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Fencer  Password 7. February 2005, 08:51:37
Since we plan to upgrade our database system to a new version supporting a better and more secure crypting system, please go to your Profile / Change Password page and use it to reset your password. It's okay to set the same password as you use now, the purpose is to activate the new store function.
After the database is upgraded (within several weeks), it will be still possible to set a password on the Login Page. However, who follows this instructions now, will not be surprised if his password suddenly stops working after the upgrade is performed.

Fencer  Banners and News 27. January 2005, 17:03:07
1) I have added a new option for paying members on the main Settings page - the banner ads can be moved to the page bottom. The purpose is to give them a possibility to see interesting links related to our site content without being disturbed by them in other cases.
2) The system of Server News has been improved and separated from discussion boards. Soon it will be applied to fellowship news as well. Since the new structure is not fully compatible with the current one, it is recommended save important posts from the News boards (if you are a Big Boss) because I cannot guarantee that all of them would survive the conversion.

Fencer  Bobby Fischer 21. January 2005, 09:42:10
BrainKing introduces a new chess variant called Fischer Random Chess. By the way, in case somebody is still not aware of it, since the last week we have another backgammon variant Hyper backgammon :-)

Fencer  Ponds and Five in Line 5. January 2005, 09:35:03
1) BrainKing brings two Five in Line variants - Pro Five in Line and Swap Five in Line.
2) Users with Brain Rook or higher membership level can create Ponds, starting today.

Fencer  Deja vu 3. January 2005, 11:09:22
We apologize for the "deja vu" effect and the return in time (2 hours to the past), caused by a bug in the configuration files. Due to this situation, the game time will be suspended till tomorrow morning.
Everything works correctly now. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Fencer  2005 2. January 2005, 11:07:50
The planned downtime and database archive transfer is done. Welcome to the year 2005 :-)

Fencer  The end of the year 20. December 2004, 10:52:07
Modified by Fencer (21. December 2004, 09:44:51)
1) A planned downtime of BrainKing is scheduled to the 2nd January 2005, due to moving data to archive databases. The whole action should not exceed 1 hour. The game time will be turned off, just for a case of unexpected events.
2) There are still several days left for everyone who didn't take advantage of the Christmas Special! Everybody who pays for any kind of membership (or extends the current one) and makes it to the end of this year (2004), will automatically get one FREE month of the same membership as a Christmas present.

Fencer  Christmas and Pond 7. December 2004, 12:20:12
Modified by Fencer (13. December 2004, 09:18:29)
1) Christmas Special! Everybody who pays for any kind of membership (or extends the current one) and makes it to the end of this year (2004), will automatically get one FREE month of the same membership as a Christmas present.
2) And for the doubtful ones, there is one temptation - BrainKing brings the first multiplayer game which is accessible for paying members only. The number of participants is unlimited and the name is Run round the Pond.
3) The User Agreement has been improved in order to make it more understandable and clear.

Fencer  SysTray Notifier 29. November 2004, 10:03:12
as you can see, all hardware problems have been (hopefully) solved and BrainKing is operating in its standard way.
Now it is time to announce the very first third-party tool created for BrainKing paying members. It is called BrainKing Notify, it should be working on all Windows platforms and after installation it keeps you informed about a number of games to play.
Important: This application was developed by Klokan, not me, therefore all questions/suggestions/reports send directly to him, please. It can be downloaded from this site and after some testing period, I will officially add it to BrainKing domain.
The last note: The application works for paying members only.

Liquid  Reincarnated "Maja" db server 24. November 2004, 13:21:13
...phew, I've reincarnated "Maja" the database server and after a sleepless night we've moved (with Fencer) the database back to Maja. This was the cause of today's downtime.
The game time will be started again as of Friday 26th November 2004, 12:00 GMT+1 after a sufficient review of full BK functionality.

Fencer  Database server malfunction 22. November 2004, 15:59:53
Modified by Fencer (22. November 2004, 16:09:17)
Due to a sudden malfunction of the database server, the whole BrainKing is currently running on one machine only, which can have a negative impact on the site speed and response time. This is the reason why the game time has been suspended until the problem is solved.
If somebody can observe a "time warp" effect (missing last moves in games, etc.), it is caused by a broken data replication to a backup machine. I recommend to continue in games with their current status and not to report it as a bug.

Fencer  Graphs 25. October 2004, 08:44:03
BKRs have been recalculated and their histories are available for paying members on user profile pages.

Fencer  BKR history 21. October 2004, 11:20:36
Global BKR recalculation based on all finished games since October 2002 will be performed next week, most likely as of Monday 25th October 2004, 8:00 CET. This process can take 10-15 minutes which will cause a temporary site unavailability.

Fencer  Time is running 15. October 2004, 14:26:27
The time for games is running again and time left values of games are being automatically synchronized to match the correct ones.

Fencer  Timeout 11. October 2004, 11:45:27
New system of timeout calculating and processing has been launched in a test mode. It means that initial values of "time left" can be a bit inaccurate. After all tests are passed, the time for games will be started again (most likely on Friday 15th October 2004, about 12:00 CET).

Fencer  Some new games? 26. September 2004, 11:56:29
BrainKing brings 9 new games - Espionage, Jungle, Cylinder Chess, Amazon Chess, Berolina Chess, Anti Froglet, Spider Linetris, Small Espionage and Fast Espionage. Please be careful with these additions, I don't guarantee they are absolutely bug-free. Thanks go to white for cute and original Jungle and Espionage pieces :-)

Fencer  And new games again 1. September 2004, 10:45:31
Modified by Fencer (1. September 2004, 11:17:43)
BrainKing brings 3 new games - Jarmo, Alquerque and Froglet. My thanks go to white for those little froggies and Sinay for boards of Jarmo and Alquerque. Yes, I know that boards for Jarmo and Alquerque are too big, I will add smaller ones soon.
Besides, lots of bugs was fixed (e.g. multiple jumps in Czech Checkers) and added several improvements.

Fencer  Bug tracker 27. July 2004, 14:33:49
I have added a simple bug tracking and reporting system. It is accessible through a new Bug tracker menu item. This first version will be improved in the future, according to requirements and feedback.
For Pente players: The World Championship will be held in Las Vegas, NV on August 7 & 8, 2004. You can find more information here.

Fencer  First team tournament! 18. July 2004, 12:43:55
1) The First Team Tournament has been started! Although some minor bugs can occur (i.e. in score counting), it should be working properly.
2) The User Agreement has been officially released and is valid for everyone. I would recommend to read it at least once.

Fencer  T-shirts 3. July 2004, 17:20:32
Modified by Fencer (3. July 2004, 17:34:42)
1) I have added a new page Store where you can order an original T-shirt and more similar things in the future.
2) Suspended time will be restarted next week, most likely as of 10th July 2004 (Saturday).

Fencer  BrainKing 2.0 has been launched! 28. June 2004, 09:16:44
Modified by Fencer (28. June 2004, 11:32:46)
Okay, I don't say anything ... let's wait and observe :-)
We've already found some small bugs but they should have no negative impact on the functionality. One of them is showing incorrect red numbers at the menu column, so please don't report it, I am aware of it.
Btw, what not to try Battleboats Plus, Dark Battleboats and Amazons? :-D

Fencer  Database conversion 27. June 2004, 08:25:30
A scheduled downtime of BrainKing is planned on Monday 28th June 2004, 7:00 a.m. GMT+01:00 due to a conversion of our database. The process should not exceed two or three hours. In case of additional problems I will inform about the situation on

Fencer  Hardware has been replaced 13. June 2004, 16:09:36
A replacement of damaged hardware pieces has been successfully done. The game time will be started tomorrow on Monday 14th June 2004.

Fencer  Hardware maintenance 11. June 2004, 15:18:57
A scheduled downtime of BrainKing is planned on Saturday 12th June 2004 due to a replacement of damaged hardware components. The process should not take more than 2 hours, hopefully.

Fencer  BrainKing 2.0 release postponed 6. June 2004, 09:35:05
Ehm ... hmmmm ... well, due to unexpected problems, we have decided to re-launch former BrainKing 1.0 again, until all possible [recently detected] performance bugs are fixed. I am sure it's better to have at least this site running. Sorry :-) We will try the switchover again next weekend, probably.
UPDATE: Due to recent access problems of WebTV users, I have stopped game time [to prevent timeouts] until it is solved. It will be started again on Monday 14th June 2004.

Fencer  Database conversion 21. May 2004, 18:17:08
A scheduled downtime of BrainKing is planned on Saturday 5th June 2004 due to a conversion of our database. In case of additional problems (which are not expected) I will inform about the situation on

Fencer  Suspended time 7. January 2004, 10:49:52
IMPORTANT: The "suspended time" will be turned off within several days [as of 9th January 2004]. Please make sure that none of your games (where it is your turn to move) has "0" as time left. Thank you.
Update: I have temporarily disabled posting on discussion boards for non-paying users. It is a short time solution before I improve our anti-spam filter.

Fencer  New Year timeouts 1. January 2004, 09:57:43
Due to some New Year bug, several games had been finished by a timeout. I would like to ask everybody not to panic, everything is under control now. Please send me game IDs of all timeouted games, I will restore them. Thanks and I apologize.

Fencer  Suspended time 10. November 2003, 11:28:13
IMPORTANT: The "suspended time" will be turned off within several days [as of 14th November 2003]. Please make sure that none of your games (where it is your turn to move) has "0" as time left. Thank you.

Fencer  Recent database crash 4. November 2003, 12:37:58
Since the description of the recent events is too long to be posted here, please read it on before you ask me about anything. Thank you.

Fencer  Server is on 15. August 2003, 12:44:35
The database server is fixed. The "suspended game time" switch will be turned off during this weekend (done).

Fencer  Brain Maharajah 13. August 2003, 18:25:18
I would like to announce the first Brain Maharajah user on our site. The hero's user name is CaoZ, he has just paid for six months membership :-)

Fencer  Server failure 12. August 2003, 06:47:30
A hardware failure has occured at our web/database server. We are currently running on the second server only and the time for games will be suspended until the first one is fixed. Since we have only Saturday database backup, all Sunday and Monday actions are lost. I apologize for the inconvenience.

Fencer  Auto-refresh off 4. August 2003, 17:36:17
Due to performance testing I have removed the automatic refresh of main page and game pages for Brain Pawns.

Fencer  Suspended time 1. August 2003, 06:08:55
IMPORTANT: The "suspended time" will be turned off within several days. Please make sure that none of your games has "0" as time left. Thank you.

Fencer  Private and unrated tournaments 26. July 2003, 16:53:41
I have added two new tournament options:
1) Unrated tournaments - no games generated for the tournament will affect the players' BKR.
2) Private tournaments - only players invited by the tournament creator can sign up.
These options can be found on "define new tournament" page (visible for Brain Rooks only).

Fencer  PGN format 20. June 2003, 18:53:24
I have added pgn encoder for chess games. Since I have never used this format before, I would like to ask anybody who is familiar with this format to test it. There is a new link "download pgn code" at the notation column of chess games.

Fencer  Improvement 17. June 2003, 22:18:16
I have slightly modified the discussion board system to improve the overall site performance. Please do not be alarmed if all board posts are marked as "new", it is a harmless side-effect.

Fencer  New games! 8. June 2003, 16:30:21
1) releases three new games - Battleboats, Screen Chess and Crazy Screen Chess.
2) There is also new menu item Game editors to create game positions for later use. Please test everything and report any bugs :-)
3) According to many requests from Pente players, Easy Pente and Easy Keryo Pente have been renamed to Open Pente and Open Keryo Pente.

Fencer  Gothic Chess tournament 4. June 2003, 11:44:15
This is a reminder for all Brain Pawn and Brain Knight players who signed up for $250 Gothic Chess tournament - please make sure that you have at least 5 empty slots for tournament games, otherwise you will be automatically removed from the tournament.

Fencer  Gothic Chess prize tournament! 28. May 2003, 09:13:51
Modified by Fencer (25. January 2006, 10:50:18)
A $250 prize will be awarded to the top finisher of the Gothic Chess tournament that will start on June 5. THIS IS FREE FOR EVERYONE TO JOIN!! The second place finisher will receive a FREE Gothic Chess set. A "brilliancy prize" will be awarded to the game judged to be the best by Gothic Chess inventor Ed Trice. A FREE Gothic Chess mug (stainless steel) will be awarded to the winner of this prize.
NOTE: Ed Trice (GothicChessPro) will NOT be playing in the event.
To join this tournament, click here.
To see more about Gothic Chess strategies and review completed games, go to

Fencer updated 10. May 2003, 12:53:34
Modified by Fencer (25. January 2006, 23:08:11)
1) Congratulations to panda and bumble on the birth of your second set of twins (a girl and boy), with love from cariad and all your many friends here on :-)
2) has been updated. More information will follow soon.
3) I've completely forgotten to announce an addition of Easy Pente and Easy Keryo Pente last week ;-)

Fencer  More moderators 14. April 2003, 07:16:57
Modified by Fencer (15. January 2006, 18:50:51)
I would like to thank everybody who responded to the discussion boards moderator request. Because I cannot send a personal response to all of you, here is the current status - several moderator posts are already occupied and if you are still interested, pick any of non-system and "open" (moderated by Fencer) discussion board and send me a message about that. Thanks again :-)

Fencer  Board moderators 13. April 2003, 15:20:46
Modified by Fencer (15. January 2006, 18:50:09)
since I have no time for reading all posts, I would like to set new moderators for non-system discussion boards (especially General Chat). If anybody is interested, please send me a personal message. Thanks :-)

Fencer  Opinion Polls 9. April 2003, 12:56:37
1) I have created site to publish all important information (planned outages etc.). It is located on another server, so it should be available even in cases of inactivity.
2) Due to analysis of experienced Pente players I have added the first moves restriction to Small Pente and Small Keryo Pente. Otherwise these two games would be virtually impossible to win by the black player.
3) The first simple opinion poll has been created to test this new feature. Please follow the Polls link.
4) Check out the new Winners page as well :-)

Fencer  Small Pente 27. March 2003, 09:47:51
Modified by Fencer (15. January 2006, 18:48:17)
1) I have just added Small Pente and Small Keryo Pente (13x13 board and no move restrictions).
2) It is possible to create more game invitations at once, check the last page of New game process.
3) We have exceeded 4000 registered players :-)

Fencer  Gothic Chess 17. March 2003, 09:37:34
Modified by Fencer (14. January 2006, 22:09:30) proudly presents (at the first game site in the world) Gothic Chess. This game is protected by U.S. Patent 6,481,716 and has been granted a licence by Edward A. Trice, the inventor of the game.
Of course, test it as you want :-)

Fencer  New games 10. March 2003, 13:52:00
Modified by Fencer (14. January 2006, 22:09:00)
I have just added three new games - Pente, Keryo Pente and Janus Chess. Since I have never played any of these games, I would be very glad if somebody could test them according to the correct rules. Thanks :-)

Fencer  Atomic Chess 4. March 2003, 10:33:19
Modified by Fencer (14. January 2006, 22:08:10)
1) After a long discussion I have made the final change at Atomic Chess rules. There is no check or checkmate and the only way to win is to blast off the opponent's king. It should solve all recent problems.
2) Backgammon - the current dice are displayed at the right half of the board which is (at last) correct.

Fencer  Crowded Backgammon 17. February 2003, 18:51:32
Modified by Fencer (14. January 2006, 22:07:36)
I have a headache so I will be short. Two news:
1) Bigger backgammon graphics, see Settings / Backgammon.
2) A new variant Crowded Backgammon.

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