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26. August 2004, 22:39:23
Subject: For about the tenth time:
The reasons why Fencer does not like auto-pass:

1. If a move is auto-passed, there is no possibility of sending a message with that move. Some players may still like to chat even if one player must pass many moves in a row.

2. If a player is new to a game, many passes in a row can leave the game very different from when they last saw it. Chances are very good they will think it is a bug in the system and we will end up with many many "Why did my opponent get to move more than once in a row? Are they cheating??" or "This game doesn't look right. What happened?" or something like that.

Feel free to argue with these reasons. It's been done many times before and hasn't helped, so I'll tell you know arguing with them won't help this time.

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