни 2020, 11:38:32
Относно: Re:
Bobes: You’re right. I can do it but I can sort games only by game type or opponent. To get this, you have to go the settings, on the page « General » then to check «  Show game filter on the main page ».

22. юни 2020, 19:18:13
Относно: Re:
Променен от rod03801 (22. юни 2020, 19:18:34)
Bobes: That changed quite a while ago. I'm sorry, but I don't remember exactly when. (Or why)

22. юни 2020, 13:12:54
I remember that there was possibility to sort games on the Main page by Game Type, Time, Opponent etc. but I don't see it anymore. Or am I missing something? ;)

19. май 2020, 16:37:54
Относно: this site...
is ranked #810,316 in global internet engagement on alexa.com...it was #1,637,461 on Feb 15 #1 is just around the corner :)

9. март 2020, 14:35:34
Относно: Re: Alexlee
Marshmud, Doris: Thank you.

9. март 2020, 11:20:21
Относно: Re: Alexlee
rabbitoid: So sorry to hear that. Please convey my deepest condolence to her family for me. She will be missed.

6. март 2020, 16:21:48
Относно: Re: Alexlee
rabbitoid: Sorry to hear this rabbitoid, I posted on thoughts and prayers DB

6. март 2020, 10:47:54
Относно: Alexlee
My friend alexlee has passed away yesterday. I don't know where to post it on this site. Whoever does, is welcome to copy the announcement to where it belongs.

6. март 2020, 03:57:10
Относно: Re: So long
Променен от mal4inara (6. март 2020, 03:59:01)
Marshmud: and she just resigned a tourney game with me, I took at look at her profile,  and she was resigning all her games. Next thing I noticed was her brains total, went from 330 to 430, from under a 100 a short time ago. I really don't like giving her the attention but her behaviour really is ridiculous.  

5. март 2020, 20:12:27
Относно: Re: So long
Snoopy: She has many nics, people keep buying her memberships on the Pawn registry, then she signs up for hundreds of games and resigns. Its old, many here have complained but the same person is buying the memberships for all those nics and some of us have even ask her to stop buying her memberships but Fencer wont turn down the money as its income, and I'm sure he wont do much and also not much Rodney can do, but complain to her and nothing works and she knows it now. I have her blocked, she cant play games at IFC fellowship. Just play a few games with us there.

5. март 2020, 11:09:27
Относно: So long
Since i was on this site and it has not changed one bit
There are still muti nicks using it and signing up for tournaments then resigning the games. SHE knows who she is
Nothing ever changes on here
I finish the games i have started then leave again

5. март 2020, 02:11:17
Marshmud thank you so much all the tourneys are there and it was the first one,now I know !

5. март 2020, 02:05:22
Thank you I will give that a try

5. март 2020, 00:53:41
Относно: Re:
MrDelete: If its a brain tournament, on your home page click the "brains" link and it will show you all the brain tournys you entered, how many brains to enter such tournys and how many you won.

4. март 2020, 23:07:18
Thanks I am going through games finished now .

4. март 2020, 06:13:56
Clandestine 1 
Относно: Re:
MrDelete: if you remember your opponent, you can look up your opponent and click on “finished games” / “finished games with me”

4. март 2020, 03:32:43
Thank you I have been doing that no luck so far

4. март 2020, 01:45:28
Clandestine 1 
Относно: Re:
MrDelete: “My profile“ / “tournaments”
And then scroll to whatever the running tournament is called

3. март 2020, 05:27:14
Thanks I will give that a try .

3. март 2020, 05:19:11
Относно: Re:
MrDelete: ok, understood. But there are dozens if not hundreds of tournaments ongoing with brains in them, so it's hard to say which one you mean.
You can go to your finished game list, find that game, open it, and click the tournament link in it.

3. март 2020, 04:13:32
I am in one and the last game I played I would be the winner just trying to find it to see if it is over .I wish I knew what game it was.

2. март 2020, 13:35:46
Относно: Re: Brains tourney
MrDelete: whoever creates it. everyone can make one.

2. март 2020, 10:48:02
Относно: Re: Brains tourney
MrDelete: which one the one under brains?

2. март 2020, 02:38:12
Относно: Brains tourney
Does anyone know who is running the tournament that has Brains for a prize ?

16. февруари 2020, 17:28:04
Относно: Re:

I see, thanks.

16. февруари 2020, 17:02:47
Относно: Re:
ughaibu: It's the weekend so the vacation days aren't used.

16. февруари 2020, 16:30:33
I have an opponent who has been timing out for at least a day, but whose amount of vacation time remains unchanged. Why is this?

4. януари 2020, 00:50:03
Относно: Re: Record of moves
HappyNewYear:): Congratulations !
I don’t know if there’s an achievement for this on Brainking, in any case it would be deserved.

30. декември 2019, 11:55:55
Good Luck :)FLR 
Относно: Re:
ketchuplover: a lot were ludo

30. декември 2019, 11:55:33
Good Luck :)FLR 
Относно: Re:
ketchuplover: Yes even in more thAn two

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